The Stolen Bride

The Stolen Bride Sebastian Sharp Cool Controlled Ruthless in business and revered by many Sebastian is at the top of his game professionally Emotionally he keeps himself alone aloof and almost untouchable Some say

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  • Title: The Stolen Bride
  • Author: Abby Green
  • ISBN: 9780373130122
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sebastian Sharp Cool Controlled.Ruthless in business and revered by many, Sebastian is at the top of his game professionally Emotionally, he keeps himself alone, aloof and almost untouchable Some say his heart is made of stone.Escaping her sham of a wedding, Bollywood star Aneesa Adani takes one look at ice cool Sebastian and is hooked Now he s harboring this stolenSebastian Sharp Cool Controlled.Ruthless in business and revered by many, Sebastian is at the top of his game professionally Emotionally, he keeps himself alone, aloof and almost untouchable Some say his heart is made of stone.Escaping her sham of a wedding, Bollywood star Aneesa Adani takes one look at ice cool Sebastian and is hooked Now he s harboring this stolen bride in his penthouse, and the passionate Aneesa is the biggest risk Sebastian has ever faced Letting her close could ignite the fire that melts even the hardest of hearts

    One thought on “The Stolen Bride”

    1. This was a very engrossing book. I got sucked in from page one with the intricate descriptions of Aneesa in her Indian wedding finery. And when Aneesa and Sebastian meet face to face. Wow! The chemistry between Aneesa and Sebastian is electric, like a taut band that will always draw them back to each other. Sebastian frustrated me at times, but in light of his very tragic family history, it makes sense. When he wasn't frustrating, I wanted to eat him up. He really was a sexy hero. There is somet [...]

    2. First was "The Tortured Rake". Then, "The Reckless Playboy". This one is "The Restless Billionaire". Can I make it through all eight ridiculous titles? First of all: the cover. It is just wrong, all wrong. Book says: heroine is Bollywood movie star Cover shows: blonde British babeBook says: Hero is tall dark and incredibly handsome, rich as Croesus with a splintering green gaze.Cover shows: short, slightly built dude who looks like a Bollywood movie star.Book says: they meet in the penthouse of [...]

    3. Let me just enjoy the h's name: Aneesa.It's just I don't want to read another Pippa, Poppy, Puppy or whatever.You know I rarely complain about the title with the HPs because it'd be a waste of energy. Just want to clarify that nobody stole a bride, in any case the bride stole herself ran away from her wedding with OM.Sebastian, is your typical H borned in rich family with an awful father, plus his mom had mental problems and his 7858654765876 half siblings and his one full brother had their own [...]

    4. Restless Billionaire by Abby Green is the third book about the Wolfe family and it features Sebastien the hotelier brother and the full-brother of Nathaniel(of the first book). Sebastien was always a quiet child, fading behind his more out-going brother Nathaniel, Jacob was the only one who tried to draw him out and when he left Sebastien was left as it is. Sebastien like the Wolfe clan has scars from his childhood especially relating to the fact that his mother doesn't recognize him. When the b [...]

    5. Another five stars book by Abby Green. I adored both the hero and the heroine. Aneesa was open, honest and one of the most adorable heroines I've read. She is vulnerable when it comes to Sebastian of course but very strong and determined to become a good single mother. I was very touched by the way she helped Sebastian fight his demons and didn't allow him to hide away. He never witnessed any kind of affection between his parents so his idea of love is quite distorted and he thinks Aneesa feels [...]

    6. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT,such a wonderful read,Sebastian-Aneesa both connect the first time their eyes meet,Sebastian feels the fears that Aneesa suffered and helps her out and they soent a night together which results in unplanned pregnancy,Aneesa comes to inform Sebastian and he reacts badly says some hurtful things but apologises immediately,Sebastian asks Aneesa to stay with him till the scandal dies down in Mumbai and she agrees and from there on Aneesa tries to understand Sebastian's dark secr [...]

    7. What a fantastic romance ! The chemistry between these MC's was off the charts 🙌😍 And they were both so perfectly matched. Sebastian is just the hottest of all the Wolfe males. The opening scene and the scene that followed where he stepped out of the pool were scorching ! And his icy blue eyes were so sexy. I love a man with icy light blue eyes ( gray eyes are a close second. It's my personal preference when it comes to the colour of a man's eyes ). I loved the author's physical descriptio [...]

