Gone to Earth (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)

Gone to Earth Barnes Noble Digital Library Hazel Woodus has a father who plays the harp and builds coffins Her closest friend is a pet fox Even so this beautiful child of nature can t help but draw men to her including the minister who she m

  • Title: Gone to Earth (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)
  • Author: Mary Webb
  • ISBN: 9781411452886
  • Page: 474
  • Format: ebook
  • Hazel Woodus has a father who plays the harp and builds coffins Her closest friend is a pet fox Even so, this beautiful child of nature can t help but draw men to her, including the minister who she marries and the fox hunter who relentlessly pursues her Hazel s naivete allows Mary Webb s themes of human cruelty, savagery, and sacrifice to come through.

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    1. This is the first Mary Webb novel that I have read and I am left wondering how I have never heard of her before. The writing was so good, and such a strong cast of characters as you could hope to find in a novel, especially the main character, Hazel Woodus. Hazel is innocence personified, an innocence so pure it is bound to be abused by the cruelty of the world, especially by men with no thought beyond their own gratification. Mary Webb's plot makes a stinging criticism of this senseless abuse t [...]

    2. How has Mary Webb flown under the radar for so many years? Is she the literary world's best-kept secret? Her writing displays a discerning eye and a sensitive spirit. She sees the big picture; she describes the finest details. There are no wasted words. In my opinion, Mary Webb should be ranked right up there with "the best of them"!This story could very simply be enjoyed as a romantic triangle set in a beautiful and wild countryside -- and enjoyed immensely. But, for those with ears to hear, th [...]

    3. That blurb describing this as "soil and gloom" is pretty spot on. If you're reading the Virago's, put this one on the list.SPOILER -- I was however a bit disappointed in the Thelma & Louise ending. I think there is something anti-feminist in that kind of thing.

    4. Not quite as magical and poetical a book as "Precious Bane" but still special and confirming Mary Webb as one of my newly discovered favourite authors. The story is very much a parallel to "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" - the innocent gypsy girl, Hazel, torn between the good and honourable parson who she marries and the rough, rugged squire, who is destined to bring her to ruin. However, reading Tess, it is difficult to get into the mindset of the characters and not to look at the story from a mode [...]

    5. This was a poetically lyrical and intense novel.In many ways the main characters are more like archetypes than the sort of individuals we would ever encounter in the everyday world. Hazel the heroine is a child of Nature - though not Nature in its less gentle aspect. Reddin the local squire who pursues her is all aggression and passion. Edward who marries Hazel but cannot keep Reddin away represents a spirituality that is too far removed from the natural world.I particularly enjoyed the way the [...]

    6. How can I have lived 51 years without ever hearing of this marvelous writer? She is the missing link between Thomas Hardy and John Cowper Powys, a visionary turning her rapt attention on wild things, the human mind, and the numberless tendrils that connect them. Very much in the spirit of the Brontes, with all the gothic melodrama that goes with such a spirit, this novel is not remarkable for its plot, which is simply that time-honored tragic device, the love triangle, but for its rich sense of [...]

    7. A strange and wondrous novel, reminiscent of the Brontes and Hardy, with the fiery, Biblical prose of early Cormac McCarthy.

    8. This book was just a little odd. I must admit I was hoping to like it more than I did. It started almost like a fantasy novel with the wild half gypsey girl living in the woods with her father the musician. The story was basically about two men that wanted her and how she didn't want either but still had to choose between them.I think the biggest problem I had with the book was that most of the dialogue was written in dialect. It was supposed to sound Welsh but it didn't sound at all Welsh when [...]

    9. This was an interesting book, and more compelling than I'd expected it to be.It's very didactic and philosophical, but the gist of the plot (in modern terms)is of a young and naive woman torn between the desires of a Nice Guy (tm) and a Bad Boy.It is very clear that neither of them are more concerned about her than of their ideas about her- this is explicitly stated, many times, in the text. She has her passion- for the natural world- and neither of her suitors pay any attention to that.I will s [...]

    10. 1.5* I was looking for "Precious Bane" but came across this instead and thought I'd try it. I liked it a lot for about 3 or 4 chapters, taken in by the charm of the coffin-carving father and his daughter Hazel with her pet vixen and the nature description which was good - and then, well, I thought to myself - this is weird, what's happening, is this girl a wild thing or an idiot? And what's this with the obsession with sex? And then I looked into it a bit more and discovered to my chagrin and ma [...]

