Lottie's New Friend

Lottie s New Friend When a new bird moves in nearby Herbie the duck worries that his friend Lottie the chicken doesn t care about him any

  • Title: Lottie's New Friend
  • Author: Petra Mathers
  • ISBN: 9780689848964
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a new bird moves in nearby, Herbie the duck worries that his friend Lottie the chicken doesn t care about him any.

    One thought on “Lottie's New Friend”

    1. Can't help but love these characters- adorable. A fun read, especially doing Dodo's accent. Sweet story about friendship

    2. Mommy's review from 9/29/11 - This was our first Lottie and Herbie book and we happened to see it in the library and decided to take it home. There are some definite good lessons to be talked about here for sure but I have to say, I didn't like the layout of the book at all. In fact, I greatly disliked it. Just shy of hating it really. It was almost like some sort of half-regular-picture-book-and-half-comic-book type deal.On each page there are two smaller squares with illustrations and undernea [...]

    3. This was another cute book about Lottie and Herbie. The theme of the book was friendship and what can happen when your best friends makes a new friend leaving you in the cold (or at least so you feel).Again, this book had great pictures and easy language so I would present this to the youngest (2-3 year old's) in my classroom.

    4. Cute story about making a new friend. Sometimes it takes a little time to get to know someone especially if they are different than what you are used to knowing. But in the end we are more alike than different.

    5. Bernie becomes jealous when Lottie makes a new friend. The book is good for discussing friendships. I'd recommend it for ages 3-5. It's good for narrative skill and phonological awareness, one of the characters has an accent.

    6. Herbie gets worried when Lottie gets a new friend. However, when Lottie gets called away to help a sick aunt, Herbie gets bored enough to visit DodoI had a mature PreK class and was able to use this.

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