Spring Is Here

Spring Is Here Using simple words and bright illustrations author illustrator Taro Gomi takes children on a playful tour of the four seasons

  • Title: Spring Is Here
  • Author: Taro Gomi
  • ISBN: 9780811823319
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Board Book
  • Using simple words and bright illustrations, author illustrator Taro Gomi takes children on a playful tour of the four seasons.

    One thought on “Spring Is Here”

    1. Read this for the first time last year in A's emtpy nursery, lying on the floor. Read again yesterday, lying on the floor of the dining room in her play/reading corner. My kind of calming, cyclical book.

    2. While incorporating the change in seasons and giving an introduction to Spanish, Spring is Here by Taro Gomi is a great book for nursery-preschool ages and up. This book is very well written and has a simple story line that is educational in itself. The outstanding artwork is what sticks out the most to me, which is what the children would respond to the best because at nursery age they will not be able to read, but they will be able to recognize the pictures that are illustrated. The pictures a [...]

    3. With an accompanying three or four word sentence for each two page spread we see the cycle of the seasons. For the very youngest and nicely done.I read a 1989 copyright of this by Chronicle Books in a regular picture book format which I did not find in the list and didn't take the time to add.

    4. A wonderful tale that introduces the concept of seasons. Watch as the field changes through the year and the cow grows too! Beautiful illustrations make this a mommy favorite toore reviews at beyondthebookends

    5. Cool little book with illustrations and concept reminiscent of a vintage Sesame Street animation. Sweet, quiet, and pretty.

    6. In those early-reader, cardboard book days, small children often want you to read the same books to them over and over, and over again. This book was a favorite for Miss B. It was also a favorite for me to re-share with her; it never grew old. The pictures are lovely and imaginative, and the strange little "story" clever, fun, and imaginative. Meanwhile, in its own way, it helps kids start to understand the ideas of changing seasons and life cycles.

    7. This book is not only great to read during the spring time, but it showcases all the seasons. It is a great book to use to initiate class discussion about the 4 seasons. Children can discuss how the weather changes during each season. Also, it is a bilingual book which is useful for children who speak Spanish or are learning Spanish.

    8. This super simple book really grabbed my son's attention. I'm thinking alot of the books about seasons over do it. This was simple and let his mind do the rest. The science link at the end is an extra bonus. I feel this book has helped my son grasp the concept of seasons. This is fairly substantial because we live near the ecuator and do not have traditional seasons.

    9. So Spring dominates the first half of the book, we skip Summer, and there's a one page Fall. And then 4 pages of Winter. And boom, it's Spring again. It doesn't really make sense. Don't be fooled by the cute calf on the cover. :)

    10. This book was great for both Lucy at 2, and me. It's genuinely artistic in a way that I find enjoyable, and also holds Lucy's interest. A lot of times those two things don't really connect -- there are a lot of books that I'll find very aesthetically pleasing that Lu could care less about.

    11. I love Ms Gomi's books because she puts the English translation on the opposite page so that you have time to think in Spanish before checking yourself. Yes it is a kids book but it's great for adult Spanish learners.

    12. Simplistic and bold pictures lead babies and toddlers on a fun trip through the four seasons. This book reveals and let children use their imaginations to discover their environments, and discover the beauty of the seasons.

    13. Love the simple narrative that has a good rhythm telling a story of the changing seasons. Cute and creative illustrations.My 12 month old loves this book. She brings it to me to read, then toddles over to my husband to have him read it, then back to me again!

    14. This is a very basic book about what happens during the different seasons. Flowers, wind, and harvests are all mentioned throughout the book. This would be a good introductory book for kids who are learning the basic concepts of books, such as directionality.

    15. I love Taro Gomi! I used this bilingual book for Spanish and bilingual story time programs about spring/growing things. The simple text is illustrated with cute drawings showing the change of seasons --and growth of a baby cow--very well.

    16. Bright color, bold illustration, nice transition from calf to land in spring, and land to calf as snow melts the next spring. Simple declarative sentences to tell the story over the year. The baby is fascinated with this one.

    17. This book is a good illustration of the seasons. I thought it was a nice touch that it showed a baby calf and at the end it says, " calf has grown" to show that a whole year has passed.

    18. My 5 month old twins and 23 month old daughter all sit enthralled for multiple readings in a row. That makes it a winner in my book!

    19. I really liked how it started with the season of spring and then went through the year to show spring again. It was cute.

    20. It's really cool because the cow's fur turns into dirt and the lamb's fur turns into snow. It's really, really cool.

    21. Creative way to introduce the concept of changing seasons. Kind of strange, yet whimsical. I paused to enjoy the art which is something that doesn't happen often with board books. I liked it.

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