France Provides information on France where to stay eat and be entertained This book features information on gourmet self catering and a food chapter that serves up the cuisine culture food history and re

  • Title: France
  • Author: Nicola Williams Steve Fallon Lonely Planet
  • ISBN: 9781741042337
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Provides information on France where to stay, eat and be entertained This book features information on gourmet self catering, and a food chapter that serves up the cuisine culture, food history and recipes.

    One thought on “France”

    1. This travel volume, by the folks at Lonely Planet, is well done! It begins with the authors listing their favorite places, with nice color photos to illustrate--from # 1, Avenue Champs-Elysees to # 16 Annecy. The book begins with an exhortation to prepare for a trip to France well in advance: "Some parts of France are tried-and-true, bona fide 'dream destinations' and as such require planning weeks, if not months, in advance in order to snag the best room in the house. . . " (page 18).Introducto [...]

    2. OK. I must explain the low rating. The only reason why I gave this a 2 star rating is because the e-version of this book is AWFUL!! It's hard to maneuver through the book. Photos and information cross pages which makes it difficult to reference information. I've even had problems just reading the book in that pages are skipped or placement does not make sense. In other words: DO NOT BUY THE E-VERSION OF THIS BOOK! I thought I would save space and not have to lug a huge travel book with me. "Ah, [...]

    3. Lonely Planet is a generally good guidebook. However, the transition to an e-book, while promising, is poorly executed. The links to websites and maps can be really handy, but the links in the book more often than not, do not go to the correct pages. Additionally, some images with text are poor resolution and small, such as the tour of the Louvre, so one cannot possibly make out the writing, and as such, the images are useless.If I were to choose a ebook guidebook again, I would opt for another [...]

    4. Wonderful! Indispensible for our two weeks in France. My only complaint: some entries failed to be sufficiently superlative. There are just too many quaint villages and charming gites for Lonley Planet to list them all, so it couldn't be our only source for planning the trip, which for simplicity's sake I would have liked. I ended up relying on internet sources, just because the authors have to squeeze so much information about a huge and fascinating place into a book size bundle.

    5. A decent and reliable tourist guide. For most parts it was OK and up-to-date. When I needed something, it was there.However, in some cities (Rouen, Rennes) I've found places that were nicer/more interesting than the sights recommended by the guide, but for most places it was just fine.The take-out map of central Paris is a nice idea and I used it a lot (until I learned to navigate around Paris without a map).

    6. Others will and probably already have found this guide really useful but this one let us down on restaurant and hotel recommendations and didn't really suite our travel style. The guide's assessment of many places didn't really agree with mine.

    7. Lonely Planet Books are indispensable, I just wish they were better at referencing the map in the text, and the page ref from the map key.

    8. Prefer Rough Guides but this was bought for me.Maybe it's me but I find LP guides to have a more sneering attitude to others.I want facts not the authors opinions. Is that wrong?

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