The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion

The Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Companion The New York Times bestseller by Suzanne Collins is now a major motion picture and this is your guide to all of the movie s excitement both in front of the camera and behind it Go behind the scenes o

  • Title: The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion
  • Author: Kate Egan
  • ISBN: 9780545422901
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New York Times bestseller by Suzanne Collins is now a major motion picture and this is your guide to all of the movie s excitement, both in front of the camera and behind it.Go behind the scenes of the making of The Hunger Games with exclusive images and interviews From the screenwriting process to the casting decisions to the elaborate sets and costumes to the actThe New York Times bestseller by Suzanne Collins is now a major motion picture and this is your guide to all of the movie s excitement, both in front of the camera and behind it.Go behind the scenes of the making of The Hunger Games with exclusive images and interviews From the screenwriting process to the casting decisions to the elaborate sets and costumes to the actors performances and directors vision, this is the definitive companion to the breathtaking film.

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    1. I read this at Walmart (talk about being thrifty) when my mom was shopping for groceries. Oh you don't know how long it takes for her to just get meat, think about the milk, eggs, etc. Seriously, I could just die of boredom if this book wasn't there. So anyway, I read this and it really helped me a lot to remember the characters names and who's playing who (I still don't remember most of them, only Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Prim). The pictures just made me want to watch the movie more!

    2. "I think a book adaptation doesn't have to be just like the book, it has to feel like the book. That's what you want. You want to get the feeling from the movie that you got from the book, and you want the characters to evoke the characters that you fell in love with."-Nina Jacobson (producer), pg. 20I can't even begin to describe how many worries and fears about the making of the movie, this book put to rest. Just reading about the careful decisions that were made through every step of the proc [...]

    3. After reading this book, I just saw how much every crew member ofThe Hunger Gamesworked hard for the movie. You could see their perseverance to do it, to make it a great movie to make the fans happy- which didn't fail. I am so glad that the Hunger Games was a blockbuster for the makers of itreallydeserved it. Everyone prepared for it, the cast and crew and especially the director. They encountered lots and lots of obstacles like shooting while raining and many others. They also try their best to [...]

    4. This book was really interesting! I am really disappointed that for the movies, they are getting rid of the character Madge. They said it was because they could deal without her and that she really wasn't that important. All around, I believe that in the long run, Madge is the most important character. She gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin. That's the start of the whole rebellion! And, her mom was Maisyilee, Katniss' mom's best friend, who also fought in the Hunger Games with Haymitch. So, I thin [...]

    5. En lisant ce guide avant de voir le film, on en comprend mieux l'univers et on ne pourra que l'apprécier davantage!!! Il n'y a pas à dire, je suis fan et je suis très impatiente. Ce film a droit à tout le succès qu'il mérite et je pense que tous les fans seront ravis de cette adaptation! Ma review complète: ceresunalblog/archives/

    6. I am a sucker for these movies guides because I love all the glimpses behind the scenes. I love seeing how things work and how movies get made. When it comes to rating them, that's a little harder because it's not a story. So I figured 3 stars would be sum it up perfectly.

    7. Really awesome being able to see how the movie was made! I sooo wish I could be one of the tributes in the movie. ;D

    8. For fans of The Hunger Games, particularly those with an interest in film-making, this book is immensely satisfying. I've read many articles on the upcoming movie, and I was happy to see that most of the photos, if not all, have not been previously published. Quotes were included from all of the actors, as well the producers, director, and various crew.The book includes six parts:Part 1: "The History of The Hunger Games" details the film industry's immediate interest following the publication of [...]

    9. Since I really enjoyed the Hunger Games books, I've naturally been excited for the upcoming movie. My mama surprised me by giving me this movie companion and, while it was an easy read, all of the photographs and illustrations were incredible. This is going to be a visually stunning movie; from the food, to the set of the area, to the fashions and makeup of the Capitol. Even though I'm not yet sure that I'll be seeing the film in March when it comes out, the book was well-worth the read to not o [...]

    10. Très complet, exactement ce que j'attendais de ce guide. On en apprend beaucoup sur les coulisses, les choix qui ont été fait, Aucun vrai spoiler pour les personnes n'ayant pas encore pas lu les romans. Quelques nouveaux Stills.

    11. I really loved all of the information and the pictures in this companion! It's exactly the information I wanted to know about the director, what parts Suzanne Collins is in, casting, etc. made me even more excited for this movie! I can't wait to see it!

    12. More like a 3.5.I enjoyed reading this. Unlike the other tribute guide (Ugh) I was pleased by how this was written. This was interesting, and gave me insight to the behind the scenes aspects of the film.The interviews with Gary Ross and Nina Jacobson were precisely why I wanted to read it. I wanted to know why they chose to deviate from the books and why they went in certain directions. It threw me when Lenny Kravitz and Josh Hutcherson were cast, but I feel like this gives the audience a better [...]

