Kimberly Twenty one year old Ben falls in love with his singing partner Kimberly but finds their relationship strained by the divorce that is tearing apart her Mormon family

  • Title: Kimberly
  • Author: Jack Weyland
  • ISBN: 9780875795997
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twenty one year old Ben falls in love with his singing partner Kimberly but finds their relationship strained by the divorce that is tearing apart her Mormon family.

    One thought on “Kimberly”

    1. Arghh, this was such a cute book :) I'm a sucker for LDS love stories, whether it is a book or not. And even though this is only my 2nd Jack Weyland book, he has officially been promoted to my favorite authors. Just to show how cute of a book this was,Ben and Kimberly stared at each other. "What are you doing here?" he asked. She didn't want to open her heart up in front of all these people. "I wonder if you could help me. I'm looking for a monkey wrench." He excused himself and let her into the [...]

    2. I loved the book, “Kimberly” by Jack Weyland! The book begins as Ben, a college student needing more money, holds auditions for someone who plays acoustic guitar and sings. The purpose for this relates to the idea that him and a partner can get singing gigs to earn money. A girl named Kimberly decides to audition, and from the first note she sings and the first chord she strums, Ben knew that they were a phenomenal match. The book goes on as Ben and Kimberly learn to become friends and help [...]

    3. This book is absolutely breathtaking. Jack Weyland had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Weyland’s writing style is very honest, he writes things how they are and because he does that it makes the characters more relatable. He doesn’t try to glamorize Kimberly and Ben’s relationship, he tells it how it is and I personally believe it makes the book better. He’s also very spontaneous, you never know what’s coming next until it’s already there. While I wouldn’t normally read a [...]

    4. This is one of my favorite books of all time. I read it as a teenager and it helped shape me. It's about an LDS divorce. I read read it a few years after my parents divorce. It was a big help to me. Divorce is so painful for the kids. This books talks about that. In a world where divorce is too common place we often forget how it might affect the kids.

    5. This was an interesting book with logical problems and reasons for those problems. But the characters' situations were hard for me to connect with. I remember that the guy thought Kimberly's hair was beautiful and wanting some guy to one day think of my hair like that. I guess that's something to gain from the book.

    6. "kimberly"is my first known book of jack weyland. i really like it because it's madly intended for teens like me,and i can relate a lot of parts there i have also read "michelle and debra",and i guess i want collecting some books of weyland.i am excited to read such books of him

    7. This book was probably a 3.5 star rating. I really like it, but it made me realize how painful a divorce can be- which depressed me. I thought it was sweet how Kimberly comes to feel in the end. I really good read- I strongly recommend it.

    8. This book was a good look into the life of a seemingly perfect family. But we learn quickly that even a perfect family has its troubles. This story shows what it is like to be a normal girl thrown at life all at once. I loved it.

    9. Most Weyland books tend to be written to the purpose of some teen hardship. Because of this he usually deals with very real and very hard topics for teens. Teens need these issues discussed, some earlier then others. Kimberly addresses divorce,affairs and eternal marriage.

    10. Read when I was a teenager, was another good book that exemliphied gospel principles with a touching love story.

    11. This is a book I have had for a long time and finally decided to read it. It was just an o.k. read for me tho' I do like Jack Weyland.

    12. Kimberly is a beautiful blone, and a georgeous singer.She becomes a singer with a guy she meets on BYU campus, and they fall in love.Surprising, spiritual, and romantic.

    13. This book was so good, and I loved the musical aspect to it. I loved the realistic problems and how they dealt with it, but it actually was hard. It wasn't peachy and fantastic all the time.

    14. I went through a phase where these kind of books were all that I read. I'm really glad I'm over that. This one is particularly formulaic and cheesy.

    15. music gig, parents divorce, kids struggle with theft, not wanting to live, and being afraid of commitment

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