7 Clues to Winning You

Clues to Winning You When forced to switch to a rival high school before the end of her junior year Blythe s carefully laid out plans for a perfect future begin to unravel At first she thinks that being the principal s d

  • Title: 7 Clues to Winning You
  • Author: Kristin Walker
  • ISBN: 9780692275788
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • When forced to switch to a rival high school before the end of her junior year, Blythe s carefully laid out plans for a perfect future begin to unravel At first she thinks that being the principal s daughter is the worst part, then an unflattering viral picture of Blythe has everyone laughing at her the first day Although vengeance was never her thing, Blythe vows to aboWhen forced to switch to a rival high school before the end of her junior year, Blythe s carefully laid out plans for a perfect future begin to unravel At first she thinks that being the principal s daughter is the worst part, then an unflattering viral picture of Blythe has everyone laughing at her the first day Although vengeance was never her thing, Blythe vows to abolish the Senior Scramble, a long revered school scavenger hunt Afterwards, things don t go to plan, though To make amends, she teams up with Senior, Luke the surly head of the hunt and so called journalist who first posted her picture Together they defy Blythe s father and take the Senior Scramble underground Blythe soon realizes that Luke isn t so bad after all In fact, she s drawn in by his sly geekish wit, spontaneous Shakespearean quotes, and peering gaze As Blythe speeds through the scavenger hunt, she faces expulsion, an arrest, and a split from her best friend But she won t give up If she wins the Senior Scramble, she just might win back her reputation And maybe even win Luke s heart.

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    1. Very cute, very funny (at one point, I actually laughed out loud - no spoilers, but it was the part with the old ladies and the convenience store), and very sweet. Kristin Walker is great at writing the friendships that blossom between a boy and girl and then turn into something more. I found Blythe incredibly likeable, even though it was obvious from the beginning that she was a bit of a snob. It was great to see her grow, and really great to read about Luke. =p Aside from that, I think Walker [...]

    2. Okay, confession time: I almost passed over reading this book because of the cover. That sounds horribly judgmental, I know! (You shouldn't judge books by their covers!!). Anyhow. For various reasons, the cover just didn't sit well with me, and I thought it might be too 'young'. However, I read and enjoyed Kristin Walker's debut novel A Match Made in High School, so I knew I was going to give it a go. And I am so happy I did! I do think that, unfortunately, this book's cover is misleading. The c [...]

    3. Before I started reading 7 Clues to Winning You, I really wanted to pick up a cute contemporary and when I searched for many of the newly released YA contemporaries, this novel popped up from the whole bunch. I am glad to say that 7 Clues to Winning You filled up my craving. I totally adored this novel and I loved the plot, the writing, and the ending! The story starts with Blythe's life turning upside down. Her dad, in hopes of getting a raise and the position of superintended, moves his family [...]

    4. I'm going to be honest and say that this book has Anna and the French Kiss syndrome--an awful cover and an irrelevant/vague synopsis, but completely amazing content. I loved this book so much. I'm not sure if it's because I was in the perfect mood to read it (I was craving a light, cute romance so badly), or if the book itself is really that amazing, but either way, I loved it. Blythe has a perfect life at her old school. She's popular, pretty, and has many friends. But then her dad suddenly wan [...]

    5. 4.5 stars! Loved this book! It was really funny! Great YA story! Looking forward to reading more by this author.

    6. Read more of my reviews at Nick's Book BlogDon’t you just love reading books that are so terribly cute that they make you melt into a puddle while reading? I know I do. Funny and totally adorable contemporaries with an interesting story-line can be very hard to find these days, since we tend to compare them to Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and The French Kiss. Well, I can openly say that 7 Clues To Winning You was as good as Anna!As a result of Blythe’s father obtaining a promotion from Principa [...]

    7. "Love goes by haps; Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps"-Shakespeare, Much Ado About NothingThis book is cute with a capital C! There were many times I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Light-hearted, funny, and sweet, 7 Clues is the relaxing vacation you need from a tedious week at work or school. Serious books are great and all, but every now and then it's really nice to have a book chock full of humor, not to mention extremely lovable characters. And let me tell you, this book is ha [...]

