Free to Trade

Free to Trade Paul Murray is an ex Olympic runner so his training is perfect for the rigors of bond trading for a London financial house The pace is breakneck the smell of success intoxicating Paul has really fou

  • Title: Free to Trade
  • Author: Michael Ridpath
  • ISBN: 9780061093487
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paul Murray is an ex Olympic runner, so his training is perfect for the rigors of bond trading for a London financial house The pace is breakneck, the smell of success intoxicating Paul has really found a home here, and maybe even the love of his life in his colleague Debbie Chater until her lifeless body is dragged from the Thames National ads media.

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    1. Paul Murray really like to move fast. When he decided to resign from athletic after got a Bronze Medal in Olympic, he tried some new world, which is fast too. Debt Analyst in a bank, and finally he chose to be a trader.However, everything is looked like bullshit for him. Debbie, his best friend is suddenly dead; his investigation to a doubtful investment met a road-block; his mother's house is likely to be sold by its owner; rejected by a girl that he loved.Obviously, this book make me can't res [...]

    2. Fantastic story.Finally a believable story and well written. Kept my attention from chapter to chapter. Kept me guessing right up to the end. A very good well written book. Will definitely read more books from this author.

    3. Wer hätte gedacht, dass Aktienhandel spannend sein kann? Das Buch hat mir sehr gut gefallen, allerdings war recht bald klar, wer der "Böse" ist, deshalb nur 3 Sterne.

    4. A well written financial novel is one of my favourite types of book, so I usually find Paul Erdman's books very enjoyable. Awhile ago I saw this one by Michael Ridpath and it seemed to fill a similiar niche so I picked it up, now 2 years later I've finally read it and can say I am a little annoyed with myself for not doing so sooner as it was excellent. The story is based around a bond trader, Paul Murray, who is learning the ropes and stumbles into a complicated scam being run against his firm, [...]

    5. Very readable book - my first of his - won't be my last. Didn't understand all the trading but it was very interesting. Quite believeable with a few twists and turns. Interesting to read a book written before mobile phones were readily available making people instantly contactable and giving a camera facility. We are so used to modern technology.

    6. Фантастическая история; но читается легко и погружает в атмосферу Лондон сити, брокеров, сейлсменов, облигаций, молодости

    7. Paul Murray muß den Verbleib von Millionen und einen Mord klären und sich verlieben etc. Aber sehr kurzweilig.

    8. High Stakes FinanceTo be totally honest, when I started reading this novel I was afraid the intricacies and jargon of the financial world might be a stumbling block to my understanding and enjoyment of the story. But I need not have worried. While there is a lot of "financial mumbo-jumbo" (to me, anyway), the plot and characters had me reading this in one sitting -- with a minor break for about 4 hours of sleep. I could not put it down!Paul Murray, a former Olympic distance runner, is working fo [...]

    9. A really fascinating book this one. It's appeal is probably limited to those that understand finance and/or shares and trading, particularly as it opens with some quite in depth details about a day in the life of the protagonist - a portfolio manager.But if you get on with the financial jargon, then there's also a really good crime/murder/mystery story underneath it all. People are doing bad things, our hero is getting the blame for it all, and needs to work hard to clear his name.I enjoyed the [...]

    10. A very tepid murder mystery which is set in the high-pressure world of the London Bond Market. I expected to get some kind of insight into the workings of global financial markets, but came away with little new information, and the nefarious incidents in the novel were cluttered with very predictable 'red herrings' and fairly obvious villains.Paul Murray is an ex-Olympic runner and works for London investment traders, De Jong & Co. He uncovers a very byzantine, complicated, and possibly ille [...]

    11. Read my full review @ bit/NBcpUaI first became a lover of Michael Ridpath's writing when I was introduced to his Fire and Ice series. In my Nordic Noir group, Michael was our author of the month. Well, what is a girl to do when she has read what has been released set in Icelande looks towards other books the author has written. That is how I was introduced to "Free to Trade". It is written with the same quality of writing found in Fire and Ice, but set in London's financial district. This book i [...]

