Take It Like A Man: The Autobiography Of Boy George

Take It Like A Man The Autobiography Of Boy George Boy George the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning band Culture CLub was one of the s biggest pop icons This tell all autobiography reveals the whole truth of his life from the height of Bo

  • Title: Take It Like A Man: The Autobiography Of Boy George
  • Author: Boy George
  • ISBN: 9780060927615
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Boy George, the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning band Culture CLub, was one of the 1980s biggest pop icons This tell all autobiography reveals the whole truth of his life, from the height of Boy George mania to the waning of Culture Club s fame, his failed relationship with drummer Jon Moss, his desperate battle against heroin addiction, and his return with the hiBoy George, the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning band Culture CLub, was one of the 1980s biggest pop icons This tell all autobiography reveals the whole truth of his life, from the height of Boy George mania to the waning of Culture Club s fame, his failed relationship with drummer Jon Moss, his desperate battle against heroin addiction, and his return with the hit single The Crying Game 24 page photo insert.

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    1. While never a fan of Culture Club I always found Boy George an intriguing character. He quite clearly doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of him and the amount of self-dirt dished is staggering. George O'Dowd was clearly never going to be an 'ordinary' man and that's what makes his story such a fascinating read. This reader was left feeling deep admiration for George's candidness in relating events that really do not put him in a good light. I would imagine anyone who ever read this book is l [...]

    2. I just spent a week with Boy George - I could not put it down. I was one of those fat preteens that he writes about not wanting to be a role model for. I did not realize how young he was when I looked up to him. I thought his message of "everyone can be whatever they want to be" was so original and life changing. Turns out he was self loathing and in pain for years. A very candid book with great pictures. He had several near misses with death and all the sordid details are included. I even looke [...]

    3. I love Boy George; people always ask me why and sometimes I can't give them an answer. I decided to read this book so that I could maybe put together a response that made sense. The first chunk of this book is good and interesting, with George's childhood home life, teenage runaway troubles, and everything leading up to the formation and success of Culture Club. The second half was harder to read and slower, despite it being about his failures involving the band and drugs. Now, I can say that I [...]

    4. That Boy George is selfish and self-centered. Also, his story is amazing and fun to read, but only honest about other people, not himself.

    5. Very disappointing book. I was really looking forward to reading this as I have always been a huge fan of Boy George and Culture Club.The book had way too much detail - I mean who honestly cares what George wore on a daily basis?Also the book was very badly written. it almost seemed as I if Boy George dictated the book to someone.He also seems to enjoy slagging other people off but hates it when other people criticise him.

    6. Boy George's life is interesting from start to current and his biting wit shines throughout. He takes cracks at celebrities and is honest about his struggles with drug addiction, while never being preachy. FUN!

    7. This book taught me so much about mid-70's London, David Bowie, and dressing for shock value. It also sparked my Boy George costume makeup phase.

    8. Fascinating. Funny, witty, admirable and insightful. It is easy to see as an outsider why he is dealing with some of his demons given his difficult childhood. Possibly his own longing for his father's love and attention is at the core of his sexuality. He is obviously a more sensitive individual than his siblings (or so it seems). I think the problems in his household and the parental stress had the most impact on him as opposed to his siblings, because he is sensitive and aware at a very young [...]

    9. FINALLY done with this--felt like it took forever to slog through. I was never a big Culture Club fan but I think Boy George is interesting. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN was dense as hell--just too much info--so that reading it sometimes felt like work. BUT it did have some good stuff--I really liked the epilogue and the descriptions of India and the other places he traveled--the occasional dish on celebrities was fun too. Basically, George had a lot of life experience to document and the book has a lot o [...]

    10. This was a highly entertaining autobiography.Even if you aren't a fan of Boy George I would recommend it. It starts from his childhood until after his downfall with drugs. Much like a Vh1 Behind the music but, alot more detailed.Boy George is very funny. Even when he is talking about his addiction he madelight of it. He seems like a very creative and fun individual.If you are looking for a good Autobiography, I would check this one out.

    11. i know this is supposed to be GOOD reads, not horrible reads, but for the sake of my friends i must warn you: this book really sucks. and this is how. apparently boy george hates people who talk shit- despises them, really. then he proceeds to shit-talk everyone he's ever met.

    12. Ohyeah, I loved it. I'm pathetic. I adore Boy George - I think he's a great talent and it's a damn shame that it's all gone up his nose. It kills me that he's now off to prison. An incredible waste. I'd recommend this for fans only

    13. I'm a fan of Boy George, but I admit I opened this book with low hopes. I thought it would be entertaining at best, but didn't expect it to be so well written or so full of insight into the London scene of 1980s.

