Party Out of Bounds: The B-52's, R.E.M., and the Kids Who Rocked Athens, Georgia

Party Out of Bounds The B s R E M and the Kids Who Rocked Athens Georgia Now back in print this is the first book to tell the whole story of the sleepy Southern college town that changed the face of American rock and roll Music

  • Title: Party Out of Bounds: The B-52's, R.E.M., and the Kids Who Rocked Athens, Georgia
  • Author: Rodger Lyle Brown
  • ISBN: 9780974387703
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now back in print, this is the first book to tell the whole story of the sleepy Southern college town that changed the face of American rock and roll Music

    One thought on “Party Out of Bounds: The B-52's, R.E.M., and the Kids Who Rocked Athens, Georgia”

    1. A very nice history of the Athens, Gee-Ay music and party scene. And it really is about the partying; RLB's prose often takes on the wordy you-had-to-be-there-that-night conversational style of people reminiscing about crazy party feats. The partying stories are charming and sometimes shocking--Pete Buck was known to carry a knife around?--but sometimes they don't translate too well because you really had to be there, apparently. I mostly read this book because I really like Pylon, so I was plea [...]

    2. Worthwhile read that focuses on the community in Athens that somehow formed a music scene. Not a history of the B52s or REM or Pylon, and more a look at the human connections, happenstance, and partying that made them possible.

    3. By the time I read this book in college, R.E.M. was on the cover of Rolling Stone, and the Athens I was reading about was fading away. But for any fan of the B-52s or early R.E.M. or Pylonis is a must read.

    4. Read in high school. Interlibrary loan. Obsessed with the B-52's. Had a poster on the wallhad a crush on Kate sent away for the fan newsletter. Etc.

    5. This tale of the late 1970s and early 1980s in Athens, Georgia, covers the advent of the music scene in the town, specifically as it relates to the New Wave period of Rock and Roll. Indeed, to this day, when I mention Athens, Georgia, to someone as a place where I live, many will recognize it as the home of two bands: the B-52's and R.E.M. (This is becoming less so as I get older, and the younger generation has no idea who said top 40 bands from the 1980s and 1990s are.) Even though many other b [...]

    6. This was a detailed account of the music scene in Athens, GA, during the late 70's and 80's. It was not of great interest to me (I read it for a Book Club).

    7. I think I want to have lived in Athens in the late '70s.A brief history (that is, the 1970s and '80s) of the Athens, GA, music scene that produced The B-52s, R.E.M Pylon, The Side Effects, and others. I've read most (decent) books about the history of R.E.M. so it was interesting to hear about the band and how they were "influenced" by Athens from a different perspective. Most books about R.E.M. mention The B-52s, Pylon, Love Tractor, sometimes The Side Effects, and most of the bands that this b [...]

    8. "Party Out of Bounds: The B-52's, R.E.M and the Kids Who Rocked Athens, Georgia" is a reissue of the original 1991 release, published right at the tail end of the first Athens, GA-as-music-mecca scene. What makes volume sing is that author Rodger Lyle Brown was there, and the book reads like an insider tale of one of those legendary scenes that stopped being a scene once you’d heard about it. From the B-52’s to Pylon to R.E.M it’s all here, in all the hilarity and poignancy of a spent yout [...]

    9. This is an exceptional look at one musical microcosm in America. The author takes the time to focus on some key elements and personalities that made Athens in the late 1970s into a crucible of creative rock music. While I would have liked to see more insight into some of the lesser-known Athens bands (The Tone Tones, Love Tractor, Flat Duo Jets), and the band bios in the back desperately need updating in a future edition, I really enjoyed the author's take on this briefly monumental American mus [...]

    10. I read this book last night and I really enjoyed it. Having grown up in northwest Georgia, a couple of hours from Athens, I have been a huge fan of these bands since 1982, although I wish some more attention had been paid to Love Tractor. There is a Tractor renaissance going on in my iTunes library after a twenty year hiatus, and of course this is bringing back Pylon et al. The book did a great job of giving the reader an intimate look, and I will surely read it again soon.

    11. I read this book in one day, and enjoyed it, for the most part. I've been friends with the members of Pylon for over 20 years and it was hard reading about their beginnings now that Randy Bewley has died. Well written and fans of R.E.M Pylon and The B-52's will appreciate this book. Not as much info on Love Tractor (more friends) but I'd still recommend it.

    12. If you're obsessed with the music scene in Athens during the late 70's and early 80's, this book is a must. Also if you're an R.E.M. or B52s die hard fan. A nonstop adventure of sex drugs and rocknroll!

    13. I read it because I live here. It was well-written and - I assume - gave a good feel for what was going on during those years as the music scene began. I feel like I understand my town a little better.

    14. Interesting slice-of-life tidbits about the Athens scene. Probably best read in conjunction with other material in order to get a more encompassing picture.

    15. Really interesting look at how Athens became so well-known for its musicians. I appreciate R.E.M. and The B52's even more now!

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