Black Diamond

Black Diamond The third installment in Martin Walker s delightful internationally acclaimed series featuring Chief of Police Bruno Something dangerous is afoot in St Denis In the space of a few weeks the normally

  • Title: Black Diamond
  • Author: MartinWalker
  • ISBN: 9780307701459
  • Page: 374
  • Format: ebook
  • The third installment in Martin Walker s delightful, internationally acclaimed series featuring Chief of Police Bruno.Something dangerous is afoot in St Denis In the space of a few weeks, the normally sleepy village sees attacks on Vietnamese vendors, arson at a local Asian restaurant, subpar truffles from China smuggled into outgoing shipments at a nearby market all ofThe third installment in Martin Walker s delightful, internationally acclaimed series featuring Chief of Police Bruno.Something dangerous is afoot in St Denis In the space of a few weeks, the normally sleepy village sees attacks on Vietnamese vendors, arson at a local Asian restaurant, subpar truffles from China smuggled into outgoing shipments at a nearby market all of it threatening the Dordogne s truffle trade, worth millions of dollars each year, and all of it spelling trouble for Beno t Bruno Courr ges, master chef, devoted oenophile, and, most important, beloved chief of police When one of his hunting partners, a noted truffle expert, is murdered, Bruno s investigation into the murky events unfolding around St Denis becomes infinitely complicated His friend wasn t just a connoisseur of French delicacies, he was a former high profile intelligence agent and someone wanted him dead.As the strange crimes continue, Bruno s detective work takes him from sunlit markets to dim caf s, from luxurious feasts to tense negotiations from all of the paradisial pleasures of the region to its shadowy underworld and reunites him with a lost love, an ambitious policewoman also assigned to the case Filled with an abundance of food and wine including, bien s r, many, many truffles and a soup on of romance, Black Diamond is a deliciously entertaining concoction that delivers all the complexity and delights of the Dordogne itself.Bonus material Martin Walker is often asked by his readers for vacation recommendations in the area where his best selling series is set In A Perfect Weekend in Perigord, Walker shares his itinerary for an ideal vacation in this picturesque region.This edition also includes an excerpt from Martin Walker s The Devil s Cave.

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    1. Martin Walker's Bruno, Chief of Police series is an acquired taste. Once the addiction manifest itself it is difficult to escape.Truffles. How to propagate them, find them, eat them, and most of all, with the help of our police chief, how to cook them. Selling them is a story on its own. This black diamond of the Dordogne region is more valuable than gold; regularly more treasured than truth, and often more glorified than love. For forty thousand years now the people of the valley depend on its [...]

    2. Rating: 4.5* of fiveThe Publisher Says: The third installment in Martin Walker's delightful, internationally acclaimed series featuring Chief of Police Bruno.Something dangerous is afoot in St. Denis. In the space of a few weeks, the normally sleepy village sees attacks on Vietnamese vendors, arson at a local Asian restaurant, subpar truffles from China smuggled into outgoing shipments at a nearby market—all of it threatening the Dordogne’s truffle trade, worth millions of dollars each year, [...]

    3. There is something about this series that I love. I picked up the first book, Bruno, Chief Of Police, because I was firstly attracted to the cover. And then when I read the synopsis, I had to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed, quickly falling in love with Bruno's life, his village and friends. I've since read the second book, The Dark Vineyard, which was even better, further developing Bruno's character and letting us know more about his friends and his village. I finished this third book thi [...]

    4. Bruno is a different type of chief of police. He does not use a gun but he was in Bosnia and has gun skills. He uses his people skills to keep the peace in his domain. He volunteers as a coach and dresses up as Santa. He is well liked by the people in his district. He is observant and knows human nature. He is good at deducting crimes. Besides all that, he can cook. The description of his meals and his wine choices makes one wish they would be invited to dinner. This book was about the finding a [...]

    5. Bruno, Chief of Police, series continues to engage and delight. The Black Diamond of the title refers to the rare and precious truffles of the region, a long-standing engine of the area's economy. As in previous Bruno books, Walker brings in issues both ancient and contemporary. In this one there's sullying of the truffles being packaged and sold locally with cheap Chinese counterfeits. There's illegal Chinese immigration, turf wars between Chinese gangs and the established Vietnamese immigrants [...]

