Slow Ride

Slow Ride As a tribute to her late journalist father Tuesday Jones is planning a career benefit auctioning off racing memorabilia and meet and greets with drivers Ex racing star Diesel Lange has had his own b

  • Title: Slow Ride
  • Author: Erin McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781101544822
  • Page: 279
  • Format: ebook
  • As a tribute to her late journalist father, Tuesday Jones is planning a career benefit, auctioning off racing memorabilia and meet and greets with drivers Ex racing star Diesel Lange has had his own brush with death, and is determined not to waste another minute of his life especially when he meets Tuesday He wants nothing than to shift their romance into high gearAs a tribute to her late journalist father, Tuesday Jones is planning a career benefit, auctioning off racing memorabilia and meet and greets with drivers Ex racing star Diesel Lange has had his own brush with death, and is determined not to waste another minute of his life especially when he meets Tuesday He wants nothing than to shift their romance into high gear, but he knows she s still grieving Can Diesel do the one thing he could never do on the track and take it slow

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    1. Written May 23, 20153.8 Stars - Amusing, touchy-feely and witty Book #5 Slow Ride is the fifth part in a m/f series I mostly liked much every time so far. I read the two by myself and this will be my third as a audiobook. ~ 7:33 hrs narrated by Emily Durante, a voice I like a lot. She is absolutely perfect for these books."Fast Track" are m/f contemporary romances about a bunch of NASCAR drivers (stock car racing), their women and friends. Always good stand-alone romances in a lighthearted, funn [...]

    2. Thoughts After Reading:3 ½-4 stars – Contemporary RomanceThis series seems to have lost a little speed with this and the previous book. I'm hoping things get back on the "Fast Track" with Jacked Up, which based on the snippet at the end of this is finally going to be Eve's book. Although it's not my favorite of the series, Slow Ride is still an entertaining, steamy, and satisfying contemporary romance. I'm hoping Eve's book revs the series up a bit! Thoughts Before Reading:"Slow ride, take it [...]

    3. I really loved this book, which surprised me, because after reading a few reviews I didn't have high hopes. But I loved it becausewell basically, it entertained me.:) It was a quick easy read, filled with witty dialogue and sexy, sometimes snarky banter, and featured the most adorable, husband-worthy male lead of this series (outside of Elec Monroe, that is) in retired race car driver Daniel "Diesel" Lange. Oh how I loved this sexy, kind, thoughtful, big-hearted and slightly insecure hunk!Diesel [...]

    4. Rating 3.5Slow Ride is the story of Kendall's friend Tuesday who writes sports blog.Tuesday just lost her father to cancer and on his funeral cries all over Daniel "Diesel", her dad's favorite race car driver.They meet again at Kendall's wedding where a drunk Tuesday hits on him. Diesel stopped driving after his accident and has suffered many doubts since combined with his personal losses(mother, brother etc).He's incredibly sweet and understanding. My problem with the book was that it seemed to [...]

    5. I’m not a car race fan in real life, but I do like the idea of this series that follows these drivers lives. However, this one just doesn’t quite rev my engine.Daniel “Diesel” Lange first meets Tuesday Jones at her father’s funeral. Diesel was her father’s favorite race car driver, until Diesel got into a horrible crash which crushed his knee. Unable to drive anymore, Diesel now restores vintage race cars and leads a pretty quiet life. Tuesday writes a very popular blog gossiping abo [...]

    6. 3 1/2 STARS Another sexy read in this series and an opposites attract romance- and boy were they opposites. The hero Diesel was a dreamboat and I loved his personality. Easygoing, respectful, reserved, and grounded- not full of himself AND a Dom in the bedroom. He was no longer a driver because of a horrible accident in a NASCAR race. He accepted his forced retirement with dignity, lived a quiet life, and wanted a relationship, not bimbos or just random sex. The heroine, Tuesday was crazy, it wa [...]

    7. Decent quick read. I enjoyed the character of the hero particularly. There were some fun bits where they were flirting with each other in the beginning that I really enjoyed. Didn't like the heroine so much. I think I just didn't really like reading about a heroine with a drinking problem. It was fun to catch up with some of the characters from previous books.

    8. This review was posted at Under The CoversI find myself at odds on how to rate this book. First of all, I haven't been a fan of Ms. Tuesday Jones a.k.a. Tuesday Talladega, gossip blogger extraordinaire. But she started to grow on me in the last book. Fast forward to the beginning of this book and I was actually liking her.Her father has just passed away, which was a big thing for her and she's still struggling with her grief. Her best friend just got married. And she has to figure out how to dea [...]

