Emily the Strange: Piece of Mind

Emily the Strange Piece of Mind Emily s Strange To Do List Lose and regain mind Reprogram golem Locate secret book vault Commune with Dead Dark Aunts Rescue Cousin Jakey Redecorate souvenir kiosk Thwart Thought Thief Endure

  • Title: Emily the Strange: Piece of Mind
  • Author: Rob Reger Jessica Gruner Buzz Parker
  • ISBN: 9780062099235
  • Page: 215
  • Format: ebook
  • Emily s Strange To Do List 1 Lose and regain mind2 Reprogram golem3 Locate secret book vault4 Commune with Dead Dark Aunts5 Rescue Cousin Jakey6 Redecorate souvenir kiosk7 Thwart Thought Thief8 Endure hero worship9 Grant ancestral enemy s deepest wish10 Save cat napped kitty11 Summon black rock12 Defeat Shady Uncles13 Guard family legacy and claim inheritancEmily s Strange To Do List 1 Lose and regain mind2 Reprogram golem3 Locate secret book vault4 Commune with Dead Dark Aunts5 Rescue Cousin Jakey6 Redecorate souvenir kiosk7 Thwart Thought Thief8 Endure hero worship9 Grant ancestral enemy s deepest wish10 Save cat napped kitty11 Summon black rock12 Defeat Shady Uncles13 Guard family legacy and claim inheritance

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    1. I love Emily the Strange, and I am most definitely going to dress up as her for Halloween next year, because I will be thirteen and everything! But anyways, Emily has taught me a lot, and has helped me so much with finding my "inner-strangeness". I found out about Emily the strange when I heard about Chloe Moretz playing her, because I had seen Kick-ass and I thought that she was awesome and hit girl was awesome. Last year was tough because it felt like the whole class was just stupid, (well, it [...]

    2. I'm done! I guess I need to have the tweens/teens tell me all about Emily to maybe understand more of what I just read. I'm just not getting it. Oh well.

    3. Definitely a fun and entertaining pause from all the #deep literature at school! This is very edgy, emo, quirky and rebellious but the book doesn't shy away from that, it embraces the "cringe". It's a diary of a fourteen year-old genius who develops new inventions using liquid black rock and, for example, the saliva of a bat. Of course it's not to be taken seriously.I really enjoyed the plot twists, the foreshadowing, the drawings, the atmosphere/context splotches on the pages (e.g dirty fingerp [...]

    4. Ok, exams officially are evil! I can't believe it took me a week to read this book! Anywho, as always, it rocked! I really wish this wasn't the last book! Emily has got to be one of the best characters ever. She is dark-ish and definitely strange, and totally out of this world.but somehow, she really fits! I love it! I love the new character introductions- I am proud to say I actually saw the Shady Uncle thing, as well as the Bright Girl bit- and I was ecstatic to get to see Jakey again! I wish [...]

    5. Emily strange is in search of her black rock, with Akotol an many others in her way like A thought theif?! Emily strange:piece of mind is the 4 th and final book in the Emily strange series. :'( I almost cried when I finished it

    6. “Emily the Strange: Piece of Mind” by Rob Reger, Jessica Gruner, and Buzz Parker is published buy HarperCollins Publishing Co. and is the fourth book in the, “Emily the Strange” series. It was published in 2012. I greatly identify with the main character, Emily although I find that this book differs rather greatly from its three counterparts. The basic outline of the book, not to mention the series, is that, Emily is anxious to get the mysterious magical substance that is her ancestral b [...]

    7. I've read all of the "Emily the Strange" novels, and this one was not my favorite, nor was it my least favorite. None of the sequels compare to the first novel; however, this book had the same sense of punk adventure and was a quick, fun read. Like the others, I enjoyed it. I wished there had been more development of the characters. Regardless, the unique plot made up for that shortcoming.

    8. Emily the Strange written by, Rob Reger, is an amazing interesting take on a young girl's life. This book is a fictional story that seems very realistic because a girl named Emily Strange keeps all her life plans, ideas and stories in these journals that make up the whole book. Emily is 13 years old, very alternative in her style and life, has 4 cats (Mystery, Sabbath, Miles, NeeChee), is extremely into science, loves anything dark and twisted, and is very creative; She once made a detailed, do [...]