    14. Boy George changed my young life. Just seeing that face and dress like none I had seen before, I was charmed. This books explains it all. Still love George. Love this last bit of the epilogue too:"I've been in damaged relationships for as long as I can remember. I hang in, hoping something will give, always blaming my partners for being cold and selfish. Now I realize like attracts like. Recently I came across a box of Jon's letters (Yes, she keeps everything) and I was enlightened to some of my [...]

    15. Another man who somehow managed to make it out of the 1980's alive. Reading his account of his heroin addiction and how he watched close friends die of it(including one in his own home), you wonder how he made it out alive. Yet he did, and thankfully we are able to read all about it. Reading about his tempestuous relationship with his father and trying to come to terms with his sexuality in the late 70's only to be catapulted into overnight success with Culture Club, he is refreshingly, sometime [...]

    16. Seriously, get an editor! I am just amazed that someone did not tell Boy George that not every single minute, every single emotion, every single thought, every single bodily function needs to be in this book.Honestly, I wanted to like this book. I enjoyed his music and I wanted to know more about his life. I was wrong!

    17. I love boy George and this book tells his story and all that he had to struggle with. It was amazing to really step into someone else's shoes and read what they had to overcome.

    18. From the title to the cover to the content, this book intrigues. As an author I can appreciate the power of a good cover and the hook of a clever title. As a reader, I can sympathize with the heart-wrenching struggle that led to the writing of this book. From the first page to the last I was engaged in a journey that seemed sure to lead to inevitable destruction. But instead of self-annihilation, George’s journey led to the rebirth of a troubled spirit. The narrative is raw and compelling. The [...]

    19. Hace relativamente poco tiempo que supe de la existencia de esta autobiografía de Boy George y fue, casualmente, leyendo su otro libro, "Straight". Desde mi preadolescencia, Boy George ha sido uno de mis músicos favoritos, no sólo porque muchas de sus canciones son realmente buenas, sino porque su personalidad siempre llamó mi atención. Sus atuendos "extraños" (a los ojos de una niña de 12 años) y su lengua de víbora siempre me resultaron divertidos. Con los años, aunque mis gustos mus [...]

    20. The first person to have a persona so attractive that I read their autobiography (just because I prefer fiction). In any case I thought it was a really interesting candid look into the life of a pop star and just how well someone can put on a together front whilst falling apart. He is hard on himself but somehow reading things like this simply makes me feel more empathetic to the extent I can, with his out of this world popstar life. Maybe it's because I binge-read this in two days but everythin [...]

    21. This book is enlightening. I had no idea all the turmoil of drug addicts. I love Boy George and can't believe he fell into this terrible abyss of life. It was interesting to read about his life and all the trials. I feel awful that he chose this, but I'm glad he's still around to tell of the horrors of a drug life. I hope others will read this and steer clear of them. We all think fame is so great, and that people are so creative on drugs, but the opposite is true.The book itself, at times, was [...]

    22. I read this book when it first came out and was inspired to read it again now that Culture Club is back together. I was a HUGE fan when I was 13 and thought I knew everything about Boy George. This book opened my eyes to what was really going on. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to everyone, but if you're hardcore Culture Club fan, it's a must-read. George's relationship with drummer Jon Moss was what held the band together and it's what holds this book together, too. I could not get enough of it.M [...]

    23. I picked this up because it piqued my interest and I brought it home to look at the fabulous pictures of Boy George. I ended up reading the whole thing, even though I do not really like memoirs or autobiographies, because Boy George is so cynical, harsh, witty, and interesting. While he does complain about all the shit talkers and then proceed to talk huge heaps of shit, it is comical and I am apt to side with him more than Brooke Shields. The writing is unrelenting and not for the prudes among [...]

    24. My friend Mat read this as soon as it came out (pardon the pun) and raved about it pretty much constantly for a decade. I don't know why it took so long for me to read it. It's well written, wry, and in places absolutely flipping hilarious. I like the bits with Marilyn best. Oh my Lord. Heartily recommended if you a) grew up in the 1980s b) have any interest in pop music or the man himself c) want to be amazed, once again, that anyone in a band has time to make any music or d) love a ridiculous [...]

    25. I started to read this book almost two months ago, I've finished about two thirds of it so far and I feel like I just can't go ont. The break's taken about a month now.My suggestion: the co-author should have edited way heavily.Compared to Marc Almond's Tainted Life this book just isn't so well written and is repetitive sometimes. It's not a bad book by any means and sometimes it is a very exciting and entertaining read - all it needs is a good editor because I really felt wasted after reading a [...]

    26. I was a child of the 80's, and Boy George was my idol in my youth. He opened my eyes to the many ways folks can be themselves, and he proved that you can create your own world to live in.I sympathized with his life, and the adversity he went through to be himself. It's sometimes sad when people go down the road of excess, but the good comes when they survive and (hopefully)become a better person because of their experiences.

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