Dragon Age, Volume 1

Dragon Age Volume In a time lost to history a war ravaged the land Mages incredibly powerful wielders of magic ruled the world through mastery of dark arts and forbidden spells Their lust for power almost destroyed

  • Title: Dragon Age, Volume 1
  • Author: Orson Scott Card Mark Robinson Aaron Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a time lost to history, a war ravaged the land Mages, incredibly powerful wielders of magic, ruled the world through mastery of dark arts and forbidden spells Their lust for power almost destroyed all existence, and unleashed an unholy pestilence, the Darkspawn, to plague mankind, trolls, faeries, and all the inhabitants of the realm Now magic is carefully controlledIn a time lost to history, a war ravaged the land Mages, incredibly powerful wielders of magic, ruled the world through mastery of dark arts and forbidden spells Their lust for power almost destroyed all existence, and unleashed an unholy pestilence, the Darkspawn, to plague mankind, trolls, faeries, and all the inhabitants of the realm Now magic is carefully controlled, taught behind the sacred walls of the Circle of Magi, and monitored by the ever vigilant Templars It is in this arena that a new generation of Mages in training will arise, warriors of sorcery who will defy the rules of the Templars and change the course of the world forever.

    One thought on “Dragon Age, Volume 1”

    1. It was an interesting story, and it gave a different view of Ferelden. I would have loved to see some of the more recognisable characters from the games, but as a side story, this was interesting.

    2. A fun enjoyable tale which is definitely set in the Dragon Age universe as the plot follows a young apostate trying to escape the Templars. There are two ways to view this, as a tie-in novel for the excellent games or as a stand-alone work. I believe it actually works better as a stand-alone graphic novel.As a stand-alone work we get to see some fun action as a young mage has her adventure with some family members as she tries to escape the Templars; a group who hunt down magic users and either [...]

    3. I really enjoyed it. Any Dragon Age fan who doesn't mind comics should have no problem enjoying this too. While there are no familiar characters that we are used to, all aspects of game with the Mages versus the Templars are present. The story was a real page turner as we follow Gleam a young mage who is being hunted by the Templars. Gleam has a secret of course that can cause trouble for more than just her. The first Volume has just left me hungry to get Volume 2 as soon as it's out. The only c [...]

    4. It took me a little bit to get in to the story but once I did I enjoyed it! I really liked the story line and it played out well. The only complaint I have about it is the ending. (view spoiler)[I didn't like how Gleam ended up in the tower and how she accepted Duty/Saddatt as her father. I felt like she should have fought harder against that considering he killed her mother, cousin and countless other mages. I found it hard to believe he would just change his tune so quickly. (hide spoiler)] Th [...]

    5. 4 stars It was really interesting, for a short comic story. I really hated the cousin, but I was kinda sad with what happens to him. It's nice to see stories of other characters in the dragon age world from time to time, and also the impact of the society on other characters. Would recommend.

    6. This is a cool side-story set in the Dragon Age universe. My one complaint is that the cover has nothing to do with the story in the book. Both are cool, but usually you expect the cover to have at least something to do with the book.

    7. This was a troubling volume. The basic story was alright, if a bit uninspired. Unfortunately, the art was kind of awful, and the writing was fraught with issues. There are a number of words and phrases used here that were fastidiously avoided by the writers of the game (to their credit), that are used casually here, which I personally found off-putting. Similarly, none of the characters speak in a way that suits the way they speak in the game. Similarly, aside from having characters with the thr [...]

    8. Although it had potential the story feels rushed and pretty generic. There are no surprises whatsoever and the flat characters really give no reason to care about what's going to happen to them, no matter of they are good or bad. Most of the time you can already guess what's about to happen anyway. It's nice to read more about Ferelden als a Dragon Age fan but this comic doesn't tell anything new or shows you any of the depths of this universe. The storyline is pretty basic and there is nothing [...]

    9. I've heard bad things about this but read it anyway because. Dragon Age. The bad things were true. Orson Scott Card apparently took the basic notes he received from Bioware and, well, wrote a basic story filled with two-dimensional characters doing two-dimensional things. It starts with a templar and a mage falling in love and making whoopee. This is not a good thing at the chantry. Not good for the mage, that is, who is hunted down and killed when she tries to escape with her child. She manages [...]