    9. Emily Strange is what most girls want to be. Intelligent, witty, humorous, girl genius. She is independent and quite smart, so I don't understand why this book is so underrated. Mind you, it has a great average rating, and I'm glad.This is the end. The end of my sweet Emily Strange. I think I'm going to cry. Give me a moment. That's better. Piece of Mind has been one of the best books I have read so far. I absolutely love it.All the characters are funny and they all have a purpose in the story.T [...]

    10. Emily the strange is about a thirteen year old girl who loves cats. Emily loves to solve mysteries. This time she has to solve all these missions: try to lose her memory and then gain it back again and save her cousin Jakey from the place he is stuck with and much more. Emily is a bit pressured into solving all this but she loves a good challenge.I think that Emily is a brave and independent girl. Sometimes you have to face your challenges on your own by being brave and strong even if it means p [...]

    11. Rob Reger, creator of the Emily the Strange franchise, has brought to life the diary/journal of a 13 year old estranged girl. Not only is the book in journal format, but it also includes photos, lists, drawings and sketches, printed transcripts (in this story), and anything imaginable to a creative 13 year old girl. Every thing is in black, white or red, keeping a constant theme of the Emily phenomenon. The style brings the book to life creating a sense of the character's every day thoughts, big [...]

    12. I love Emily the Strange. Comic books, graphic novels, novels, t-shirts, it doesn’t matter. If it says Emily the Strange on it, I will check it out. The Emily the Strange novels are one of my favorite products. Piece of Mind was no exception to that. In Piece of Mind, Emily has to learn how to harness the power of black rock before her uncle Attikol beats her to it. Compared to the other books in the series, this book felt slow, especially in the middle. It felt like the middle of the book was [...]

    13. While "Dark Times" was necessary in advancing the plot of the series, it wasn't quite as much fun as the other books. In "Piece of Mind," we're right back on track. It's everything I love about Emily the Strange: weird situations, gothic themes, strange inventions, odd people, and intrigue. "Piece of Mind" has intrigue in spades. While I saw the eventual fate of Raven coming, there were a lot of things I didn't see coming. I couldn't read fast enough toward the end of the book because I was genu [...]

    14. Thirteen-year-old Emily has plans to claim her family inheritance in this, the fourth and concluding title in the series. Emily is a wonderfully confident young woman, independent, creative, smart, and a great problem-solver. Along with her four beloved felines and Raven, her golem, she travels to Seasidetown in order to rescue her cousin and summon the black rock that is her destiny. It's hard not to like such a quirky, self-sufficient protagonist, and it's equally difficult not to enjoy the bo [...]

    15. Piece of Mind by Rob Reger (and Jessica Gruner and Buzz Parker) is the forth and final book in the Harper Collins series. Dark Horse, though, is now publishing a three part comic about Emily and her cats trying to break into the music scene — from her basement.In Piece of Mind, Emily is sent by the ghost of a Dark Aunt, back to the seaside town she visited in Dark Times. Her goal this time is to activate her Black Rock summoning powers before the Shady Uncles gain the power.As this is the last [...]

    16. I haven't read all the other Emily Strange novels *gasp* (in my defense, the books are more like a collection of stories and everything gets explained either way so I was not missing out) but I will definitely be reading them soon. Piece of Mind was a great light read. It doesn't take long to read this book but it is very entertaining. The writing style was immature but it was very appropriate considering the book is a 13 year old girls diary. The same thing goes for the speech patterns. I also [...]

    17. What can I say about Piece of Mind except that Emily the Strange has done it again! She's taking a well-deserved summer break to her ancestral home and she's hoping to find the black rock that has been her aunts' source of power. But mortal enemies are abound, including a girl that can wipe out memories. Has Emily finally met her match?For a second here, I truly believed that Emily might not win her match against her arch-nemesis, Attikol but I was wrong. Emily isn't your typical girl; in fact, [...]

    18. Quirky story that I am sure the followers of this series enjoyed. This book seemed targeted towards tweens and younger teens. I liked the comic book/manga feel to it. I really enjoyed Emily's sarcastic sense of humor and the story was easy, and fun, to follow. She was a fun character to read about and the story was interesting enough to hold my attention. I love how she had to do everything in 13's--she would make to do lists that had to include 13 items. I liked how this book had the girl power [...]

