Blood Drive

Blood Drive Anna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire Anna discovers that her long dead brother may have had a daughter and the girl s in

  • Title: Blood Drive
  • Author: Jeanne C. Stein
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Anna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter, until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire, Anna discovers that her long dead brother may have had a daughter and the girl s in serious trouble There are some very dangerous people after her, but they re about to learn that to a bounty hunter with an unnatural thirst for blood, even the deadliest humAnna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter, until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire, Anna discovers that her long dead brother may have had a daughter and the girl s in serious trouble There are some very dangerous people after her, but they re about to learn that to a bounty hunter with an unnatural thirst for blood, even the deadliest human predators are easy prey.

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    1. I love Anna Strong! This character is awesome. She's tough, brass, funny, and even though she's a vampire, she's still has a lot of her humanity intact. She makes a lot of mistakes as she's learning the ropes of her new life but that is what makes this story so interesting. I'm very interested to see how she will deal with the humans in her life and how she will eventually have to either explain to them what has happened to her or if she will leave their lives completely. The introduction of Fre [...]

    2. This is the second book in the Anna Strong Chronicles. I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit more than the first.This book is very much in the same style as the first. No nonsense writing style, fast paced, and a fun-easy read.In this book Anna has accepted her need for blood but is still struggling to retain her bonds with humanity. When her brother's ex-girlfriend shows up claiming that Anna's niece is possibly involved in a murder; Anna is determined to find the young girl and find out the [...]

    3. This series has promise, but the "kiddie porn" plot was a complete turn-off. There were too many unlikely situations. What parents are going to let their 13 year old son go off with a police "detective" (Anna) and not accompany him to the police department? Some aspects were just distasteful-- bad enough to have a 13 year old victim of child abuse, but having another 13 year old studying the tapes looking for evidence no One more book in the series-- I hope the plot is a little more tasteful.

    4. Anna Strong is still learning what it means to be a vampire and in this story she must protect a young girl who could be her dead brother's daughter, as she investigates a child pornography ring with the help of Daniel Frey, a shapeshifter. I'm enjoying the series, Anna is an interesting character, at times strong and resourceful, and then at others not quite able to control her vampire side and a bit lost. Luckily she has people to assist her, she only needs to accept their help.

    5. Culebra is trying to teach Anna the feeding basics while she is in Mexico and tries to persuade her to sort things out with police chief Williams. The girlfriend of Anna's dead brother reports that her abused daughter is missing, and her daughter's friend was murdered for threatening to expose a paedophile teacher. Anna goes undercover at the school.This book was such a let down after enjoying the first one. It didn't actually feel like a vampire story felt more like a crime novel with a few sup [...]

    6. You know, you don’t really realize you’ve been reading lackluster books until you come across some that are REALLY good. I mean from the characters, their development and interactions with each other, the overall plot and pace of the story, everything in these Anna strong vampire novels just work. In blood drive we find Anna still adjusting to life as a vampire having only been one for six months at the start of the novel. she has yet to reconcile whatever issues have arisen from her killing [...]

    7. This is not the follow-up to The Becoming Anna Strong Chronicles 1 that I expected, it's a lot better. Something struck me odd about the way Stein included the detail about our heroine's dead brother in the first book, and I should've realized she was planting a seed. The seed, no pun intended, is what just may be her brother's heretofore unknown daughter. Her brother's girlfriend at the time of his death appears, asking for Anna's help tracking down her runaway daughter, claiming it's Anna's ni [...]

    8. Band zwei ist deutlich besser als Band 1. Es gibt mehr deutlich mehr witzige Szenen und die Geschichte löst sich von bekannten Vorbildern. Man erfährt, dass die Welt der Übernatürlichen deutlich diverser ist, als Anna es erwartet hat, z. Bsp. gibt es da Formwandler und die Übernatürlichen haben eine Art Hauptquartier wie in Men in Black.Alte Bekannte tauchen in diesem Band wieder auf, wie Max und David und wir erfahren mehr über Annas Familie.Anna muss gegen den Vampir in ihr ankämpfen, [...]

