The Vampyre: The Secret History of Lord Byron

The Vampyre The Secret History of Lord Byron Wandering with his friend Hobhouse in the mountains of Greece Byron is drawn to the beauty of a mysterious fugitive slave whose pale slim body and burning black fringed eyes arouse his lust soon By

  • Title: The Vampyre: The Secret History of Lord Byron
  • Author: Tom Holland
  • ISBN: 9780751513615
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wandering with his friend Hobhouse in the mountains of Greece, Byron is drawn to the beauty of a mysterious fugitive slave whose pale, slim body and burning, black fringed eyes arouse his lust soon Byron is utterly entranced, and his fate is sealed The supreme sensualist embarks on a life of adventure even his genius could not have foreseen that of the world s most forWandering with his friend Hobhouse in the mountains of Greece, Byron is drawn to the beauty of a mysterious fugitive slave whose pale, slim body and burning, black fringed eyes arouse his lust soon Byron is utterly entranced, and his fate is sealed The supreme sensualist embarks on a life of adventure even his genius could not have foreseen that of the world s most formidable vampire Chosen to enjoy powers beyond those any vampire has ever known, Byron enters a dark, intoxicating world, traversing centuries of long lost secrets, ancient arts, and scorching excesses of evil From the Levant to London s salons, from the frozen Alps to the dark languors of Venice, he drinks deeply of terror and sex, ever desperate to destroy his need for the most forbidden of desires But his diversions, delicious and cruel, are suffused with the rich scent of doom Byron s gift is also his torment an all consuming thirst that withers life at the root, damning those he loves

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    1. i cant help it, i love byron. i have about 30 books here that fictionalize his life and work and discourtesies. and most of them look like cheap romance novels, but i can't help it; i love the clubfooted bastard. even when they are bad. and this one is bad. byron as a vampire?? how could this story go off the tracks, you wonder?? well, it does. pretty spectacularly. and i own the sequel too, and i will read it because i cannot resist! i'm just glad i can read pretty quickly, so i am able to indu [...]

    2. What a bizarre book! I had it marked as horror while on my tbr shelf. After reading it, I unclicked the horror box and selected gothic. It's truly a gothic story, very similar I'm sure to Anne Rices work. The entire book is a narrative of a past life and history. While this can grow annoying, at least the life led was interesting. I was bitterly disappointed and aggrieved by something that happened when Bryon was made Vampire, but was happy the author resolved this a bit in the end with a surpri [...]

    3. Action scenes with alot of boring scenes in between (in my opion). It's very similar to the format of Interview With the Vampire, and brings nothing really new to the genre. I wasn't interested in the main character (Byron), so I really didn't care what happened to him. Maybe it picks up in the second half, but I'm not sticking around to find out. This just wasn't for me.

    4. One of two very cleverly done vampire books. Two of my favorites actually. He manages to combine some notable people and fictional characters in history in a totally believable way and also creates more of a place for John Polidori than he usually manages to have. It was well done, richly textured and I might have to read one again today now that I am talking about it. :)

    5. The figure of the brooding, Byronic hero and that of the vampire found their places in English literature at around the same time, both as part of the Romantic movement of the late 18th-early 19th centuries. One of the first vampire stories written in English was in fact composed by Dr. Polidori, the physician of Lord Byron himself. In this novel, the two figures are blended, as Lord Byron, poet, lover, scandal-driven exile and freedom fighter is further cursed with an immortality, stained with [...]

    6. Just finished it.It is compared to Interview with a vampire but i have to say that i feel meaningful difference from this book and Interview with vampire.When i read Interview with vampire i had to skip few pages in this case i read every letter and when i had to drop book i was sorry for it. His highest vampire,Velekh Pasha is scarier to me then any other. He walks in daylight and Bayron's first meeting with him is done inn late noon or so. Something is scary in it. He even smiled at him.I can [...]

