Prince William & Kate: A Royal Romance

Prince William Kate A Royal Romance On April the whole world watched as Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton exchanged marriage vows This royal wedding was one of the most anticipated events in England in recent years Ev

  • Title: Prince William & Kate: A Royal Romance
  • Author: Matt Doeden
  • ISBN: 9780761380290
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On April 29, 2011, the whole world watched as Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton exchanged marriage vows This royal wedding was one of the most anticipated events in England in recent years Ever since the couple officially announced their engagement in November 2010, every detail of the wedding has captured headlines around the globe.

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    1. Read it with my daughter. A quick read giving basic details about the royal couple's relationship. I didn't read anything that I didn't already know.

    2. A good quick read that gives an overview of William and Kate’s love story; I’d recommend for struggling readers or someone who needs a rather fast & basic knowledge of the Duke and Duchess ❤️

    3. Biographies or Autobiographies or even Non Fictions are not my thing but i do love to read them if the person in question is interesting and yes if the subject is the English royal family then they are pretty much included in the interesting faction and I chanced upon netgalley and got to read this ARC(advanced reader copy) of Prince William and Kate: A Royal Romance by Matt Deoden.Here is the summary :On April 29, 2011, the whole world watched as Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton excha [...]

    4. I remember the night Princess Diana died – my mom didn’t stop crying after she heard the news for about three days straight. She looks very much like Diana (as she did back then) and had more than one thing in common with her (though I won’t reveal what those things in common are). I also remember watching the funeral later that week and wondering what it would be like to go on without a Mom, especially if I were in the shoes of William and Harry, and how I would turn out. Now, 14 years la [...]

    5. Reviewed at: : Over A Cuppa TeaDate reviewed: 13 July 2011Review link: : cleffairy/?p=5689 This world is corrupted and tainted with so many distrust that sometimes, people stopped believing in true love. Reading the journey of Prince William and his wife, Kate (Duchess Kate) made me feel that despite the corrupted world, true love still exists. Reading this book makes my heart melt and knees buckle… in a good way that is.‘Prince William and Kate’ is a wonderful biography about the royal co [...]

    6. This nonfiction piece serves as a biographical sketch of the Royal couple. The information was presented in a delightful, age appropriate way.The author takes great care in explaining the complicated life of Prince William in terms that young readers can understand. The biographical information on the Prince and on Kate was quite interesting and the writing had a nice flow. What I enjoyed most about the novel was how the author wove the lives of these two together. He first focuses on William, r [...]

    7. It's probably not a secret that I'm into all things royal and I'm a sucker for a good love story. I love the story of Prince William and Kate Middleton. He was one of the most famous bachelors in the world and she was a middle-class girl from the English Countryside. The fact that they fell in love is just way romantic to me. When I saw that I could get this book off of Netgalley, I jumped for it.Are you going to learn anything new about their relationship? No, not really. The book doesn't reall [...]

    8. Prince William and Kate: A Royal Romance is a nicely written biography of the two main players in the recent "wedding of the century". It's interesting and moves along at a good pace, with absolutely gorgeous pictures. It's very appropriate for middle-grade and junior high readers, as it glosses over some of the aspects of the Charles and Diana drama that parents and teachers would probably rather not discuss with young readers just yet. It also unobtusively defines words that young readers migh [...]

    9. Unlike a lot of other Americans, I have never been one to care about the Royal Family, but that Kate Middleton is something else! I just adore her. She’s beautiful and has style and class. I think she makes a great Princess and will make a wonderful Queen. When I saw Prince William & Kate: A Royal Romance on netgalley, I requested it right away because I really wanted to learn more about Kate and her relationship with William.It’s only 52 pages, and it includes a lot of pictures from the [...]

    10. Written for young audiences, Prince William & Kate: A Royal Romance nicely lays out the story of Prince William of Wales and his bride, Kate Middleton. The writing is straightforward, with very little in the way of speculation or gossip and the author has included definitions of some words that may be new to the intended audience. (Example: “perceptive” – able to see and understand things clearly.) The young royals are presented as real people with strengths and weaknesses and there is [...]

    11. In honor of the Royal Visit to Canada and their Canada Day visit to Ottawa I decided to review this book today even though it is not available for several months. This is a book for older children that explains the lives of Prince William and Princess Catherine up until their wedding. It is a great book for children and is beautifully illustrated so it is a good quick flip through for adults. It follows both of their lives from childhood through schooling and into their adult lives. It is a grea [...]

    12. Matt Doeden presents the newest royal couple through the pages of Prince William and Kate: A Royal Romance. Through this text we learn about the couples childhoods, their family life and the building of their fairy tale romance. I think that Doeden presents an unbiased look at the royal family and Kate's journey to becoming part of it. The text is written for a younger audience. It is interesting and informative.Recommendation: Grade 4-9

    13. This is an American author that added nothing special that I hadn't already heard. It's the size of a child's book and I was disappointed with the content. Nothing new. Just someone in my opinion trying to profit off of the Prince and Princess.

    14. I should have read a more up to date book, this one ended at the wedding. I wish it had more pictures and more quotes about what they really thought. It seemed like just a bunch of facts you could have read in the newspapers.

    15. Found this on NetGalley and thought it was going to be a YA biography. Instead, this would be a good biography of the couple for young children. It doesn't provide any insights to adults or anyone past fifth grade.

    16. A very simple overview of Prince William's and his wife Kate's lives. A good beginning for any young royal watcher to say the least.

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