    13. I am one of those crazy people/obsessive fans that has a meltdown everytime it is announced that one of my favourite books is going to be made into a movie. Indeed after I found out that The Hunger Games movie is not just a rumour but is actually happening well lets just say you wouldn't have wanted to be sharing brain space with me at that exact moment.So for months and months all these scenarios have been running through my head on why I am not going to like this movie.* The actors won't match [...]

    14. I enjoy reading about all that went into making the movies. I didn't read it before the movie because I really didn't want a lot of spoilers. I liked the parts in which Suzanne Collins is quoted the best. Since it is the author's story I like to hear what the author has to say the most. i.e."If Josh had been bright purple and had had six foot wings and have that audition, I'd have been like 'Cast him! We an work around the wings!' He was that good." and her thoughts about what she wants people - [...]

    15. 4.5/5 starsIf you've seen the movie and love the book then this is a nice companion to the Hunger Games movie.The Illustrated Movie Companion has lots of pictures and is divided into sections. They focus on the book, the casting, the places, the costumes and more.As someone who loved the books and enjoyed the movie it was nice to see how everything transpired.I especially loved hearing about Suzanne Collins (the author of the series) and things that happened with the Hunger Games book (and her i [...]

    16. I thought this Movie Companion would be like the Twilight Saga one's and in some ways it was, it had pictures from the film and the book talked through the film and how it was made, but it didn't really give a lot of insight, I knew pretty much everything that was in there already, for example the Twilight Eclipse companion told about how they created the whole snow scene and filmed it indoors, that was a shock because it looks so real, there was nothing like that in this. The pictures were good [...]

    17. It was heart racing, exciting and the most adventurous books i have ever read in my life. The narrating was so good i was at the edge of my seat all the time! It was very realistic too. About the wars. About the conclusion of our generations. I truly believe that as time goes on it's a possibility that nations will fight for land. In overall it's definately worth reading.

    18. Book Review by Sharon Powers.QUICK BOOK REVIEW OF THE OFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED MOVIE COMPANION (THE HUNGER GAMES).The Hunger Games: Official IllustratedMovie Companion, by Kate Egan is 160 pages;it sells for $9.99 to about $18.99, of course,depending on where you buy your book.[15] The Movie Companion is divided into six parts, as follows:(1) The History of The Hunger Games;(2) The Cast of The Hunger Games;(3) The Look of The Hunger Games: Places and Props;(4) The Look of The Hunger Games: People;(5 [...]

    19. Madeline Janus 3/17/16 Period ⅘The book I read was “The Hunger Games”. It is the official illustrated movie companion. This book told you about how they made the movie. How they filmed, produced, and got creative ideas. This book told you about the characters and recent jobs they did before the started casting “The Hunger Games”. Also it told you how the characters acted with each other on and off set. The book also shows pictures. The pictures are off things on and off set. It showed [...]

    20. "This is a girl who starts a revolution. This is a girl who changes the world." (pg 158)I feel like reading The Hunger Games and watching The Hunger Games movies all over again in order to re-live my experiences and emotions while reading and watching The Hunger Games. The nostalgia is real!This movie companion reads like a magazine. It's full of stunning graphics, pull-out quotes and vibrant colours which makes it easy to browse through and enjoy.The Hunger Games:Official Illustrated Movie Comp [...]

    21. I thought this book had a lot of interesting things in it. I was so excited for the movie to come out I just had to read this book to satisfy my hunger to see the movie! The pictures are great and I loved looking at the capitol children. I would definitely recommend this book to any Hunger Games fans!

    22. Loved the detail and dedication Kate Egan put into this book: creating a detailed picture of the cast, sets, and costume/cosmetic decisions used in the film. I loved the section on 'Capitol fashion' which was hideous, but in a way which I feel looks true to the books' description. There were a few new stills as well :)

    23. Didn't take me too long to read, cover to cover. I suppose I did expect a little more behind the scenes stuff, more of the making of the film. I got some of that, but it's not nearly as detailed as I thought it would have been. Whether it's worth your money? I don't know. How big a fan are you?(I bought my copy at Big W for $15.)

    24. Read it and then my niece read it. It gives a good overview of how this movie was made. It has spoilers, so it helps to have read the books and trilogy. It's heavy on images, which also greatly builds my anticipation for the film.

    25. After reading this I'm even more excited for the movie. I got chills a few times as I read about the entire process of adapting Suzanne Collins brilliant book into a movie. I loved the insight into the script writing, the casting, and the creation of the Hunger Games world. Is it March 23rd yet?!?!

    26. I am so excited to see this brilliant series turned into a movie!! This movie guide was so beautifully done. It is full of extraordinary behind the scenes photos and descriptions. I loved reading through this guide, now bring on the movie!

    27. This was really interesting and had some great pictures and facts. I was really impressed with how some of the aspects in the film were created. I still can't believe I read this book in like an hour

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