    11. Un romanzo molto particolare di una bravissima autrice che dà vita a questa originale storia che è quasi una fiaba dal finale tragico. La protagonista è Hazel, una ragazza selvatica, naive, in totale comunione con la natura, che si ritrova contesa tra due uomini diversissimi tra loro, divisa tra l'amore puro, spirituale, platonico di Edward e quello passionale, quasi brutale di Reddin, ma assolutamente inconsapevole dell'amore carnale. Lei però nn appartiene a nessuno, se nn a se stessa e a [...]

    12. Mary Webb leaves you spell bound with her narrative description of the tale of a country girl and her life. Caught in triangle of love and abuse and her love of wild life. The cruel world of the hunter and hunted ,poetry of words and tale one you will want to read again . It was made into a first rate film .

    13. Very moving and thought-provoking. It's a perfect classical tragedy I think. The more I re-read Mary Webb the more I want to jump up and down and say why isn't this writer widely acknowledged?!!

    14. I read this as a teenager and loved it. As with any classic, rather wordy and flowery descriptions but such an unusual story with a good moral.

    15. I so loved this novel and "sipped" it slowly tosavor it. It is so lovely and lyrical and unusual.If you have a great feeling for the natural world,this book is highly recommended for you.

    16. Dreamy, romantic, a little dark, and full of beautiful descriptions of nature. Webb captures that thrilling time of sexual awakening that can be so confusing and dangerous yet desirable to a young woman. I would have adored this book when I was a teenager and reading the likes of Bronte and Hardy. Somehow, like others have mentioned, I had never heard of Mary Webb. I only happened to stumbled on this at a used bookshop and thought I'd give it a try. Now I'm off to find her other books!

    17. I really like Hazel. She reminds me a bit of myself with her love for animals. Overall the story itself is a bit dated. It is scary how little choices women had just about 100 years ago

    18. Bought purely due to Mary Webb associations.So I now know why the pub in Bromlow Callow was called Abel's Harp.Bit Lumbering. 50-50 whether I get through it.

    19. Oh, this was *difficult*.It is a very well written piece. It has many things I love: its sense of place, for instance, is beautiful. Characterisation-wise, both Hazel and Edward are strikingly and gorgeously realised.The difficult part is watching an MC who is clearly neurodivergent or developmentally impaired (some traits look startlingly like autistic-in-women features, but the book predates the coherence of the diagnosis) be dragged along by narrative imperative to her own destruction. That's [...]

    20. A friend listed this as a favorite, and I decided to read it. I think he and I though get different things out of it, as I wasn't that fond of the book.Hazel is a girl-child who is in love with nature. She wanders all around the woods with animals in tow, and loves to sing and dance. She possesses an elvish vitality to her that attracts the eye of two men: Edward, the local pastor who idealizes her spiritually, and Reddin, who lust for her turns to passion. It's not going to end well.While I enj [...]

    21. Have you ever read a book about a person so naive that you wanted to pull your hair out? well meet Gone to Earths' main character, Hazel Woodus, a naive gypsy girl who lives in the wilderness with her harp playing, coffin making and honey selling dad, Abel. This book is about a girl who is in tune with all things nature, she loves playing and protecting her fox named Foxy, her one eyed rabbit, and bird who can't sing. while traveling on the road home from her aunts one night Hazel meets a man na [...]

    22. Webb, Mary. GONE TO EARTH. (1917). ***. Obviously, this is an earlier novel from Ms. Webb, but one which does not exhibit the same mastery of prose as “Precious Bane.” This is a romance novel – again featuring an independent woman with highly-honed sensitivities for the environment around her. It is set at the beginning of the 19th century against the background of the Welsh marches, a haunted country, like all border regions. “This is the story of Hazel Woodus, offspring of the mysterio [...]

    23. Well, this wasn't exactly what I expected. I didn't know that it would be a romantic story à la Jane Austen, and I wasn't in the mood for it either. I have nothing against Austen, and in fact, I really think she is a genius. However, I thought Gone to Earth was almost parodic in comparison. I know that this one is suppose to be a well written book, but I wasn't able to get over the sheer stupidity of Hazel. Except that Webb manages to portray the cruel patriarchal world, I don't find much to ha [...]

    24. Hazel is a beautiful, happy, kind, wild, superstitious, and innocent nature maiden. Two men fall madly in love with her: an arrogant and passionate country squire, who views his relationship with women as that of a horse-breaker, and a kind and gentle young pastor who lives with his mother. Hazel decides to marry whoever asks her first, but that does not stop the other man from continuing to pursue her. Tragically portrays how the evil others do can so deeply affect people's faith in God. I list [...]

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