    19. Un golpe de mente pone fin a las alocadas aventuras de la inigualable y extraña Emily the Strange. Aunque había esperado algo más de la lectura, acabó siendo entretenida y pasé un buen rato con su peculiar protagonista, sus gatos y sus amigos -y no nos olvidemos de sus archienemigos-. Dejando atrás las novelas juveniles, que es lo que habitualmente no paro de leer, es bueno encontrarse con libros así para desconectar un poco de ese género. Si vais con la idea de encontrar una historia co [...]

    20. The Emily series has come to a close. I enjoyed it. It wasn't amazing, but it was entertaining and fun. I really enjoy Emily as a character. She's really quite fabulous. Though, in this book I was like "Really gurl you don't know what your dark aunt talent is?" *raises eyebrow* So that was kind of dumb. The third book was my favorite (no surprise third books almost always tend to be my favorites in series), but this was a good wrap up to the series. I liked the twist with Attikol, though the eas [...]

    21. Part journal, part sketchbook, part 13-entry list of lists, Emily Strange: Piece of Mind is a fun bit of YA fiction. Emily Strange is a curiously brilliant, self-reliant, genius inventor in search of her destiny as a Dark Girl. As the 13th girl, in her 13th year, Emily celebrates the culmination of her school year (self-home schooled, naturally) by heading off to the town of Seaside in search of her possible birthright--a talent that would manifest itself as well as the discovery of the source o [...]

    22. This is the 4th novel of Emily Strange that I have read.I didn't like the 3rd and I was hoping the 4th would cure my broken heart.Too bad this book is apparently the continuous journey of Emily's in the 3rd book.Only, if on the last book "Dark Times" Emily was travelling to the 20's era, on "Piece of Mind" she's travelling in today's time. But it's still about the black rock and Shady Uncles and The Ebenezers and all.I don't dig the story.Isn't as smart, quirky, and surprising as the first 2 boo [...]

    23. Finished the 4th (last?) book in this saga of Emily the Strange and her quest for the Black Rock. This book takes her back to Seaside Town in search of the rockAtikol is there to try to foil her plans, as usual. Interesting hijinks ensue and she ultimatelyh, no spoilers. Fun, and quick read to take my mind off things. If there is a 5th book, I will read it as the character is unique and interesting.

    24. Konečně dočteno, nakonec i bez re-readingu předchozích dílů. Přesně podle mých očekávání - Emily je stále Emily a je skvělá, vedlejší postavy jako Havrana a Jakey zrovna tak, příběh byl zajímavý a nenudil mě a velkou část knihy opět tvoří dokonalé ilustrace, které se mi asi nikdy nepřestanou líbit (jen tak mimochodem, pokud si sundáte svrchní obal, uvidíte cover, který se mi líbí ze všech coverů na Emily knihách úplně nejvíc). Za mě pěkné 4*, nezk [...]

    25. I LOVE the overall feel of the Emily Strange series! There were certain times though that the diary-type style of writing became a bit too much, but it was mostly a fun experience, like being told secrets by a complete stranger (which in some cases sounds really weird). The cover and the inside art gave the book a really personal feel, and the palette used made it even more interesting to me. I'm very happy to have been on a journey with Emily for the past week!

    26. Compared to The Lost Days, this book is kinda predictiveThe plot was kinda sticky(?). I don't really know how to explain. It's just sounds so unlike Emily, the things she does, the actions she takes. But I appreciate the plot twists. (view spoiler)[So she receives a letter claiming that her black rock is at ancestor's house and she's like okay lets go there? It doesn't sound like Emily Strange at all, lest you say she's desperate.(hide spoiler)]

    27. I love the format of these books - it's a diary entry/illustrated/list style of writing that really makes me feel like I'm inside the extremely bizarre mind of Emily Strange. This falls into the unusual mystery category of The Mysterious Benedict Society and Kiki Strike, and I really enjoy all of them.

    28. I only finish a book if I like it, so in that respect I suppose it can be considered good. This is the 4th book, and you cannot pick this up in the middle of a series and understand it. I wouldn't say the plot is very in-depth, and it is written in journal format, complete with illustrations. It is about Emily Strange, and is a bit strange, but I enjoyed it.

    29. I really enjoyed this book. Although I accidentally skipped the first 3 I felt like I didn't miss out on much. Emily truly is her own unique character and I look forward to reading the previous 3. I definitely reccomend this cutr book. :3

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