    7. Was für ein tolles Buch. Endlich mal wieder ein Vampir-Buch der alten Sorte, und nicht dieser Teenager-Kram, der mich ehrlich gesagt auch immer wieder gut unterhält, haha. Es geht um Lord Byron, eine Person, die wirklich gelebt hat. Es werden Zitate von Personen um Byron herum benutzt, außerdem waren Teile der Geschichte sicher historisch richtig belegt. Byron´s Andersartigkeit wird hier erklärt, auf fantastische Art und Weise. Er ist ein Vampir. Der größte Teil des Buches ist also seine [...]

    8. Now this is how Vampire stories should be told!! Dark & gothic!! Truly one of my all time favorite vampire novels now! I really hope there are more books by this author because be is a master at horror writing! WOW!

    9. (4.5)Tom Holland's well-researched novel on the possibilities of a Byron vampire intrigued my interest from the start. I'm a huge fan of both Byron and vampires, so--well, what could go wrong? Two of my favorite things in one novelhahahaha.I wasn't at all nervous.Well, I am sincerely glad I picked up this book. It's the perfect combination of fact and utter fiction to divine such a story that is both captivating and enlightening. It's not perfect, but it never stumbles, never flinches, perhaps o [...]

    10. Hmm, somewhat mixed feelings about this one. It started great; the opening scene is spooky, mysterious, creepy, frightening. Most of the book, however, is written in a form I generally dislike. Around page 30, Lord Byron starts to tell his story, in dialogue, to another character. This comprises most of the book. Who sits and talks like that? And, who sits and listens to it? Every now and then, there's a short (maybe a paragraph) break to describe Byron and his listener, but mostly it's page aft [...]

    11. Rarely, if ever, have I given up on a book with fewer than 100 pages to go. I did that with this novel. Yeah, it's yet another Interview with a Vampire knockoff, with a tormented vampire telling his tale to a willing audience. That's okay, because the vampire is Lord Byron so it's just different enough. I even liked the first part, in which he becomes a vampire. I was engaged. It was interesting. I was digging the book. Then he becomes a vampire and it falls apart, for 2 reasons. 1. Stupid vampi [...]

    12. This was a fun read. As a fan of Byron, gothic novels, historical fiction and vampires, this book was right in my wheelhouse. I like the way the author interwove history and the supernatural to create this entertaining tale. Those familiar with the life and work of Lord Byron will probably enjoy this flight of fancy, especially if they also enjoyed "Interview with the Vampire." The book is a bit gory, but it is a vampire book of the non-sparkly type of undead, so be warned. If you're into histor [...]

    13. It's a vampire book, but it was nice reading a vampire novel with the classical gothic vampire that is evil, sucks blood, kills humans and LIKES it. None of that urban fantasy crap where vampires are plain sexual beings that put a little adventure into having sex. No this is the classical gothic vampire story and I love this book. It starts off kind of slow and for a while there one thinks it will keep going the same road as Dracula, but it takes a turn - for the better - and turns the main char [...]

    14. I read this book because it came with Danyell's highest recommendations (though now, as she re-reads it, she finds it doesn't please her as much now as it did so many years ago). I was also curious because it is fiction by a nonfiction author I greatly admire, Tom Holland (author of the excellent Rubicon and the rather good Persian Fire). The story is the secret existence of George Gordon (Lord Byron) as a vampire. Kind of a cool premise, and well-told,perhaps surprisingly so for a vampire story [...]

    15. I absolutely loved how Holland used a gothic theme to portray the good and bad that lies within a man, and how he struggles with his lost morality. The characters are very well developed and the ending was superb.

    16. "A damned good story!" Et c'est le cas de le dire.Ce livre est un véritable pilier de la bit-lit au même titre que Dracula.Un condensé de symboles autour des différentes religions (juive, chrétienne, musulmane et le polythéisme gréco-romain) qui arrive à définir le vampirisme, à le hiérarchiser, lui donner une quête et un but.Le tout constellé des chef d'œuvres de Lord Byron (Don Juan, Childe Harolds Pilgrimmage) en compagnie des personnalités qui l'on croisé (Hobhouse, Percy &am [...]