    9. Erin McCarthy another hit! Slow Ride meshes right into the series with the rest which is no easy feat because both characters were not in the original group. Tuesday being the racing blogger only briefly mentioned in book 1 and Diesel, the retired/injured race car driver.I can't help but give 4 stars because I am so smitten with the series as a whole, but there were a few points that I wasn't crazy about. Her drinking was hard to deal with as a reader. I realize that it was an important element [...]

    10. I liked this book. All are pretty consistent. I actually liked Danial [Diesel] quite a bit. I like the strong, silent type and he fit this bill. He and Tuesday were evenly matched.My one big complaint - too short. I think this book with all the angst in the story, could/should have been longer. She had quite a bit of material to get into a limited number of pages. Unfortunate. I think if she had lengthened the story and delved a bit deeper into the undertones of grief both characters were dealin [...]

    11. The Evan baby bonanza is finally resolved!Oh the joy!Other than thatn. This book was really disappointing.Not in a rant inducing way,either.Just really,really nothing special.A lot of issues were thrown in there but non of them tackled really well.The couple getting married in the end did not make me warm ad fuzzy-they just made me frown.Where was the rush? Why are they doing it?Nobody knows.Also, we all like goatees,do we not? But who really likes a mountain man beard? :/Not me. And that visual [...]

    12. ***Detailed Review***4.5 SLOW RIDE was fantastic. It dealt very well with grief and struggle through two very different scenarios. At the end of THE CHASE we learned of Tuesday Jones father’s terminal cancer. SLOW RIDE picks up three months later at Tuesday’s father’s funeral. Barely holding it together, Tuesday ends up crying in the arms of retired driver, Daniel ‘Diesel’ Lange.Diesel himself has also gone through grief. He’s lost his younger brother, his mother, his relative Pete B [...]

    13. 3.5 starsDon't be fulled by this rating because it was a great read. This series might not be my favorite but I really enjoyed each of the books in it. With every new book I find myself always coming back to this series once again. I'm not sure what it is but I do adore the racing world and I find it extremely intriguing and fascinating. This installment is about a character we have been reading about since the beginning: TUESDAY JONES, sports news reporter, more like a blogger. I will admit I d [...]

    14. I'm picturing:Dieselwith longer hair and scruffTuesday I feel like this book was a tale of two stories - the first 80% and the rest. I liked Diesel and Tuesday together in the first part; each seemed to truly complement the other. The ending, however, was rushed, and I missed the D and T of the beginning.Tuesday Jones is a sports reporter and racing blogger who followed in the footsteps of her beloved father, who had just died as the book opens. Daniel "Diesel" Lange is a former race-car driver [...]

    15. Reviewed at Bluestocking Chicks Read and YackDaniel "Diesel" Lange and Tuesday Jones have both suffered loses. Unfortunately, they haven't learned to fully deal with them yet. And it starts to affect their relationship. More so with Tuesday than Diesel. As Tuesday tends to turn to alcohol when she doesn't have a handle on a situation and feels it is spinning out of control.Tuesday and Diesel are complete opposites in temperament and it works. I wanted Diesel to be a bit more alpha. His Dom actio [...]

    16. This was a solid four stars for me. So even though I may mention a few things that I didn't enjoy in this book - the good parts far outweighed them.Erin McCarthy has a writing style that I envy. Her stories are smooth and deliciously descriptive without having an ounce of boring content. So not only do I enjoy her stories, but I thoroughly enjoy the way she tells them. Slow Ride was the story of two sexy characters - with names I absolutely adore - Tuesday and Diesel. Now their story was great - [...]

    17. *4.5 Stars*I loved this book! Overall, I have loved this whole series, but there was something about this one (Doesn't overtake Flat-Out Sexy because that one was something special!) I loved the chemistry between Diesel and Tuesday - talk about interesting names! They had a lot of heat, but a lot of insecurities and compassion too. There were occasional moments of such tenderness, followed right up with some silliness or sarcasm. It was great to see them push each other, even if it wasn't in the [...]

    18. I thought Slow Ride was good. It's a solid contemporary romance with McCarthy's trademark humor sprinkled throughout. What can I say? She makes me giggle.I had given up on the Fast Track series after my disappointment with Hot Finish, and the less than favorable reviews I read of The Chase. After reading this one, I think I've changed my mind. Jacked Up, here I come!