    9. In the follow-up to The Becoming, Anna Strong is now a full fledged vampire and bounty hunter along with partner David, who nearly found himself died during the events in the Becoming. Once again, she finds herself dealing with another intriguing situation, but this time she will need help from others and learn more about the supernatural community itself.It's been two months since the events in The Becoming. Anna Strong is learning to cope with her new dietary requirements by seeking donors cho [...]

    10. I had a real problem with something specific in this book. WARNING: POSSIBLE TRIGGER13 year old Trish is being sexually abused and forced into "kiddie porn" videos. This is bad enough on it's own. But it gets worse when Anna watches some of the videos and first Trish is forced to masterbate to orgasm and then is finger raped - and again is brought to climax. All while being assaulted, humiliated and filmed by strange men she's terrified of. It's described as "her body betraying her." As if there [...]

    11. Aha! I knew there were other supernaturals. Sometimes I think the author is focusing on the plot so much that Anna seems like some kind of an idiot because she doesn't realize there's so much more to being a vampire and doesn't ask questions about other supes. Then whoops, someone lands in her lap and she's shocked. Maybe I'm too used to reading so many other books in this genre that I would immediately question more about everything than Anna does. Maybe she's just way more stubborn. I don't kn [...]

    12. I read this in the ImaJinn press version and the lack of copy editing by the POD publishing house was a bit distracting at times. I should take a look at the ACE edition, which I'm sure has much better editing. While I really like Stein's fast-paced writing and twisty plots, I'm undecided whether or not I like her vision of vampires and reshaping of the vampire myth. Since many of these issues come up in the first few chapters of the first book of the series, "The Becoming", I don't think these [...]

    13. Anna Strong is a bounty hunter. Both her personality and her abilities (somewhat special abilities) rather suit the job. Anna is assertive, inquisitive, and quick to uncover or smell out the smallest of details. Two months before the action takes place, Anna's life had changed dramatically. She became a vampire. Most of her loved ones haven't yet realized that she has no reflection in mirrors and that is on a high protein diet. She's still trying to figure out the myths versus realities of her s [...]

    14. Well, I don't know why I like this series so much but I do. I complained that I got suckered in the first book not believing who the bady was because it was so obvious. I thought the author wouldn't be so bold as to think her audience so gullible. I was wrong, and yet I fell for it again. This book deals with child pornography and seriously demented individuals. Anna remains tough as nails and head strong which manages to land her in trouble repeatedly. The reader gets to know more about Anna's [...]

    15. I first read book one of this series on a plane while heading forth to study overseas for the summer. I think that must be why I vaguely remember enjoying book one, although not any of the specifics about why. I picked up book two mainly to read it before a friend of mine got to it (petty, I know, but all in good fun), and I was instantly reminded about how much I enjoy the Anna Strong series. Anna is a great main character, who is strong and stubborn and flawed, and the story is strongly ground [...]

    16. Anna Strong takes on a very human problem in Jeanne C. Stein's Blood Drive.Anna's brother died whilst still a teen. Now his girlfriend wants Anna to find her runaway teen daughter, Trish. Anna doesn't like Trish's mother, and dislikes her all the more when she investigates Trish's disappearance - why she left, and why her friend has been murdered.More of a mystery with paranormal elements, those elements include Anna and the police chief being vampires and a school teacher being a werepanther. ( [...]

    17. I'm giving this 4 stars but it is more like a 3.5 star book. I'm reading the next one in the series and it is likely I'm going to buy more of them, so they are more than good enough to read, but not quite as good as most of my 4 star books.This is the second book in this series about a new vampire who is learning how to deal with the changes in her life. The mother of a young girl in trouble, who has run away from home, comes to Anne's parents' home claiming that her daughter is the child of Ann [...]