    6. Habe den dritten Teil der Bruno-Saga in das Regal „Politisch korrekte Spannung“ eingereiht, da zumindest die Bösewichter ins Anforderungsprofil passen, Spannung findet praktisch nicht statt. Insofern eignet das Buch auch vortrefflich für den Abdruck als Roman in einer Tageszeitung.Die Fronten sind so klar wie in einem Groschenroman, den eine grün angehauchte ältere Dame geschrieben hat, eine ideale Lektüre für Leute, die sich beim Lesen nicht aufregen sollen, obwohl die vollkommene Abw [...]

    7. This series grows on you, and so do the characters. This time Martin Walker has chosen two different themes woven together: the Perigord truffle business and illegal Chinese immigration. I liked this one better than the first three, and I'm off to begin #4.

    8. I am really enjoying this series. I like the characters, the locale, the love of food and friendship. This is a great series for a vacation which, for me, is high praise as vacation books are the most important. Really looking forward to continuing on with Bruno and his adventures.

    9. In his first two novels featuring Bruno Courreges, Martin Walker created an affectionate portrait of a small community in rural France. They were also essentially crime stories, the two elements neatly interwoven. In Black Diamond the balance is woefully out of kilter.The fact thee the crime element involved the truffle industry and (improbably in t Denis) Chinese and Vietnamese gang warfare called for a great deal of exposition. There are necessary digressions to Algeria, toVietnam and Kossovo. [...]

    10. Love this series. Bruno is chief of police in small-town France. He loves hunting, fishing and gourmet cooking and his hunting dog, Gigi, and he's pretty darn good at crime-solving too! This series engaged me from the first chapter of the first book. Can't wait to read the next installment, lucky for me there are quite a few more before I get current!NOTE: Part of MMD 2017 Reading Challenge #2, Reading for Growth - #8 three books by the same author. Read the first three of this series.

    11. A nicely done audio. The plot revolved around the truffle market in rural France and, while the plot was fairly obvious and Bruno is a bit too good to be true, I enjoyed the characters and the small village atmosphere. The narration was performed by the always good Robert Ian MacKenzie.

    12. A trip to the rural countryside of southwestern France seemed like a good option for a few summer days' read. Martin Walker's "Bruno, Chief of Police" series has been dependably entertaining, so I picked up the next book in the series and immersed myself in the culture and concerns of the little town of Saint-Denis where men are manly, women are womanly, and children are mostly offstage except when their presence is required for dramatic effect.The life of Saint-Denis revolves around wine, cooki [...]

    13. Its quite a while since I read the previous book in the series and I found that this meant having to try to remember the ancilliary cast of regulars. Of course, not knowing them from previous books meant that nobody was above suspicion - perhaps this is a good thing.This story was as enjoyable as I remember the others and there was also the addition of a couple of recipes together with material about the nature and the trade in truffles.I know very little of French history over the last 75 years [...]

    14. One feature of many mysteries is that all friends of the main character, whether they are police, detectives or just snoopy busybodies, have a very good chance of getting killed. So far we have had Muslim terrorist who have targeted people known to Bruno: revenge oriented people who have killed friends of Bruno: and now Chinese/ Vietnamese groups who are targeting each other and put more of Bruno's associates in danger. This series is centered in rural France and is promoted as local issues vs w [...]

    15. An interesting story about truffle theft, illegal immigration, and child exploitation. Bruno is in the center of the investigation of course. There are some lighter moments when Bruno portrays Pere Noel, and there is plenty of eating as usual, but the story takes takes a darker turn when one of the stalwarts of St. Denis is killed.Bruno's lovelife is also in a muddle as he can't seem to decide between Pamela and Isabelle. It would seem the 'Hamish Macbeth Syndrome' has spread to Perigord. This i [...]

    16. One of the best books I have read in years.The author threads multiple plot lines together, weaving a gripping mystery. The subject matter was intriguing. The scenic descriptions and action sequences kept my full attention. Personal relationships were developed in a sincere way.I felt very satisfied at the books conclusion, as the resolution ran right up to the end, leaving me wanting more. Fortunately, Bruno #4 (The Crowded Grave) is sitting right next to me, ready to dive in.

    17. I really enjoyed this mystery! I had just returned from France when I picked it up, so a story about the truffle trade being infiltrated with inferior Chinese truffles was very interesting. Good characters, and a nice pace to the book. If you like mysteries I think you would love this one.