    17. This novel has a place in my heart because when I met my wife we'd go to the park and I would read to her. This was the first book we read together.It's a well written story that blends myth with history, a romanticized vampire story with truly poetic prose. The experiences within the story are vivid and surreal. Excellent story.

    18. I tried. I REALLY did. It's awful. Got about halfway? thru? I even have a vague recollection of maybe having read this back in college. I flipped to the end and it seemed familiar.Seriously, I've written better slash-fic than this.

    19. I have to give this one 3 stars because objectively I can't fault it, but I really wish I hadn't read it. It contained far too much gore and horror for my liking. Babies getting eaten, corpses hanging from meat hooks, people being staked alive, Not my idea of a fun read.

    20. Gave 4 stars for its imagination rather than because I enjoyed it. I'm not a fan of vampires but the book shouldn't be marked down because of this.Original, sensuous and clever.

    21. Ich habe den ersten Teil Der Vampir, vor Jahren gelesen (vielleicht sogar vor einem Jahrzehnt). Damals hat mir der erste Teil nicht beonders gefallen. Streckenweise zu langatmig und irgendwie Es gefiel mir nicht sonderlich, deswegen hatte ich den zweiten Teil ungelesen im Regal stehen lassen.Nun sind wir umgezogen und ich habe meine Regal neu geordent und eingeräumt und da nahm ich Das Erbe des Vampirs in die Hand und dachte mir, ich probier es noch einmal.Gut, dass ich es doch gelesen habe, d [...]

    22. Of all the books I've read, this book is pretty much the epitome of 'it was okay'. I thought about stopping half way through, but realised, although I didn't care much for the characters I cared [i]just enough[/i] to actually want to find out what happens to them.This book is a blend of fact and fiction. However, I feel like I know no more about Lord Byron than I did before I read the book; I realised, as I finished it, that I didn't even know his first name (George, or so tells me). Given that [...]

    23. Pros: Very imaginative, this is great for hard-core fans of the Gothic genre. It's also fantastic if you haven't already read Anne Rice and love vampires enough to forgive the cons.Cons: Oh, my God. I cannot express how boringly written this book was. Did not have any of the details or apologetics of the Victorian era (1837-1901), which would have made the novel fantastic for its imagination. It was so hard to get through the book for that reason alone. I found the setup of back story annoying j [...]

    24. In every single review I have read of this book, even on the blurb on the back, it is compared to 'Interview with a Vampire' by Anne Rice. I suppose it is inevitable, being a tale of a vampire in turn telling his story to another person. But Byron is not Louis, (if anything, he is more like Lestat) and for me, Rice's novel is so much better.However, I did enjoy reading this. I like the mythos that Holland has created - his vampires can walk in the sun, eat and drink, have children. Not only do t [...]

    25. I wanted to like this. I really did. I'd been looking forward to reading it - I thought the concept was genius. Lord Byron as a vampire! What could be better?Seemingly, anything. This was awful. Really, really awful. The bit about his travels in Greece and Albania where he meets his "sire" (and you'll guess who that is in a millisecond) goes on FOR EVER. And the "dreaming" thing where characters say are being "dreamed" by someone else just made no sense to me whatsoever. Nor did the disembodied [...]

    26. Lord Byron as a vampirePerformed by Richard E. GrantDuration: 3 hoursI picked up this audiobook version of Lord of the Dead: The Secret History of Byron because I very much enjoyed Holland's non-fiction book about the end of the Roman Republic, Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic. I am not particularly a fan of vampire books nor of Lord Byron (who I can believe was a vampire considering the level of his debauchery and self-absorption) but I decided to give Tom Holland another try and t [...]

    27. Всъщност, като за готически роман, книгата не е съвсем лоша. Усеща се влиянието на Брам Стокър, Мери Шели и Ан Райс. Умението да се вплете истина и измислица, може според някои и да показва майсторство, но мен лично ме дразни, напомня ми на жълт вестник. Тенденцията да се изпол [...]

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