Homecoming With unerring insight and emotional power Belva Plain in her extraordinary novel tells the story of a family divided and of the proud matriarch who takes a bold last stand to unite her warring chil

  • Title: Homecoming
  • Author: Belva Plain
  • ISBN: 9780440225270
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • With unerring insight and emotional power, Belva Plain, in her extraordinary novel, tells the story of a family divided and of the proud matriarch who takes a bold last stand to unite her warring children in what may be their last Homecoming.It is a crisp December day when Annette Byrne walks to the end of her long, curving driveway and drops five sealed envelopes into theWith unerring insight and emotional power, Belva Plain, in her extraordinary novel, tells the story of a family divided and of the proud matriarch who takes a bold last stand to unite her warring children in what may be their last Homecoming.It is a crisp December day when Annette Byrne walks to the end of her long, curving driveway and drops five sealed envelopes into the mailbox, quickly, before second thoughts stay her hand Shortly thereafter, with the holidays approaching, her estranged family will be gathered at her country estate for the first time in years.The sons two brothers embittered by a breach of ethics, honor, and trust The grandchildren one young couple on the verge of divorce another, lovingly united against the parents who have tarnished their lives As the ill fated meeting hurtles toward a bitter and abrupt conclusion, not even Annette Byrne s indomitable will can heal the rift until a shattering event alters the landscape forever.

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    1. Could not put this down.ly moving and an important message about what's truly important in life. Never is it right to hold grudges and throw out accusations towards others, especially family! This novel had me in tears. The message was so powerful for none of us know how long we have to live and no day should be ended with sadness. There is always something wonderful to be looked forward to with the hope of tomorrow. Sad to say, but sometimes it takes a tragedy for humans to realize the fragilit [...]

    2. I loved this book. It took me awhile to understand that the grandmother Annette was planning the Homecoming of her family to resolve their family problems. The beginning of the book lays out each family member and their issues with each other. It was interesting to get to know them and their characters. I don't know if it's because I am easily distracted, or preoccupied when I was reading this book, but I did have some trouble keeping all their names and various stories separate, yet connected t [...]

    3. At first, I enjoyed this book. Towards the middle I was bored. As the ending came closer, I realized that I enjoyed the experience regardless of the boring bits. The ending came to an overly-sweet close considering the angst that the book started out with. Plain's style iswellain, and in this case it's perhaps too plain. She introduces a lot of characters with a lot of issues with each other, and the book itself is short. So you get a ton of characters with superficial problems that are solved a [...]

    4. Talk about melodramatic! This book was all about privileged prideful people. I just didn't enjoy listening to the book much at all but it was only 4 cassettes unabridged, so I stuck with it. The narrator is Lindsay Crouse, who I think is a good actress, but wasn't good as a narrator in this book. The upper class New York accents were irritating to me but that's because I don't like the way they sound at all. It would as if you hate hillbilly accents and you had a whole book full of them. Yuck! I [...]

    5. I think this was a wonderful story about family and forgiveness. Unfortunately, it is all too true that sometimes a rude awakening in the form of a tragedy is what it takes for people to put their differences aside, pull together, and realize that they don't know how much time they have here on earth.

    6. Annette Byrne was 85 years old. Her husband had been dead for 10 years and she didn't know how much time she had left. She decided that she had enough of her family's feuding and decided to invite them all to her house one weekend in December. They each received an invitation without knowing the other family members would be at her house.Lewis Byrne was married to Daisy. They were parents to Cynthia. Lewis was still upset after 6 years over the loss of his family business. His family once ran an [...]

    7. Belva Plains books are so rich in detailand the characters have so much depth. The stories pull you in as if you are walking the journey right along side of the characters.

    8. A story about a family that have lost each other because of unfortunate events in their lives, and how the elder statesman of the family tries to heal the rift. A short read with an underlying lesson for families who have fallen out ,about life being too short.

    9. This Book is very good, a sure page turner85 year old Annette Byrne Knows she is nearing the end of her life, and she is not Happy with the way her family has split up. Her two sons that used to be so close haven't spoke to each other in 9 years. Her Grand-daughter Cynthia and her husband have split up. They lost twins in a tragic accident and just when Cynthia thought they might work through the tragedy she found out her husband cheated on her. The other Gran-daughter Emily and her husband Mark [...]

    10. Annette Byrne is the elderly matriarch of the family. She sends invitation letters to all the family members inviting them to come and spend the day with her. Only she carefully doesn't mention in each letter that it is a family gathering. Much of the family is estranged from one another and Annette knows full well that if the family members knew who else would be there, they wouldn't show. Her hope is that the day can be a time of reconciliation. But will her plan work? It's been a number of ye [...]

