First Girl Scout: The Life of Juliette Gordon Low

First Girl Scout The Life of Juliette Gordon Low Just in time for the th anniversary of the Girl Scouts in a lavishly illustrated account of the fascinating life of the woman who started it all Juliette Daisy Gordon Low was a remarkable wom

  • Title: First Girl Scout: The Life of Juliette Gordon Low
  • Author: Ginger Wadsworth
  • ISBN: 9780547243948
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts in 2012, a lavishly illustrated account of the fascinating life of the woman who started it all Juliette Daisy Gordon Low was a remarkable woman with ideas that were ahead of her time She witnessed important eras in U.S history, from the Civil War and Reconstruction to westward expansion to post World War I AnJust in time for the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts in 2012, a lavishly illustrated account of the fascinating life of the woman who started it all Juliette Daisy Gordon Low was a remarkable woman with ideas that were ahead of her time She witnessed important eras in U.S history, from the Civil War and Reconstruction to westward expansion to post World War I And she made history by founding the first national organization to bring girls from all backgrounds into the out of doors Daisy created controversy by encouraging them to prepare not only for traditional homemaking but also for roles as professional women in the arts, sciences, and business and for active citizenship outside the home Her group also welcomed girls with disabilities at a time when they were usually excluded Includes author s note, source notes, bibliography, timeline, places to visit, the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and musical notation for the favorite scout Song Make New Friends.

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    1. Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low's life is a wonderful example of how you can find your passion late in life and still make a big difference in the world. She was a very talented and energetic lady, but she frittered away her early years with dilettantism and made a bad marriage that left her widowed but wealthy. It wasn't until she was over fifty that she was inspired by Sir Robert Baden-Powell to bring the Girl Guides program (later renamed Girl Scouts) to the United States. Once she'd finally foun [...]

    2. This is a great book for those who want to know more about "Daisy" Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts in the USA. This gives a good look at the entire life of Daisy, which really helps understand how Girl Scouts got started when it did, and how the organization has always had a fairly liberal, inclusive, and feminist bend. You can also see how the program has always served girls who did not come from privileged families, and where some of our modern day traditions come from (snack, [...]

    3. I loved this biography on the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA. As a former Girl Scout, it was fascinating to read about "Daisy" and what influenced her to create the Girl Scouts. Even more interesting was the deep look into her exciting, yet complicated, life. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great biography to read!

    4. Born into a well-to-do, influential family, Juliette(Daisy)Gordon received her formal education in a New York boarding school, but she also spent much of her free time outdoors, climbing trees, canoeing, swimming, and hiking. She was close to her family, and often put on plays and painted. Since her mother was born in the North and her father fought for the Confederates during the Civil War, Daisy encountered different perspectives on the issues of the time. After her marriage to a wealthy Briti [...]

    5. An interesting biography of the founder of the Girl Scouts in the U.S.The book is filled with photos, songs and music. letters and diary entries which make it an engaging read. However, I think it may have a limited audience as those not interested in Scouts might be loathe to pick this one up without strong encouragement. Suggested for the whole age range and especially those looking for a good read about a feisty (if disorganized) go-getter. Suggested for grades 5 - 8.

    6. Ginger Wadsworth makes light of Juliette Low driving her car into a building. To me this indicates Miss Low's irresponsibility. She also sounds like a rather difficult person rather than someone to emulate.

    7. This was an engaging portrait of Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low. As a new Girl Scout leader, I read the book to have a better understanding of our founder. I was pleasantly surprised to find Daisy was a fascinating and complicated woman who lead an amazing life.

    8. I have read other biographies of Juliette (Daisy) Gordon Low, so all I was hoping from this book was a few new pieces of information. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of new insight I gained about one of my greatest heroes, Daisy Low.The book gives a summary of her ancestry, childhood, and early life, then delves more specifically into her work founding the Girl Scouts of America. I enjoyed details such as when the first troops for girls with disabilities, and troops for African American [...]

    9. Juliette Gordon Low, known as Daisy, was a feisty and progressive woman whocame from a high society family in Savannah, Georgia and was the founder of the Girl Scouts in 1912. Wadsworth’s First Girl Scout: The Life of Juliette Gordon Low not only celebrates the the 100th birthday of Girls Scouts in the United States, but chronicles the life of a great, well educated and fearless woman who lived through the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and World War I. Low did have a few issues such as d [...]

    10. I was a Brownie when I was little but I don't remember much aside from wearing the uniform. My 8 year old is currently finishing up her first year as a Brownie, and though I didn't continue with Girl Scouts after my time as a Brownie, I now find myself volunteering with my daughter's troop and really getting into the Girl Scout spirit.I didn't know much about Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low, and so I was always a little taken aback whenever I would see these beautiful portraits of what appeared to b [...]

    11. What a beautiful book about an amazing woman. I became WAY more engrossed in this book about the founder of Girl Scouts than I thought I would. Juliette Gordon Low (Daisy) defies, in my opinion, all the stereotypes of ultra privileged women at the turn of the century. She grew up in mansions, entertaining royalty and presidents, yet she had spunk and loved to get her hands dirty. My favorite quotes from the book:"Many people felt that hiking and rigorous sports such as basketball were too strenu [...]

    12. Wadsworth, G. (2012). First girl scout: The life of Juliette Gordon Low. New York: Clarion Books.The Amelia Bloomer Book ListInformationalThis book combined historical texts and illustrations that documented the life of Juliette Gordon Low, or Daisy, as she made history in establishing an organization for girls around the world to join to become not only more independent individuals, but to expose them to life outside of what was considered the norm for that time. I saw this book and was surpris [...]

