The Worlds of Lois Lowry

The Worlds of Lois Lowry When Jonas turns he is singled out for special training from The Giver Now it s time for Jonas to receive the truth There is no turning back Kira an orphan with a twisted leg lives in a world w

  • Title: The Worlds of Lois Lowry
  • Author: Lois Lowry
  • ISBN: 9780385733892
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Jonas turns 12, he is singled out for special training from The Giver Now, it s time for Jonas to receive the truth There is no turning back Kira, an orphan with a twisted leg, lives in a world where the weak are cast aside When she is given a task that no other community member can carry out, Kira soon realizes she is surrounded by many mysteries and secrets andWhen Jonas turns 12, he is singled out for special training from The Giver Now, it s time for Jonas to receive the truth There is no turning back Kira, an orphan with a twisted leg, lives in a world where the weak are cast aside When she is given a task that no other community member can carry out, Kira soon realizes she is surrounded by many mysteries and secrets and an extraordinary power of her own Matty has always been proud to be Village s Messenger But now that Village is closing its once welcoming doors, Matty must make one last journey through the treacherous forest, and must make a great sacrifice to save the place he loves The Worlds of Lois Lowry are brought to life through three extraordinary characters, and the unexpected connections among their lives.

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    1. The Giver was pretty good. This is kind of spoiling the ending for all of you reading this (so if you don't want to know, stop reading now), but if at the end of the The Giver you think Jonas is dead, he's not. You find that out in The Messenger.Gathering Blue was good except there were a lot of loose ends. You kept on thinking, "It'll be explained at the end of the book, it'll be explained at the end of the book" but it wasn't, so then you thought, "It'll be explained in The Messenger, it'll be [...]

    2. I love love love this book. I am quite obsessed with utopian literature and this is a good one. I have read this various times over the years but am adding it because I just learned that it is a part of a trilogy! Who knew? Lois Lowry is one of my favorite authors and so I grabed two of her books when I was at the library and low and behold I found they continued the story of The Giver. I will say that The Giver is the best of the three, it gives you the most to think about. But the other two co [...]

    3. Excellent series. It's recommended for kids ages 9 and old to even adults (like me). I got the series for my grandson, who recently turned 11, before I had finished the series. Although I think he'll eventually like this, I do now believe that perhaps he's still a bit young to appreciate many of the nuances the book offers.

    4. I liked this book, but not nearly as much as The Giver. I think part of my problem was I read the book out of order--The Giver, then The Messenger, then Gathering Blue (Blue is really second and Messenger is last). I was a little slow-witted about the whole thing, but realized somewhere in the book that I knew what was going to happen. It didn't make a huge difference, but I just couldn't get into Kira's character.

    5. I think the first two books are kind of disturbing, but the third brings the first two together. The Giver is about a broken utopia. Gathering Blue is about a different broken society, but had some different elements that I found interesting. Then, Messenger is set in a different village, and is more of a functioning society, though they are on the downward slope. I'm trying not to give too much away, but I think they are good books for initiating disscusions.

    6. The whole trilogy is amazing. I already commented on The Giver.Gathering Blue, the second book, is priceless in describing how goodness is a chosen act. Even out of the worst circumstances, one can choose to change his life for the better. Messenger left me hanging and wanting more. It reads of the dark and beautiful world of human nature. The subtle unfolding of goodness becoming corrupted by greed is so true to life.

    7. I love The Giver, but the other two books are mediocre. The other two books just reiterate the same themes: choice is good even though it brings responsibility and pain sometimes, everyone has strengths, etc. There are some neat characters in the other two books, though, and Jonas makes a reappearance in The Messenger.

    8. I love anything written by Lois Lowry. She is a very talented and deep thinking author. The symbolism in this trilogy touches on everything from politics to religion. I especially was captivated by The Giver and The Messanger. I could read these over and over and find new insights and inspirations.

    9. Overall, great series.Love the flow of how many of the characters were recurred throughout each book. (Especially exciting to find out that Jonas, from THE GIVER, is still alive in THE MESSENGER!) Although, I give THE GIVER the credit as the best book of the series. GATHERING BLUE was lacking in details. THE MESSENGER was better, but not the same effect as THE GIVER.

    10. These are found in the juvenile section and are great for the young reader. As an adult I would have liked these to be longer and have more of the how and why explained but they were an easy enjoyable read. These definately fit the 1984, Brave New World genre of literature.

    11. The first book I read early last year but I read the last two in a week. I finnished the giver in three days. I love this series and will start reading son tommarow. And will read the Gossamer later. I dont normaly like the sifi fiction books but Lois Lowry you have me intranced.

    12. I liked all of these books, the giver I liked best, then gathering blue with the messenger as my least favorite because of the wierdness and the ending. They make you think and they are interesing to read.

    13. My sister-in-law let me borrow The Giver from her 4th grade class library. How did I not read this book when I was in grade school?! Once I picked it up, I just couldn't put it down! I even had to finish the series!

    14. Lois Lowry is such a wonderful writer. Here she creates a world that says so much about the world we live in today. Start with the Giver as I did. But don't skip Gathering Blue as I did. Can't wait for the next one. But I'll read Gathering Blue in the meantime.

    15. The Giver is by far the best in the series, and while the other two are interesting and good reads neither has nearly as clear a message or point. They are all intriguing and thoughtful though, and certainly utterly worth reading.

    16. I finally finished "The Messenger". I liked it, but not as much as "The Giver" or even "Gathering Blue". I thought it could have kept going, some of the story lines seemed to end quickly or did develop as much as I wanted them to.

    17. This trilogy is simply amazing. It is so thought-provoking to read books set in the future, and Lois Lowery has paved the way for this type of novel with The Giver. I highly recommend this for 5th grade and up.

    18. While many hated this series, I loved it. This book connects to the many problems of the world such as, Communism, Slavery, and many other things. Along with a great story, it has many symbols that teach anyone that is willing to learn, that if you don't use your gifts, you loose them.

    19. Lois Lowry books are captivating throughout keeping the readers interst right to the end. The stories are filled with mystery, science fiction, and deep subjects which relate to life.I have learned alot about love, friendship, and the importance of a well balanced society from these books.

    20. This is for Gathering Blue. I liked it, but wished she had given more completion to a few aspects of the story. I have now read all 3 books. I think Gathering Blue is the weakest in the set, but still very good.

    21. After reading The Giver, many of my friends thought that the boy died at the end. I was delighted at the beginning of The Messenger - you learn that he did not die, but went on to creat a wonderful society. All three books were great!

    22. The Giver has and always will be one of my favorite books. The other two in the "series" we're good, but nothing is ever as good as the original. Still recommend all three thoughper quick reads.

    23. I actually just read Gathering Blue. Interesting, but not nearly as good as it's companion book The Giver.

    24. I haven't read The messenger, but the first two books of the series are great. They are short quick reads that deal with the construction and limitations of fictional future societies.

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