    18. I really enjoy the Bruno Courreges stories. Bruno is a truly engaging character and his appetites both for food, friendship and good times is enviable. This investigation involved corruption in the black truffle market which is a multi million dollar enterprise in France. The villains were ruthless and committed very nasty murders but Bruno who enjoys a peaceful life with minor distractions from his community work is astute, relentless in his pursuit of the guilty and determined to regain the tr [...]

    19. First Sentence: There weren’t many times that Bruno Courréges disliked his job, but today was one of them.Truffles are big business in France. When it is suspected that someone is replacing high-quality truffles with cheaper Chinese truffles, Bruno is asked to do an informal investigation. With a heinous murder and attacks on Vietnamese merchants, things become serious, and dangerous, very quickly.Any impression of this being light, cozy series is completely dispelled by this book. It is, in [...]

    20. Another winner in the Bruno series. There are two threads to the story, and the black diamond refers to a grade of truffle. The crime here is in the adulteration of the product, which Bruno resolves with his usual methodical work. There is another whole game afoot, in which Bruno is more of a peripheral player.

    21. Really enjoy this series. Bruno is a well developed, appealing character. He is a policeman in a small French town who knows and cares about the community he serves. He resolves problems diplomatically whenever possible. Each book in the series raises an important issue to consider as the plot unfolds. Vegans beware though because he cooks and eats meat, in fact food and wine descriptions are an integral part of the narrative.

    22. Rapidly becoming one of my favorite series, BLACK DIAMOND is the third novel in the BRUNO, CHIEF OF POLICE series.Bruno is Chief of Police of the small French village of St. Denis, one of many such that dot the french countryside. Bruno is also a fine chef and hunts truffles on the side to earn a bit of extra money. A big business in France, half a billion a year and growing, that's one of the problems our hero faces here.Someone is managing to work smuggled inferior Chinese truffles into France [...]

    23. One nice thing about finding out about an author a little late in the game is the ability to read several of the books in the series in a more compressed time frame so that the characters remain more clear in my mind. Walker's style of writing is pretty straightforward. I enjoy delving into the Perigord region of southwestern France and each book in the series usually handles a couple of issues - in Black Diamond the beloved truffle is front and center; as well the reader is taken into a part of [...]

    24. Despite the enchanting setting in the Perigord and the mouth-watering meals, the latest outing for Inspector Bruno takes on a very serious issue: the way cheap Chinese counterfeit items are undermining some of the most cherished products of traditional European artisans. I know from my own travels how amber jewelry in Poland, Murano glass in Venice, and now truffles in France are being displaced by Chinese counterfeits. The "black diamonds" of the title refer not to jewelry, but to truffles, som [...]

    25. It took me a while to warm to Black Diamond, and even then my interest waxed and waned as I progressed through the story. What saved the novel from the did not finish pile was the character of Captain Bruno Courreges and the contextual framing with respect to France’s bloody colonial exits from Vietnam and Algeria. Courreges is a complex, multi-layered character who’s likeable and enjoyable company. Where I struggled with the book was the somewhat lifeless prose – though occasionally it sp [...]

    26. I want to blitz read this series! This is the thrid book in the Police Chief Bruno series and I loved it as much as the previous two. In this one we find out all about the international truffle market, and we find Bruno embroiled in a bloody war between the Vietnames and the Chinese. The Vietnamese have a long shared history with France, and lots have moved away from Vietnam and located in various places throughout France. They also have a long-standing hatred with the Chinese, and this old riva [...]

    27. Arson, truffles, and murder. Oh, my!This is the third outing for Benoît “Bruno” Courrèges, master chef, wine connoisseur , and chief of police in St. Denis, a small town in the French countryside. When his friend and fellow truffle hunter is murdered, Bruno sets to work to find motive and the killer. He finds that and much more, none of it as savory as the truffles the two friends once hunted.This was not simply another small village cozy. The author adeptly weaves in politics of every ilk [...]

    28. What I like about Martin Walker's mysteries is the way he brings in so much relevant historical background connecting the present with the past which allows the reader to understand the mystery in a broader context. I also enjoy the cynicism of the French citizens when confronted with yet another ridiculous regulation from the bureaucrats in Brussels trying to impose their superior knowledge of agriculture on the farmers in the French countryside. Good food, great characters, intricate plots, fu [...]

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