There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea

There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea A wacky fairy tale inspired version of the popular song There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

  • Title: There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea
  • Author: Jennifer Ward Lee Calderon
  • ISBN: 9780761458227
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A wacky fairy tale, inspired version of the popular song, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

    One thought on “There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea”

    1. Review by an 8 year old: This book is a fun and quick read. I knew it was a book for littler kids than me but I thought it would be fun. If I was still little, though, I might have been freaked out when she pukes. But I give it a 4 out of 5.

    2. I think the idea behind this is that the princess "gobbles up" all the old stories about princesses - princess and the pea, rapunzel, snow white, etc, and all the things that were confining about those stories - thereby getting rid of all those old ideas. And when she finally gets rid of them all - happily I might add - she lives happily ever after - as herself. If so, I liked it.

    3. There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea as you can assume is much like There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. It goes through all the things the princess swallowed back to the very first thing, a pea. This book has great illustration and text structure for younger kids. It really stood out to me, as it would for young children, that the new item she swallowed is bold and in a different color on each page. This makes the new item clearly stand out. Another feature that was awesome is th [...]

    4. Entertaining cumulative tale that follows the rhythm of the classic song, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, but with a royal theme. The narrative is fun to sing aloud, although it lacks something. It's just not as charming as some of the other variations on this song by Lucille Colandro, and our girls were disappointed with the ending. Still, we enjoyed reading it together.

    5. There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea by Jennifer Ward and illustrated by Lee Calderon is another in the large collection of "old lady" books. This book stars a cute princess who swallows all sorts of princessy things (like a rose and a pea and a throne) and then with each refrain she burps with glee (which makes the kids giggle and giggle). The illustrator placed a line with pictures of each thing in succession on each page making it easier to sing or read. This book is a hit with the k [...]

    6. I like the banner that unrolls across the bottom of the page, "listing" all the items and people the princess has swallowed thus far. There are some super-cute details in the illustrations (the straw in her tea mug, the expression on the frog's face when she picks up the wand, her salt shaker as she eats the castle) but the Old-Woman-Who-Swallowed motif re-do isn't that fresh. I can see it working in a preschool or family storytime, though, since the illustrations are bold and bright and everyon [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book, which I borrowed from on my Kindle one afternoon when my 6 year-old grand daughter was visiting. She has put away video games for now in favor of reading books! So she read this to me and we both liked that it was funny, but made sense. It was familiar, but fresh, and the pictures were really engaging. This is a good pick for a beginning reader, for a younger child who need to be read to, and even for an older child who would enjoy reading it to someone else.

    8. After a while, this princess turns downright cannibalistic. For strange eaters I much prefer the original rhyme (I know an old lady who swallowed a fly) and funnier ones My Little Sister Ate One Hare. This just didn't work for me.

    9. This is a fun little story about a princess that swallows thingsa pea, a crown, a rose, etc. It is very reminiscent of the story where the old lady swallows a fly.It is very fun and up beat. The illustrations are beautifully done and very warm. It is a little odd, but it is supposed to be.This one is great story time material.

    10. I really like the way this book was made like the book " The Sleeping House." Everything related to everything that was coming up next and they all went together very well. I love the rhyming in this book and thought the writing was very clever. I really enjoyed the ending and how she ended up eating everything. It was a very good book and I recommend it for a little girl.

    11. I liked this book a lot! I can see kids young and old liking this book because of the fast pace and repetative story. It made me tongue tied the first couple of pages but i got the hang of it. The pictures were funny and well done. I really liked this book overall.

    12. My daughter thought this book was silly but didn't really get it and didn't exactly enjoy it. I found it a little disturbing. I understand it's along the lines of "The old woman who swallowed a fly" but people swallowing other people doesn't sit well with me.

    13. I loved this book, even though it kind of weird, but its fun. I don't know how the Princess can fit all of the things she swallows, but she lives happily ever after! Thats all that matters right? The book has a repetitive pattern noticeable print. Great for phonological awareness.

    14. A variation of the traditional There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. In this version, an odd princess swallows a pea, a slipper, a crown, a rose, a queen, a moat, and a castle. The illustrations are rendered in digital media.

    15. This is a fun book because it rhymes. At first I didn't like it because it ends with a "BURP." However, I quickly caught on that if you add "Excuse me!" it still sticks with the rhyming nature of the book -- so we used it to teach our kiddos manners about burping. Since then, I've LOVED this book.

    16. Like the old woman who swallowed stories, the odd princess swallows all kinds of royal stuff, from the slipper, crown, right up to the witch, prince and crown. Kids will enjoy the colorful illustrations and happily ever after ending.

    17. Princesses get whatever they want. No one complains if they burp. Watch out, or you'll get eaten by this ambitious princess who I suspect eventually meets her end as a old lady in need of a horse, though this book doesn't offer that end. Rather, it has just the right fairy tale conclusion.

    18. Cute little twist. I liked the illustrations and that on each page there was a banner that had the list of the things she swallowed.

    19. Lots of repetition in There Was an Odd Princess Who Swallowed a Pea as she swallows a pea, a slipper, a crown, a rose, a prince, and a queen. Will she live happily ever after?

    20. The princess has taken the place of the old lady and is swallowing all sorts of things. Not my favorite in the series but fans wills till enjoy. Preschool for length.

    21. Cute story, although a lot redundant when repeating on every page everything she had already swallowed. Not as good as the original.

    22. This book has beautiful artwork. I can't say it is my favorite book, but it was a cute story and I think children would have fun reading it.

    23. Phoenix liked it a lot! I gave me a headache reading it over and over again but it was an good book. Not great but good. Great illustrations and a strange storyline but entertaining.

    24. Recommended Ages: K-2Set in a castle, this variation on the traditional, cumulative rhyme looks at the consequences of a princess's strange diet.

    25. This was an odd little book and I think I won't be reading it again. The illustrations were pretty juvenile, it is a kids book, but I didn't enjoy them. Or the story.

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