    8. oh my god, that was super super super cute! y'all should read the ending, because i am SWOONED! i only have two words for you guys; LUKE. PAVEL. enough saide only thing that kinda bothers me is the drama!!! because there's just too much high school dramas. but nevertheless, the book made me laugh (quite a number too!) and i ALMOST cried, poor blythe but it's all good :~) in the end, all i could say is that i definitely enjoyed it!

    9. Сначала мне очень не понравилась книга, но после середины я начала влюбляться в ее героев. Эмоции были: Ооооо, какие они все милые) Повеселили задания для игры и то, как Блит выкручивалась. Конечно, затронута и раскрыта тема любви, но остались непонятными отношения с лучшей п [...]

    10. Posted at tenacityjustlisten/Kristin Walker has an incredible writing ability to develop such lovable characters. These characters have amazing personalities and attitudes. I absolutely loved Cy, Jenna, Ms. Franny, Ms. Eulalie, Blythe, and Luke.The storyline with the Senior Scramble allowed the pace of the book to remain entertaining. It never felt dragging or boring. The pace was just right and I was pleased with every page of 7 Clues to Winning You.In the beginning I thought Blythe was acting [...]

    11. when the book first started i wasnt sure if i will like blythe because she was making a huge deal about moving and accusing her father of being too ambitious and she seems like a trying hard to be perfect student. as the story progressed i felt bad for her and at the same time annoyed with her for making mistake after mistake. and yet i actually liked her enough to root for her. i wanted her to succeed - i guess thats how good the author was in creating a flawed but great character. i didnt like [...]

    12. This book was okay. But let me just say up front:Has anyone noticed how these two books have the same cover? 7 Clues to Winning YouClick to Subscribe Just putting it out thereAnyway, back to the review. I really only read this book and Click to Subscribe because they had the same cover, and I just wanted to see what the deal was with these books. Long story short, none of these books were very good.The book had a big fixation on typical YA topics. a.) Teenage rebellion that doesn't end too well [...]

    13. Wow! That was the cutest romance story I've read in a long, long time. *sigh* how I missed them"“Why had I ever cared about happy endings?Happy beginnings were so much better.”I am so so so so happy to have stumbled upon this gem of a book. It was amazing from start to finish. The writing of Kristin Walker was endearing and captivating I couldn't put it down.The writing made me connect to all characters and made me like them which is a very important thing for anyone. The main characters Luk [...]

    14. Blythe the main character was pretty and popular in her old school, but in her new school she is the principles daughter and a social outcast. This is because the worst, most embarrassing photo of Blythe is all over the internet ruining her social reputation forever. In order to change her social status, she has to go underground with the Senior Scramble scavenger hunt to win the hunt. If Blythe wins she has a chance to make amends with the whole school, but when she falls for Luke, she puts mor [...]

    15. I love this book!!!And i'm going to share a nightmare that i had about this book:My last night's nightmare, actually. there was a sequel of 7 clues for winning. You ( that wasn't the part of the night mare) and in the acknowledge it said: thank you to the people how helped me to choose another date for Luke( that was the only part of the book that was written in spanish, it said something about rural) . And i went like WHAAAT?! I read the finally over and over and Blythe was with another guy. An [...]

    16. A cute, fluffy, entertaining story ♥Exactly what I need to refresh my mind after too much reading steamy romance. LOL

    17. “I just couldn’t help it. I’m a girl who likes happy endings.”Actual rating: 4.25 starsAnd a happy ending this book was! 7 Clues to Winning You was such a fun, entertaining and light read. After the tearjerker Things We Know by Heart that I read, this book was the perfect one to dive in with the perfect blend of humour, laughs, worry and sympathy towards the characters, anticipation, romance, family and friends. This is my first book of Kristin Walker's and I'm sure it won't be the last. [...]

