Ghost Train

Ghost Train Something deadly is stalking the corridors of the King s Cross train preying on passengers Commuter Mark Davies has been attacked and thrown from the train Now he must team up with Ghost Train obsess

  • Title: Ghost Train
  • Author: Stephen Laws
  • ISBN: 9780825303159
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Something deadly is stalking the corridors of the King s Cross train, preying on passengers Commuter Mark Davies has been attacked and thrown from the train Now he must team up with Ghost Train obsessed, ex policeman Les Chadderton, before the predator disembarks for wider pastures.

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    1. Stephen Laws is one of the best writers to ever grace the horror genre. I have yet to read a bad book from him, and seeing as this is the only book of his I hadn't read, I doubt I ever will read a bad Laws book. Finishing this one was bittersweet. As I said above, I saved this book for last. Not for any special reason, but because it was the last one I got my hands on. I finally came across a paperback copy a few months back and put off reading it for one reason or another. Then my monthly buddy [...]

    2. If you ask Edward Lorn himself about his track record for picking our monthly buddy read books, he'll tell you that he knows how to stack up them stinkers. I think he's being characteristically hard on himself, but this time that's impossible even for him, because this book is pretty darned great reading! Last month, we read a compatriot author and contemporary book to Laws and Ghost Train - Ramsey Campbell's The Hungry Moon. That one had many things going for it - and some problems. The main on [...]

    3. This was my introduction to Laws, and led me to seek out everything he has written.It's all based on a great premise that the main East Coast rail line from London to the North of England is on a ley line that can channel power to the London End, with a view to waking an ancient demon.Strange deaths abound on the line. Our protagonist, himself a survivor of a strange experience on a train, has to try to stop the energy building up.The climax is a tour-de-force as the train hurtles to London, the [...]

    4. OK, I confess. I'm a sucker for British horror fiction. Ramsay Campbell, James Herbert, Tim Lebbon and classics like Robert Aiken, Algernon Blackwood, M.R. JamesThis is what I read to relax and calm down when the pressures of a looming deadline get to be too much.Laws is not on the same level as the above but I have a soft spot for him because of his penchant for weird environments (in "Chasm" and "Darkfall" in particular). "Ghost Train" is rather old and gives you a nice feeling for the life in [...]

    5. Decent supernatural yarn, took a while to get going, but was at least an interesting take on the classic ghost train tale. I borrowed my copy from the library, unfortunately my enjoyment of the book was slightly marred by the f**king ignorant sod who penned over every expletive in the book. I wonder if they also try smothering the mouth of every person who says something they don't like too?Rant over, feel slightly better, but defacing books that are intended for the enjoyment of whoever chooses [...]

    6. Wow. What a ride. Literally! Laws is quickly becoming one of my new favourite authors. This was pure nightmare fuelled horror. Much better than I thought it was going to be. The depth of the imaginitive storyline keeps the pages turning well. I needed to unravel this dark, tension-building mystery.I felt for the main characters and feared the antagonist, a lot. I felt part of it. It thrilled, shocked and scared me like only a King or Barker novel could. Or so I thought!It's not just your normal [...]

    7. Excellent debut novel from an underrated horror master. Laws' books are getting harder and harder to find. Seek them out. They are worth it. This one doesn't waste a word when it comes to thrills.

    8. Gediegener Old School Horror aus den Achtzigern, mit dem groben Keil in die Druckplatten gestanzt, erfrischend frei von unnötigem Romanzen- und Rechtfertigungsbohei. Was getan werden muß, wird getan, fertig. Und wenn man sich mit dem uralten Bösen anlegt, das sich in einer der Hauptschlagadern des britischen Schienennetzes verbirgt, dann gibt es auch reichlich Späne (und Kutteln), die dabei fliegen. Für mich als Eisenbahnfan mit Augenmerk auf Dampf und Diesel natürlich ein gefundenes Fress [...]

    9. The young, the old, the infirm Stephen Laws doesn't doesn't think politically when he's killing people in a myriad of gruesome ways. Ghost Train is old school horror, with possession, demonic forces, a mystery to be solved and a finale of good versus evil against all odds. What lets Ghost Train down is the real lack of substance. Although Laws has attempted to weave considerable mystery in to the plot, the evil 'train' just doesn't have any character and as a result there is a not enough engagem [...]

    10. Service began on the London Underground on January 10, 1863 and the subway has been inspiring stories ever since. Horror, especially in the form of demonic ghost stories is a genre of subway stories that fascinates me and the reason why I wanted to read Ghost Train.Despite the blurb on the back of the book, very little of the story takes place on the Underground. Most of the story is told in dreams and flashbacks. The first two thirds of the novel is stuck in a cycle of Mark having a bad dream a [...]

    11. All round, this book is mostly brilliant stuff. I would've given it five stars if it had stayed on the tracks (ha ha) a little tighter. When it is on target, which is 80% of the time, this book is a sure-fire winner. It just occasionally drifts into flashback and sentimentality territory. Highly recommended.

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