    8. Third in the Bad Blood collection.Aneesa is a Bollywood star, who left her groom at the altar (view spoiler)[he was gay and only wanted to marry her as a cover (hide spoiler)]. Unknowingly she stumbles into Sebastian's room, and filled with fears of future and broken dreams, asks him to make love to her. After Sebastian leaves, she manages to put her life together, but then comes the big surprise, and her entire life is in ashes. She is disgraced, everyone seems to hate her, she disappointed her [...]

    9. Abby green is one of my favorite MB author. This book is fantastic. Author has handled the heroine with different culture beautifully without losing the focus of the story.Loved both sebastian and aneesa this book is a part of a series , there is no epilogue (haven't read other books in this series)but there is mention of the lead pair of this story in a The Legend of de MarcoP.S- one thing i didn't like is the cover not only it does not go with the story but also it is recycled from Hollywood H [...]

    10. Another fabulous installment of the Bad Blood series! Loved the exotic setting, loved the heroine and how Abby made her so strong and vulnerable all at once. Awesome story!

    11. I have to blame Abby Green for turning me into a prune ;-) Read this in the bath and ended up shrivelled, because I simply had to finish it!From the moment you start reading you realise that this is going to be highly charged emotional book. When Bollywood star Aneesa walks out on the society wedding of the year and seeks refuge in Sebastian Wolfe's penthouse the chemistry springing up between them is instantaneous and explosive. What follows their night of passion could be predictable but it is [...]

    12. RESTLESS BILLIONAIRE is from Mills & Boon Modern, new series BAD BLOOD. There are altogether eight volumes in this series which track the lives of a powerful dynasty, where secrets and scandal never sleep, The Notorious Wolfes. RESTLESS BILLIONAIRE is one brother’s story by the fabulous Abby Green. Ruthless and aloof business tycoon Sebastian Wolfe feels a certain attraction toward the bride, Aneesa Adani, a Bollywood star being married at one of his successful chain of hotels, the uberlux [...]

    13. The book begins with the heroine Aneesa, a famous Bollywood star, in the middle of her wedding to her co-star. She is terrified and desperately wants to stop the ceremony knowing that the marriage will be a sham, but is worried about the shame her actions may cause her family. In the end she can't go through with it and runs, inadvertently running into the hero Sebastian's suite. Sebastian, unbeknownst to Aneesa, is the owner of the hotel, earlier he had been observing the wedding and had felt a [...]

    14. 3.5 starsFirstly, I'd like to say how amazing an author Abby Green is. The way she describes, how faultlessly her plots seem to flow, and the depth of her characters - everything was amazing.It was actually a very good book, I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been in this mood for a MOC-with-h-in-love-with-H-and-H-in-love-with-someone-else triangle. Dammit, I want to read more books like Magnolia and Paper Husband *sob*I guess the book kind of fell flat for me with Sebastian's constant com [...]

    15. My first tiff with this book is with the publisher for yet another "white washed" model instead of an Indian woman – actually it's not even washed, it's blatantly Anglo-Saxon. Can't authenticity for once just overrule marketing's apparent beliefs that non-white models don't sell so well? I'm sure other Asians and ethnic minorities would agree. This is INSULTING.Having said all that, I really liked the premise of this book, but it seemed restrained. It was very readable but the angst and passi [...]

    16. Book 3 in the 8-book Bad Blood series about the Wolfe siblings - in this case Sebastian.Wow! I was captivated from the first page and literally didn't put it down until the end. The heroine in this case is a Bollywood actress - don't think I have ever read one of them in any M&B series.Super sexy read - Abby just gets better and better with her writing.Highly recommend this.

    17. Untuk novel ini, maaf-maaf saja deh. Bukan bermaksud kejam memberi rating stars cuma 2 stars, tetapi terlalu banyak berlinang airmata dan inkonsistensi justru membuat saya muak. Dari awal kisah sudah menggelikan, Aneesa yg dirundung kesedihan krn baru mengetahui ditipu calon suami, tanpa ba-bi-bu langsung memberikan keperawanannya kpd Sebastian Wolfe, sosok asing yang sama sekali tidak dikenal Aneesa. Wanita ini memang punya bakat besar ketiban bencana. Mengetahui dirinya hamil, Aneesa mengusaha [...]