    11. I received this book as a gift and had never heard of the author. Had I known she boasts a long list of books with matching covers and one-word titles, I'd probably not have chosen it, but in my ignorance I found it a quite nice read. My enjoyment was probably due to the many characters- the extended family and their problems. Besides, I'm always more forgiving when it's a holiday book, consumed over the holidays, which is when I first read it. The climax is absurd but the ending is rather nice [...]

    12. SPOILER ALERT!!I thought that this book was a little cheesy, the way Annette invites everyone to help them clear up their messes. It just seems a little unrealistic. And it's a little bit of a cliche.My favorite part of the book, though, is Andrew and Cindy's story. How they lose their babies and how their marriage falls apart and how in the end, things get better. Their story had me crying.Even though all the stories and characters seem real, I just find it cheesy that Annette wants to clean up [...]

    13. A dysfunctional family with members who don't speak to each other.just like my family. Except, the matriarche, Annette, is trying to get them to forgive each other and become a family again. Totally the opposite of my mother, who pit one member against the other in order to remain the Queen Bee. I'd take Annette any day! The family reunites after a near tragedy; so the story line was too disney like for me. I think, in reality, the opposite would happen; family members pointing fingers of blame [...]

    14. I don't know what I was expecting.The story finished too quickly and the ending was way too good to be true. Not to mention it was pretty predictable. I liked Belva Plain's style of writing, but I think that with the really complex situations she put the characters in, she could've written a much longer and worthwhile book.The first few chapters almost bored me to tears since there wasn't exactly a plot line.It wasn't really worth the read for me.

    15. I agree with another reviewer - I enjoyed the beginning and much of the middle, but it wrapped up way too quickly and easily. At first I was thinking I forgot how much I enjoyed Belva Plain as it has been so many years since I read anything of hers, but by the end, I thought I could have skipped this one. It was a quick read though. Plus, it's another book off the stack of books in the laundry room.

    16. Un petit livre, porteur d'un grand message. Un style très fluide, une lecture très agréable, ce qui correspond bien avec cette période de vacances. Les conflits qui brisent la famille d'Annette et les drames qui les font se rapprocher malgré eux Une histoire qui nous ouvre les yeux sur une réalité que tout le monde oublie, celle de nous dépêcher de vivre pleinement, car on ne sait jamais ce qui nous attend demain. Profiter des petites merveilles que la vie nous offre, ne pas perdre du t [...]

    17. Belva Plain is one of my favourite authors and I have read practically all of her books over the years (must get them entered on .As usual families and their relationships are at the heart and soul of the book. Belva Plain's character development is excellent and you really get drawn into the story and the characters. Most enjoyable read chock full of life experiences.

    18. It's a short read and a good story of how people create their own misery because they shut their heart and are unwilling to forgive. In the beginning I had trouble sorting out all the characters. The grandma is the heroine who has the courage to take a risk in hopes of reconciliation. Glad I read it. Thanks Connie!

    19. Blah. Didn't even actually finish the book but I got so bored I quit. Too many characters to keep track of with virtually no transition or tying together story lines. I don't remember the last time I simply put a book down without finishing because I'm one of those who has to completely finish a book before moving on but this one didn't even have to think about it.

    20. Sappy, to be direct. The writer does a lot of warm and fuzzy stuff but this one was just silly. The language choices are clearly not American. What is a "dollar a day man"? I don't know why she doesn't want to set her books in her homeland. It's distracting. Most of the characters are caricatures with very little depth or development. But it was a quick read.

    21. The story line was promising enough, but I ended up skiming a lot of the book. To many people repeating the same information & at the end I couldn't keep track of who was who. The lesson in the book was great, but overshadowed by to much writing, to much review, and things to easily put aside. Bummed it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.

    22. A woman's children are at odds with each other and she tries to trick them and her grandchildren to come home for the last time. What she can't control is their reaction to each other when they come home.I thought this book was a very easy read and I loved it. I give it an A+! I would recommend to readers who like books about families.

    23. The characters were well described and the scenes realistic and for the most part, pretty sad. The grandmother invites the whole family for a weekend and lets everyone settle their differences. It was a bit predictable but an enjoyable read.

    24. Another book I purchased many years ago but had not read. It was a very easy and quick read. It's ending was a little too good to be real but it does make you think about the importance of family and trying to keep it together when times get tough. I definitely enjoyed it.

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