    12. This is A VERY Good Read!The book is excellent from several perspectives. First, it is very well written and structured. Second, and more important, the author understands what he is writing about. In most financial crime novels the author only vaguely understands the markets and businesses they are writing about. Not the case here. Third, because of the author's very clear descriptions even some fairly complicated ideas get explained very well. This should allow readers not familiar with securi [...]

    13. A whodunnit murder (s) financial thriller that is rather good. The lead character, Paul Murray, works at a London firm trading bonds is a very likeable character and you do root for him all the way through the book.I won't give any of the plot away but the book fairly zips along as it twists-and-turns in-respect to whodunnit and why? I am never normally very good at working out why but I did get this one but it certainly did not detract from my enjoyment of reading this. My only criticism is the [...]

    14. Fast and very readableLoved this book, I noticed that other people have felt it was a bit slow in the beginning but that was not the case for me. Perhaps the slightly slower pace helped me understand the complexities of share dealing better. The plot did speed up well and was timed superbly although in the end I lost the whole financial thing it was too complicated for me but as I believed the general storyline that was not an issue. I love the whole city/wall street thing and will read more of [...]

    15. salah satu buku pertama yang aq baca dari pengarang yang engga' aku kenal sebelumnya ternyata bagus banget g kalah ama john grisham aor michael crichtonceritanya tentang insider trang di salah satu bursa efek di wall street selain business and mafia uang, masalh hukum en tiou2 juga masuk juga disini kerenz abeess. deh klo kamu suka yang misterius tapi bukan hal yang misteri lho

    16. FREE TO TRADE - G+Ridpath, Michael - standalonePaul Murray is an ex-Olympic runner, so his training is perfect for the rigors of bond trading for a London financial house. The pace is breakneck, the smell of success intoxicating. Paul has really found a home here, and maybe even the love of his life in his colleague Debbie Chater--until her lifeless body is dragged from the Thames.Very heavy on bond trading but it was still interesting and quite well done.

    17. I'd read Michael's Fire and Ice series and loved them, so decided to read his earlier books. It is a well written book and I enjoyed reading this book, his first I believe. Set in the City of London where the author worked as a bond trader. The character of Paul likeable, the plot unusual, the deals intriguing and a modicum of suspense. However regarding the trading aspect, to me less would have been more.

    18. CAPTIVATINGThis is the first of Michael Ridpath's books I have read. What a page turner! I was addicted from the start.A financial thriller involving multi-million dollar deals, City traders, big risks, murders all make for great entertainment. Looking forward to reading Michael Ridpath's Fatal Error I have recently downloaded.

    19. Very slow to get started. Thrillers set in the world of finance are always hard for me to follow; however, Ridpath did manage to explain things so that I understood well enough to kind of follow the financial plot. Paul is a likable hero. In the end, 'who done it' wasn't that much of a surprise after all. I'm glad I stuck it out, but all in all, it's not a memorable book.

    20. It is the first book that I have picked up by this author. As was reading it on my kindle and was reading different books, in paperback, at the same time it took me a few chapters to get into the flow of the narrative. However, once there, the book was difficult to put down. I am likely to choose more books by him.

    21. His first book and my introduction to this great author. I loved the behind the scenes look at bond markets and the people running them. We can see the casual manner in which millions are gambled on an idea or feeling. The murder and corruption go hand in hand.

    22. Detailed but goodI imagine a banker would have an easier time understanding the details of bonds and investments. Even though that is not my area, I enjoyed the storyline. I like to see the good guy win. Well written.

    23. This was the first novel by Michael Ridpath which (with the help of a good agent) helped him land a very lucrative book deal.This is a gripping thriller with high finance and trading as its backdrop. It certainly had me turning the pages.

    24. Easy reading. Doesn't entirely get past the suspension of disbelief in one or two places but I'm relatively gullible so it didn't hurt. I've read a lot worse.

    25. Free to TradeWas a good book but with all the info of trading sticks bond's and whatever was kind of offsetting at times

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