    18. Oh Abby Green! Can I count the ways I love thee (I'm obsessed with your fabulous pen and brain) RESTLESS BILLIONAIRE is from Mills & Boon Modern, new series BAD BLOOD. There are altogether eight volumes in this series which track the lives of a powerful dynasty, where secrets and scandal never sleep, The Notorious Wolfes. RESTLESS BILLIONAIRE is one brother’s story by the fabulous Abby Green. Ruthless and aloof business tycoon Sebastian Wolfe feels a certain attraction toward the bride, An [...]

    19. the book is written by Abby Green. she is supposed to be a very good mnb writer. but i should say this is the officially the most pathetic book i have read. a very whimsy image of the lead lady. the bollywood star who refuses to get married to her fiance' and runs away from her own wedding ceremony which is held in a 5 star hotel in Mumbai. she lands up in the penthouse suite of the male lead Sabastian. Sabastian is again a man who has a horrible childhood and hence is commitment phobic. they en [...]

    20. I think this was my favorite of the series so farI really liked the characters and the way they developed and changed. Teh locales were awesome and there was not as much in this book, after the beginning, that took place in the jet set. I guess i mean that a lot of it was the everyday things of life and it was a little more relateable, even though the characters are rich :)in some ways I wanted a little more to the ending, but I think that might be coming in other books, as there was more about [...]

    21. Me encanta Abby Green y este libro ha quedado perfecto.Algunas veces Sebastian me daban ganas de golpearlo xq daba un paso hacia al frente y 3 hacias atras en su relacion y aunque la historia es mas de lo mismo,sin dudas la pluma de Abby Green es una maravilla.Hace que una historia mil veces repetidas,suya,tan diferente.Esta serie multiautor de Harlequin por los que voy leyendo esta muy buena.A leer lo que me esperan las siguientes.

    22. Nama2 karakter yg berasal dari India berbau2 muslim (Aneesa & Jamal) yah mestinya mah nama India aja kaya Kajool, Rajiv toh ritual pernikahannya pun dari Hindu, lebih pas saja sih menurut saya. Setelah memutuskan kabur dari pernikahannya sendiri (krn calon suaminya gay), Aneesa langsung masuk ke area griya tawang yang dimiliki Sebastian (griya tawang kok gampang bgt masuknya), lalu terpesona lalu one night stand lalu hamil. Selanjutnya yah begitulah. Tarik ulur apakah Sebastian mau menikahi [...]

    23. I liked how the heroine was from India, especially the fact that she was a famous Bollywood actress. That was a very original characteristic. Sebastian was a good hero but I couldn't exactly feel his emotions. Perhaps it was that unlike most of the heroes in unexpected pregnancy storylines usually feel an extreme attachment to the unborn baby, Sebastian didn't quite show that. He did care and even had moments where he felt strongly for the baby but he didn't have that stronger urge to be close t [...]

    24. I hate when a beloved author goes and changes the formula I've come to love so dearly. This book and a little of Green's previous book have turned into the overly dramatic and overly angsty HQ's I hate. Abby Green was the only HQ writer I actually enjoyed and I anticipated her releases. Mighty disappointed. But on another note, I'm impressed how smoothly Green worked with the Indian Bollywood actress story line. It was strong but not overbearing. Being an Indian myself, I hate when writers over [...]

    25. Too much drama. I know it's unfair to complain when I usually tolerate female dramas and not tolerate male ones but there you go. The root of all this drama was explained in snippets throughout the story but it didn't move me. The ending when Sebastian finally opens up felt flat too. Logically, his reasons are believable but again I didn't feel it. Everything feels vague so instead of connecting with the characters and the story I felt detached. Like listening to someone you should sympathize in [...]

    26. Aneesa runs away on her wedding day, straight in to Sebastian's arms. One look, and the sparks fly and instant chemistry.Aneesa has to deal with the destruction of her career on the heals of finding out she was pregnant with one-night-stand Sebastian Wolfe. Sebastian has to face the fact that he is going to be a father, and he can not resist the draw of Aneesa.Very nice addition to the Notorious Wolfes saga.

    27. I wish there were more books like this. I loved the English Hero-East Indian Heroine theme much better than the sheikh theme. This is something Mills and Boon could really capitalize on.What was really interesting (aside from the love story, the strong heroine,and the brooding hero) were the glimpses into the Heroine's culture and her country. I wish that was embellished more.Best book in the series.

    28. Oh Oh Gostei, este livros tem a intensidade que eu gosto em muitos livros em que há traumas ADORO! ^_^Esta serie mesmo que seja escrita por autoras diferentes, está a ser uma excelente surpresa :)

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