    18. Two-second recap: Despite a somewhat young-looking cover, this is a rich, well-written book about what it is to find yourself in the jungle that is high school, despite pre-set expectations. ***Full review:I've been hearing about Kristin Walker's books for awhile now, but just hadn't gotten around to reading them.However, thanks to a sale at my local indie recently, I purchased 7 Clues to Winning You, and devoured the book in one afternoon. This is the type of YA contemporary book that's rich, f [...]

    19. Originally posted at: iliveforreading/27 Clues to Winning You? Well, I was totally won over!This novel has definitely been one of my favorite contemporaries that I've read so far this year. Some of the contemporaries which I've been reading this year have kind of been somewhat lacking in the humor department, and I really REALLY love books which can make me laugh non-stop. I mean, common, I'm a bit tired of more "serious" contemporaries, and need something to giggle over. This book– this incre [...]

    20. It took me a day and a half to finish reading this book because it’s a real page turner. Before I start my review, I just wanted to stop and say how much I loved ‘Cy’ and ‘Jenna’ Blythe’s “emo-punk” friends as she described them.On to the review…Blythe has always lived the life of perfection. She goes to a perfect school, lives in a perfect town and she has the perfect friends. She wants to go to college, get married and basically settle down. You could say everything was fine [...]

    21. 2 ½ stars. Foolish actions by a teenager cause problems for herself. It didn’t work for me.I want unique watchable characters or I want unique watchable activities/actions. I did not get either of these. The main characters were good but ordinary and normal. Blythe, a high school junior, does impulsive foolish things which cause problems and she cries. An unlucky thing happens to her, she gets revenge, and that creates worse things for her. She does something bad to a friend who hurts back wi [...]

    22. Wow. I mean, just wow. This book totally turned me on.Blythe had everything planned for her life: graduating as one of the top students in her class, getting Bryn Mawr, and marrying a Haverford husband. She always focused on happy endings. She loves Shakespeare and has this great sense of fashion. She had the coolest friends and the best high school in town.Then suddenly, her plans seem to mess up when her father decided that they move to Ash Grove and she enroll to the high school there.This wa [...]

    23. When I started reading this book, I was sure I would find the same old, used up storyline. But I should have known better than to expect anything ordinary from Miss Walker. The characters were all so likeable especially Blythe. I just adored her and of course empathised with her trouble of not being able to lie. Her rules of lying might come handy for me someday. Blythe comes out as a really intelligent girl who has her life planned from long before, but her father’s decision to change her sch [...]

    24. Despite the, not so appealing looking, cover, the story was really good.It wasn't so cliched. And it had the right amount of cuteness. I liked Blythe. She wasn't a strong person but she had fine points. She was smart and witty. I also really liked Luke. Need I explain why? It's clearly obvious. He is really likeable. I also liked Cy and Jenna. They were really solid. I am also jealous of their relationship.I didn't like Tara that much. I think Blythe was making excuses for her. Even though she w [...]

    25. This was a piece of shit, while the main. Character is made out to be a teenager, what teenager do you know that not only realizes their mistakes, apologizes for them and works towards fixing them? Oh yea, and c goose to show their ugly emotional scars to the world? What the hell? Did not buy into the father bullshit drama, or anything. This is so made up, that it wouldn't even pass as a B movie. It's like watching a train wreck in a train heading for a train wreck. It's like watching a movie fe [...]

    26. This book annoyed the hell out of me. From the very first chapter, Blythe was selfish, annoying, whiny little bitch who blames everything to his father-the-principal. And then came along the hypocritical, journalist wanna be. Oh, let's not forget the make-out-addict goth-I-don't-care-what-people-think-I'm-unique couple and the backstabbing best friend. Mix it all together and what do we have? Yay! The recipe for disaster!

    27. I have read this book 4 times NEVER GOT SICK OF IT.Its amazing,romantic,spectacular,breathtaking and heartbreaking. For people out there who are looking for a book with a good amount of cheesiness this is a must read.

    28. 2.5Meh, meh, meeeeh. Cute, but I didnt like the main character very much. Wasnt awful, but wasnt really great. But it did have a nice love interest, so I'm adding in an extra half star for that.

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