    13. As a Lifetime Member of the Girl Scouts of the USA and First Class Girl Scout, I'm fascinated by all things Juliette Gordon Low. This new book explores her life in great depth, written by a woman who still gets together with members from her childhood Scout troop. "Daisy" grew up climing trees, swimming in rivers, and hiking over mountains. She attended boarding schools in Virginia and NYC, and knew she was more fortunate than most girls. Never having children of her own, she reached out to her [...]

    14. This book was informative without reading like a textbook. It is a complete biography of Juliette Gordon Low; instead of just focusing on her work founding the Girl Scouts, it includes the background of her life before doing so and what motivated her to do it.Besides the look into Low's life, this book contains numerous historical lessons and opportunities for discussion. These range from the lack of antibiotics in the 1800s (mentioned at the time in the book of sister Alice's death of scarlet f [...]

    15. Wadsworth has written a biography that is as exciting as the life of her subject - Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts in the U.S. The book design is amazing - Clarion Books holds the high standard that other children/tween history and biography books should follow, with expansive pages in a good-sized typeface, lots of illustrative materials including plenty of photos, page decorations, and backmatter including source notes, index, timeline, and substantial bibliography. JGL, or Dai [...]

    16. Review by: Susan OvertonBiographical ReferenceThe First Girl Scout: The Life of Juliette Gordon LowWadsworth, G. (2012). The first girl scout: The life of juliette gordon low. New York, NY: Clarion Books.Call Number: JB LowPrice: $17.99Relevance and Relationship: This book is a biography of a woman who was the first Girl ScoutPurpose: This book provides students with an excellent role model who established a goal and made the goal a reality. Format: This book is in print.Arrangement and Presenta [...]

    17. First Girl Scout tells the entire life story of Juliette Gordon Low. It is a very visually pleasing book with lots of photos, nice layout, and eye catching cover. Each chapter's title is shown as a Scout badge.This title is being advertised for ages 9 and up but I would not give this book to a child so young as we do learn about Juliette's husband having a mistress. I think because of that incident being included, the book should be reserved for middle school students and older. Although written [...]

    18. I'm a little mixed on this one. The design was flawless-- very engaging, and thematic without distracting the reader. The book is very well-researched, and the photographs really add to the content. However, I thought the narrative rambled a little it, and there was far too much of the pre-Juliette years of her parents' lives. Additionally, the book didn't really delve into the class issue as much as I would've liked-- it is very clear that the only way Juliette was able to accomplish so much wa [...]

    19. This biography about Juliette Gordon Low (1860-1927), founder of the Girl Scouts in the United States, is best for older students. Scout leaders may also enjoy reading parts of it (especially parts about Juliette's childhood) to their younger troop members.Juliette Gordon Low was quite the woman. She was the opposite ends of the spectrum. Knew how to be thrifty and go without, yet at the same time host lavish dinner parties for kings and presidents. Lost most of her hearing by 30 and remained as [...]

    20. BiographyThis book is written about the founder of the infamous Girl Scouts society we have here in America. With the rise of feminism she felt the need to encourage young ladies to take over their lives and make a name for their selves. She encouraged these girls to not only to excel in home making but to also be main players in the professional world. The explanation of how the organization begun sets close to home because many Americans have either joined or have family members that have maki [...]

    21. Heavily researched, solid book about the life of Juliette Gordon Low. Has lots of quotes and photographs on nearly every page. Gives a detailed portrait of her parents first, with brief explanation of Civil War as backdrop to her early childhood; this might put off some younger readers who want to get "right to the story" of Juliette, but it lays a nice groundwork. Well written, not especially lyrical but matter-of-fact and has an affectionate tone. I learned a ton about her from this book, and [...]

    22. I don't think I learned anything NEW from this book (I've read a lot of Juliette Low material before), but it is well-written and interesting to read. It's also physically a lovely book -- a square hardcover, 8 or 9 inches wide, with plenty of pictures. I suspect it's meant to mimic a Girl Scout handbook. There are pictures I hadn't seen before included, as well as historical photos not necessarily specific to the Gordons/Lows, but still interesting.

    23. I am not a girl scout, but I am a fan of their cookies. This is a terrific biography of a woman who lived through important historic events and went on to make a lasting difference in the lives of many young women. There are many photos of people and places to add interest to an already exciting life. Perfect amount of detail for a middle/high school aged audience, but I would love to read an adult version of this book that focused more on Low's life abroad and travels.

    24. This is the problem with reading biographies of people that you admire: you might learn something about them that disappoints you. By no fault of the author, this biography was disappointing because I learned things about Juliette Gordon Low that I wish I didn't know. Bummer.Full review forthcoming on slatebreakers.

    25. Interesting and well researched and nicely designed. There is a lot of background history and details that will make this a less inviting read for younger girls. Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts might enjoy this and any adult working with Girl Scouts or with fond memories of being a Scout would find this interesting.

    26. An extremely well-told story; I found myself moved emotionally by it. I'm looking forward to sharing what I learned with my Daisy daughter. I have a much stronger appreciation for my time in Girl Scouts now that I've learned the history and the story of the singularly driven woman behind it all.

    27. This book was amazing. Juliette Gordon Low and her Family led incredibly fascinating lives. Being friends with US Presidents, Kings and Queen's of England. Then they decide to do something to better all girls, and not for personal gain. Wonderful.

    28. The book was ok. Read like a report. Magazine length article could have told this story. But, I loved Girl Scouts and Juliette Low was a strong woman with a kind, fun loving heart and a great leader. I loved how everything was for her girls.

    29. I really enjoyed reading about Juliette's life. I wish one day I am half as influential as she was. I really only wish after reading this that my girl scout experience was better. I very much enjoyed this book and will take it with me.

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