Honk the Moose

Honk the Moose On Cattermole s Best Children s Books of the th Century list and a Newbery Honor Book this children s classic is sure to please children of all ages What do you do when a moose takes over

  • Title: Honk the Moose
  • Author: Phil Stong Kurt Wiese
  • ISBN: 9781930650367
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On Cattermole s 100 Best Children s Books of the 20th Century list and a 1936 Newbery Honor Book, this children s classic is sure to please children of all ages What do you do when a moose takes over your town Three young boys try to save a moose through the cold Minnesota winter.

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    1. Laugh out loud funny in places, quiet and heart-warming in others, this is a charming classic about a moose who becomes friends with two Finnish boys. Most pages are illustrated.

    2. I enjoyed this illustrated short chapter book. It is dated and there are a couple of culturally insensitive references, and those who are bothered by hunting won't appreciate that the boys had been out hunting. However, the book is a product of a different time. And the overall story is one of humor and compassion for the moose. Two boys find a moose in the stable and aren't sure what to do. They show their father, who is dumbstruck. They send for the police, then the mayor and city council to d [...]

    3. When two boys discover a moose residing in Ivar's father's stable, eating up the hay, chaos ensues. Soon, everyone from Ivar to the mayor and the city council is involved in deciding the fate of the poor, tired moose.Know what? This book is actually really, really funny. When I picked it up at the library for my Newbery project, it looked rather outdated, and the flap cover was not inspiring. However, I ended up enjoying it immensely. Maybe it's only a four star book, but I'm giving it five, jus [...]

    4. I can't believe I've never read this one before! It holds up very well for its age. The length is perfect for a school-aged child to enjoy on their own or read with a parent. The illustrations are really fun. I definitely got nostalgic for some of the older picture books of my youth while reading this.

    5. This story is about a moose who couldn't find any food in the deep snow, So what does he do? He finds a stable and two boys. He goes in and starts eating the hay. Everyone in town gets involved in what to do with the Moose, who the boys call Honk.This is a delightful story and would be one for adults to read to younger children.

    6. true storyabout a moose that came to dinner. and stayed. by the author of "state fair"republished by the mayor of the small town it takes place in.

    7. This is a cute little picture book from 1935, part of my Newbery collection. My copy is a reprint from a couple decades later, and I enjoyed the introduction note from the mayor of the town it's set in. This is a dramatization of an actual event, and the real town has a statue of Honk the Moose. Quite entertaining.

    8. Here's a Newbery Honor book about a moose - and there aren't many around about moose! Honk is found by two young boys in their stable which surprises them since they were just discussing how they would like to be super hunters and shoot a moose! Since this was a 1936 Newbery Honor book, times were different then especially since this story took place in the little town of Birona, Minnesota where hunting was a way of life. Of course, the best part is what happens to Honk, the moose. The illustrat [...]

    9. This book was originally written in 1935. If it were written today, It would most likely not be written as a picture book due to the mature content. The content I am speaking about is how everyone keeps saying they should shoot the moose and are waving guns around. Also, there is a lot of racism such as "getting angrier than a Chinaman." I appreciate that this book is advertized for grades 3-7 which is appropriate. I would categorize this as an historical fiction. With all that said, this book w [...]

    10. Read the full review here: newberyandbeyond/newbery-bThis book was adorable. It’s a 1936 Newbery honor book, and it’s all about a moose that two boys discover inside their barn in Minnesota. At first, everyone is afraid and doesn’t know how to get rid of the moose, but the boys befriend him and start calling him Honk. The book is fully illustrated by Kurt Wiese, which makes it even more fun. The book does get into some dated and offensive cultural stereotypes (it was written in the 1930s), [...]

    11. The illustrations by Kurt Wiese are what made this such a pleasurable read for me. The book itself is a product of its time. Not shy about using cultural sterotypes and over-generalizations. For example, “When a Finn gets mad he doesn’t do a halfway job. First he gets madder than a Chinaman; then he works up through the Italians and the French and on to the English and the Germans and then to the Irish—and when he is madder than a mad Norwegian he knows that he is a real Suomi.” Other th [...]

    12. I thought the characters got way too comfortable around a wild moose way too fast. Talk about daring! (or stupid) Either way, in a time long ago and far away, Honk the moose becomes a winter fixture in a small town and is accepted and tolerated by the citizens and no one gets hurt. Whew! The funniest part was getting the town's administration and "armed forces" to believe in the moose's presence.

    13. I read this because it was an old Newbery honor I'd never heard of, and the title made me laugh.It's pretty charming.

    14. Children's book which tells the story of Honk the Moose who came into the stable of a small Minnesota town at the turn of the century. Wonderful story.

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