Yoga Mind And Body (Dk Living)

Yoga Mind And Body Dk Living Develop your mental and physical potential nourish yourself with simple wholesome food and begin to take control of the stresses and tensions of everyday living by following Swami Vishnu Devananda s

  • Title: Yoga Mind And Body (Dk Living)
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9781405315333
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Develop your mental and physical potential, nourish yourself with simple, wholesome food and begin to take control of the stresses and tensions of everyday living by following Swami Vishnu Devananda s five yoga principles exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet and meditation.

    One thought on “Yoga Mind And Body (Dk Living)”

    1. Very simple and insightful book for anyone interested in Yoga. I liked this book particularly because it lists the beneficial aspects beside every pose. This book continues to change my life each and every day. I highly recommend it!

    2. It is a pity I haven't discovered this book in the beginning of my yoga practice, the main postures and breathing techniques are described in details, with the help of many pictures, the common faults and the possible variations. The philosophy of yoga is pretty well explained without getting too much into details, so it is ideal for somebody who wants to discover yoga and is also a useful reference book when getting more experienced.

    3. This book touches on many traditional aspects of yogic practice. If you want to know more about the cleansing rituals and fasting, this is a good book to accompany you on a path with an experienced teacher.

    4. اماَئوم، اُم. والاترین و آرمانی ترین مانترا می باشد ام شبدارهمن یا صوتی که جهان را می آفریند، نام باستانی برای تئوری «صدای انفجار بلند» دانشمندان امروزی می باشد. ام همه صداها، همه ارتعاشات و همه مانتراها است.

    5. This is a very thorough overview of yoga, including basic postures and their benefits, yogic philosophy, and diet. It is a great text to refer back to from time to time, as I often do.

    6. This is a beautiful book in the Eyewitness series that lays out the basics of the teachings I gathered from my time at the Sivananda Ashram in Grass Valley, CA. I love this style of yoga.

    7. I don't believe you could do better than this book for a practical introduction to hatha yoga. I refer to it often for years.

    8. I have moved onto my next new pursuits- guitar and yoga. Reading this as an introduction, the whole philosophy is very intriguing.

    9. Quyển sách như một giáo trình về Yoga, nhờ có nó mà hiểu biết và sự gắn bó với bộ môn này của mình được bền hơn vì những điểm về Yoga nó đề cập đến rất chi tiết.Không như những cuốn Yoga mình từng đọc chỉ đơn thuần mô tả động tác, sách này đề cập đến cả thiền định, cách thở, ăn uống, tư duy tích theo lối sống của một yogi.Chưa kể đến phần nhận thức về cơ thể co [...]

    10. My dad started to teach me sivananda yoga when I was a kid. Since then, I've looked into other types of yoga practice, but I keep coming back tommy original. This book is simple and clear. The best part is that it explains the benefits of each pose, which is why I wanted to read it. Good read--especially if you're wanting to get into yoga.

    11. This might be my new yoga book.I was looking for some new poses and some new variations and this book had me cracking up. First, because they have a male model who just looks ridiculous in his sweatpants (the female looks awesome in her blue leotard). Second, because the pose variations are ridiculously hard! I laughed sadistically thinking about all the pain I was going to put L'Anita (my yoga partner) and I through. We've been trying some of them and we can't even do many of the basic poses! S [...]

    12. I always find DK books a great source of information for starters.Secondly, I enjoy the pictures of this book as a real guide. If you practice yoga like I do, you can get tons of different versions and names of things, however, I take this as gospel from this book. It's broken down and I like that. Just like in the classes you can build yourself up to it once you have mastered the first steps. I like that approach.I found this to be one of the best yoga books, I've read so far! It easy to read, [...]

    13. I think this was a birthday gift. I've learned some of the new interesting poses, but this is a rather challenging book. There's a lot of stuff I just can't do.Addendum: If I recall correctly, there's a section on food, and a bit about yogic philosophy, and stuff about breathing (this is the "Mind" part that's referred to in the title I suppose). All of which I paid very little attention to, because I'm merely interested in the exercises themselves: I have my beliefs and I like them just fine.

    14. This is kind of a weird yoga book. I love books with pictures, and this one has a lot, but the tone of it is very new age-y and a bit on the preachy side. There are some good illustrations of poses and a nice discussion of meditation in the back, but there are some parts of the book (like the section on diet) that I could do without.

    15. The primary model looks like Audrey Hepburn, but only superficially in features and fringe. The lack of expression in her eyes -- opposite Audrey -- scared me, especially compounded by what the HELL is she doing to her abdomen?

    16. Great book for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners of yoga. It helps you with each step and gives you the exact process to be followed.

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