    18. I liked this book much better than the first, like I said in my previous review I'm glad I didn't take the first book as an indicatior for the whole series or I would have stopped.Things I didn't like 1. What parent in their right mind, despite who the person is, sends their 13 year old with a detective without first getting some ID and second goes with them! There are two parents, no excuses.2. I'm not sure the child porn angle needed to be described in such vivid detail when the actual consens [...]

    19. Anna Strong is a total kick-ass chick. I love it! This series is awesome and the world is just getting bigger. I really can't wait until the third book. It's going to be a very long wait because I don't think it comes out until November.In this book, she's dealing with human monsters after a woman drops in out of nowhere claiming her daughter is Anna's niece. Anna's brother died when he was still very young, so the possibility that the teenager is his confuses everything. She also has to deal wi [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book; however, I really wish that Anna Strong was able to finally meet the character she refers to as Casper. Also, I found the introduction of Mr. Frey to be intriguing and the fact that he is a shape shifter allows the author to explore other areas of the paranormal world than just vampires. I'm glad that Ms. Stein is adding these other types of "supes" to the plot; however, she isn't throwing every single type into the book all at once. Hopefully, Ms. Stein will take her [...]

    21. I expected to learn a little bit more about Casper. I was also expecting Anna to learn about this legacy people keep mentioning to her. I also thought she would settle some things between her and Max. Instead, I got a mystery about a teenage girl that runs away. There is no furthering of any of the things mentioned above. I get a little irritated with series that never end and only give us a tiny taste of what is to come eventually. The story was well written and entertaining, and can almost sta [...]

    22. 3.5 of 5 stars. It was hard to rate so I'm rating it more for my liking the basic story & characters. There were some lapses in credibility, storyline, & lapses in character's logic that soured it some. It's a fun read if you're not into being seriously critical though. Again, I'm moving on to the next one tonight. There's enough little tidbits in the background that keep my curiosity peeked as to what's going to be revealed next. I think the writer has got potential to make the series e [...]

    23. In the 2nd book of the Anne Strong series, Anne takes on human problems while still having vampire problems. These books are an easy, fast paced read that keeps you interested until the end. I really enjoy Anne's stubbornness and feistiness. As I never reveal spoiler, you will just have to read the books yourself. If you are a fan of shape-shifters, vampires, and witches, then you will not be disappointed.

    24. Good sequel. The kids weren't annoying, which was good - otherwise the book would have dragged a lot, since so much revolves around Trish and features her friend Ryan too. There wasn't too much retelling of events in the first book. They were mentioned, but just enough. More referred to now and then. It was a good balance overall. I want to know what Anna found out about Frey and his past. That feels like it ended up on the cutting room floor.

    25. Well what can i say!! after a few days of suffering Magor BOOK BLOCK i stumbled across an awesome series written by Jeanne C.Stein “anna strong vampire chronicles” the series of five storiesBOOK#":- Blood Drive : In this second installement of Anna Strongs Vampire chronicles she is beginning to accept that she is a vampire and willing to learn how to be a good one. However when Anna Strongs involved nothing every seems to be an easy transaction for her or her fellow friends.

    26. Another amazing book by Jeanne Stein. I was very impressed by the first book, and I found this one to be just as good. I am anxious to read the next in the series. Anna Strong is an addictive character, making this books a must read. The author includes just enough comedy to make the book funny in light of the seriousness of the storyline situations. I believe we will see many other good books from the author.

    27. I am really enjoying this series. I picked this up and read it in one comfortable sitting. Anna is a strong & interesting character. I like her very much. The other characters in these books are well drawn also. The mystery of the individual book plus the mysteries of her new world keep things fascinating and fun. I think if there was more humor in these books, they'd be favorites of mine.

    28. Bounty-hunter-turned-vampire Anna Strong returns in this sequel to The Becoming. The first person present voice lends a gripping immediacy to the story. Stein’s sleek writing style and creative plot twists ensure a fantastic, fast-paced read. The books in this series can be read alone or savored together.

    29. I really enjoyed this book. Anna is really growing on me I was hoping her and David would get together but probably not feasible. I like the Teacher though and he would definately be a good one for her

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