    19. Normally I enjoy Erin McCarthy's books, but I was extremely disappointed in this story and could not even bring myself to finish reading this book. Could have something to do with the fact that I really don't like drunk people all that much, let alone drunk people who do stupid things I will delete it from my ereader and move on to something more worthy of my time. Obviously this just wasn't my cup of tea.

    20. 4.5 starsReally liked this one as well.I'm a huge fan of the broken hero and here we get a great one. Actually a great couple.It was good to see how they complete each other. One is more quite to the other that talks a lot and so it goes.I'm really digging this author!

    21. Posted at yummymenandkickasschicks/?Slow Ride is the fifth book in Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track series. A series I fell in love with after reading the very first book. A series that captured the same magic found in book one in the second installment. A series that has still been making me happy but not quite like the first books since the third book. And even though Slow Ride still eludes the deep emotional connection that the first books delivered, it still managed to capture the fun and sexy s [...]

    22. My Review:Hmm, where to go with the review on this book? I enjoyed the process of reading this book. I was hooked from page 1 til the very end, but it was not a book that left me with a good feeling. Both Diesel and Tuesday have issues that they really aren't dealing with. Tuesday's father has just died and rather than dealing with her grief, she drinks. Diesel's driving career ended with a horrific crash that left him scarred both physically and mentally, but rather than deal with it, he ignore [...]

    23. Was this book written by someone other than Erin McCarthy?? The first chapter or two was cute and was setting up to be a really great story. And then it juts went downhill least for me.The dialogue between Diesel and Tuesday was just weird wasn't sexy was just weird. And the dialogue between Diesel and everyone else was weirdHe had NO voice, or he said things that I didn't think a guy like him would sayd his guy friends sounded like girls!!For someone who LOVED the whole series so far, I was SOO [...]

    24. Tuesday and Diesel’s story was another mediocre book for me. First of all, I feel like the series should have ended with Evan, since they were the main characters who have been introduced in the first book. But, hey, if the series became a hit, why not add more stories to it, right?Chemistry-wise, I think Tuesday and Diesel were great. Tuesday was this fierce, strong woman who blogged about the racing world, which she apparently inherited from her father who was a journalist himself. Diesel wa [...]

    25. WellDeisel I lovedbut TuesdayI do believe that because I have so many alcoholics in my family, I find it very hard and frustrating to read a book where alcohol abuse is a focal point.Tuesday is a big 'ole hot mess. The death of her beloved father has left her lonely, depressed and seeking solace in the bottom of a bottle. Deisel, who's driving career was cut short, is kind, generous and moving forward despite his life challenges. He believes that he and Tuesday can move forward with a new chapte [...]

    26. I AM SO FRIKEN DISAPPOINTED……………THAT THIS BOOK CAME TO AN END BECAUSE IT WAS SO FIKEN AWESOME!Yes I am using CAPITALS because I am yelling, expressing my sorrow and disappointment that it ended. I could of read this book till I was gray & wrinkly and never get old.I absolutely adored both Tuesday & Daniel. More so Tuesday. I haven’t come across a female character like Tuesday in a very long time & I loved her!All of McCarthy’s work feels as though it was effortlessly wr [...]

    27. Oh how I love thee Erin We go from a sad funeral in the prologue to a hilarious wedding reception What a range of emotions just in 19 pages. This book is about alot of loss and how our hero Diesel Lange and heroine Tuesday Jones deal with their respected losses. In the midst of said losses Diesel and Lange fall in love but to get there happily ever after they both have to face there demons. We got to see the birth of Ryder and Suzanne's baby which was totally cool and we got to see how Evan and [...]

    28. Slow Ride is book 4 in the Fast Track series by Erin McCarthy. I was almost grossed out when maid of honor at Evan and Kendall’s wedding, Tuesday Jones, regurgitates a coconut concoction into the hands of Diesel Lange, a post-crash retired driver. Heck of a way to start a romance!!Tuesday the pretentious and sarcastic blogger has become a maudlin drunk that somehow finds herself in a steamy romance with Diesel who had his own issues following his forced retirement.The story had a lot of sarcas [...]

    29. I was waiting for the book about Tuesday Jones.I loved her first encounters with Diesel Lange. Tuesday has a razor sharp tongue, while Diesel is much more mellow.It is instant chemistry and I enjoyed watching how they got together, though not an easy climb.Both Tuesday and Diesel kept their feeling buried and ultimately it got in the way of their relationship. Tuesday had a problem with her drinking and Diesel buried his pain from the career ending accident.I love the wake up call they both got [...]

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