    10. The art in the first few issues is decent enough (very Ramos like, at first I mistook it for Huberto Ramoss's work actually, since he does the covers). Halfway they switch artists, not for the better. The story and writing throughout the whole thing is ok at best, the pacing felt weird, especially in the first issue, characters are meh. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but those who are die hard Dragon Age IP completionists XD, and even then, it does Dragon Age little justice.

    11. Aan de ene kant: Orson Scott Card is een goede schrijver. Zelfs al had hij alleen maar Ender’s World geschreven. En Dragon Age is een uitstekend spel.Aan de andere kant: Orson Scott Card is een rechtse homofoob en Dragon Age is notoir niét homofoob. En comics van games zijn vaak toch maar bleh.Résultat des courses: gho ja. Een standaard verhaaltje van kindje dat zijn echte ouders niet kent en voorbestemd is voor Grote Dingen.Snel gelezen, blijft aan geen ribben plakken.

    12. Interessante spin-off della serie RPG di Bioware,a differenza dei romanzi questa volta sotto i riflettori finisce il rapporto tra maghi e templari,uno degli argomenti che ho trovato più interessante e approfondito in entrambi i giochi della serie,la storia rispetta le premesse dark e violente del videogame originale,offrendoci un racconto dolorosamente "cattivo",senza buoni o cattivi in senso canonico.Anche la parte grafica è molto interessante e dinamica.

    13. This is pretty good so far.They seem to have switched pencillers half way through, which is very annoying. But other than that I like the story a lot and it feels very authentic to the Dragon Age universe. Usually video-game tie in stuff is horrible but the game had such a deep, compelling story that this comic series actually works in conjunction.

    14. Waste of time and money. None of the main characters are in it, the plot is lame, and it doesn't seem to add anything new to our understanding of the Dragon Age universe. If you want a Dragon Age graphic novel, skip this and get the trilogy by David Gaider (The Silent Grove, Those Who Speak, Until We Sleep) instead.

    15. This has nothing to do with any of the games. Rather it features a young woman who discovers she has magic, is taken to the circle, the forbidden love she holds with a Templar, and the consequences.Not to sure about the style the artwork is done in, but the story was really interesting. Can't wait for the next one.

    16. Man, this was terrible. I can't even believe Orson Scott Card wrote it. It was paced totally weird, and I don't particularly like the art style, and most importantly, it just didn't feel like Dragon Age. The banter was so forced and not funny! To add insult to injury, the binding of the book is TERRIBLE, and fell apart almost completely after one read through.

    17. I was really excited about this graphic novel because I'm a Dragonage fan and have enjoyed the books that accompany the video games. I have to say though I felt that this comic was rushed, and that the story wasn't very flushed out. The artwork was amazing, but I didn't enjoy the story.

    18. Well this tale truly left me unsatisfied as in the end Gleam ends up in the tower. Some of the banter was nice but this book was just cluttered. Also the manufacturer of the book needs to close as it fell apart after I opened it 6 times.

    19. As a fan of the RPG, I enjoyed this graphic novel. The illustration was a little inconsistent, but since it's the first graphic novel I've read, I don't have much to compare it to. Wish there were more!

    20. There's not much to recommend this. It had a few interesting moments and insights into the Dragon Age universe but on the whole, it didn't feel important or relevant. It feels like a side story for its own sake rather than for the purpose of fleshing out the canon.

    21. I wish they had focused more on the love triangle than their offspring. Just didn't find the children very interesting.I didn't feel like I had wasted my time by reading this comic, but I didn't feel like I had gained much either.

    22. I was beginning to think I would love just about anything if it had Dragon Age slapped on it.Turns out I was wrong. Let us never speak of this again.

    23. I really liked the story, I love Dragon Age, will really i love almost anything that Bioware makes. So this story is quite amazing for me, I just a sucker for Bioware.

    24. Quick, easy read. My biggest complaint is that the formatting for the Kindle left something to be desired - regardless of the adjustments I tried, I could hardly see the artwork.

    25. When a key character dies and another screams their name with a typo, you know you're not exactly getting quality

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