E. Luminata

E Luminata Chile s prize winning novel of rebellious defiance in revolutionary prose a feminist triumph of Joycean stature

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  • Title: E. Luminata
  • Author: Diamela Eltit Ronald Christ
  • ISBN: 9780930829407
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chile s prize winning novel of rebellious defiance in revolutionary prose a feminist triumph of Joycean stature.

    One thought on “E. Luminata”

    1. So this book went something like this:p 1: There is a bright sign shining brightly on a city square.p 1: There is a city square.p 2: There is a woman in a city square.p 26: There is a woman in a city square.p 59: There is a woman in a city square and also some other people.p 61: There is a woman in a city square OH WAIT she's also a cow/moooooo/now she's a horse.p 70: There is a wo-STICK YOUR FINGERS IN YOUR WOUNDS YEAHHHHH REVOLUTIONp 89: Change the font because we're changing perspectiveINTERR [...]

    2. I can't rate this book. I liked it, and yet I didn't. It was interesting, and yet I was bored. I understand the feeling I was supposed to get from the novel, but I'm not totally sure I did.It is a creative, inventive work, and it's worth at least looking through to understand why she did what she did. Whether it's in your tastes or not is another matter altogether. Personally, it's not the kind of thing I would ever pick up, but I admire the thoughts and processes and Eltit's efforts to create a [...]

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