Winter Winter Maessen didn t ask for the gift of prophecy She s happy being a freak but now everyone thinks she s crazy Or evil Goths aren t all the same you know Some are Christians Christians to whom God

  • Title: Winter
  • Author: Keven Newsome
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winter Maessen didn t ask for the gift of prophecy She s happy being a freak but now everyone thinks she s crazy Or evil Goths aren t all the same, you know Some are Christians Christians to whom God sends visions.Students at her university are being attacked, and Winter knows there s than flesh and blood at work Her gift means she s the only one who can stWinter Maessen didn t ask for the gift of prophecy She s happy being a freak but now everyone thinks she s crazy Or evil Goths aren t all the same, you know Some are Christians Christians to whom God sends visions.Students at her university are being attacked, and Winter knows there s than flesh and blood at work Her gift means she s the only one who can stop it but at what price

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    1. I have some things I want to say about the content of this book, but first for those simply interested in it as a novel we'll talk about that. The book is pretty good as a novel, an interesting read. There are no glaring errors in the actual writing and the characters while coming across as very, very young for college students are also pretty well written.I would almost have gone 4 stars on this one but for on huge flaw which was the death of the 4th star. You will have seen me mention this bef [...]

    2. This book is very much a "Christian"* sub-genre book. I mean by that, that it partakes of, and depends on, certain aspects of culturally "Christian" norms to be operative for you to engage fully with the protagonist and some of the events of the novel.It's an enjoyable novel, despite the overt Christian pedagogy. Winter is a great character and her path to her current Christian beliefs is sufficiently nuanced to feel real and valuable. Having a Goth/Christian hybrid come into a calling as a prop [...]

    3. Going to college can be an overwhelming experience. It’s new places, new faces and new points of view. Winter Maessen’s world has already had its tragedies and going to Tishbe University brings her headlong into a world that at first seems stranger than fiction. A clash of lifestyles happens the very first day when Goth Winter discovers she’s now roommates with Pretty in Pink Summer. That’s right, her roommate is named Summer. And thus, we are entertained and pulled into a world that wil [...]

    4. I just finished reading Winter and just let me say "Wow"!For a first book by this author it is a great read and I would imagine that the next ones in this series will probably be even better.Winter Maessen is a 19 yr old going for her freshman year at Tishbe University. She has no idea what God has in store for her or the gift that He has bestowed on her. She is a Goth but also a Christian who somewhere along the line went into witchcraft. She doesn't understand the dreams she has been having or [...]

    5. The novel Winter by Keven Newsome was a treat to read. It is a paranormal thriller with a Christian message – ‘Christian horror’ if such an oxymoron can exist. Winter is a young ‘Goth’ who is off to college for the first time. She has a past riddled with hurt and trouble, but she is now a Christian, despite her continuing espousal of Goth dress. This is one aspect of the book that I especially liked. The author has set out to completely destroy stereotypes in how his heroine should dre [...]

    6. I was first hooked on 'Winter' by the first quote on the back of the book: "We are all freaks. It is just a matter of perspective." There was also the fact that it is about a Christian goth prophetess. Hook. Line. And sinker. I was sold. This story was solid and true to itself as a Christian story of a young girl named Winter who was called by God in college. The idea still sounds odd, but Newsome pulls it off with flair. There is a constant back-and-forth throughout as unbelieving Winter, a 15- [...]

    7. Winter is a story about a teenager who has lost her heart, her rosy outlook on life, and any faith she had in God. With the death of her mother, she lost her heart and her reason to love. With the twisted version of friends that she made after moving to a new school in order to live with her dad, she lost her ability to trust people. In light of the mistakes she made with those friends, she has come to hate everything about herself. To fill the yearning for some type of comfort she wraps herself [...]

    8. A very real look at outcasts, gifts of the Holy Spirit, what Christianity is really all about, and spiritual warfare make Winter, by Keven Newsome one of the best reads of all time. I've actually been waiting for someone to deal with Goths in a way that shows they can go one way or the other. They are seekers, usually borne of desperation, death, and many times forms of abuse. They are not automatically pagans, although do you want to guess who opens their arms wide to them when the "church" sla [...]

    9. What I like best about Winter is its uniqueness. The setting, the story, and the heroine are all quite original. Refreshingly so. I especially like the title character. She (Winter) is fully flushed out and real. As unlikely of a heroine as you’d find in a Christian novel, and I applaud that. Mr. Newsome also does a great job of describing his characters and settings. He clearly has given his story world lots of thought and shares it on the page. None of this slows the story, though. The book [...]

    10. Winter is a new Christian, but she's not your ordinary Christian. First, she's Goth. Second, she's having strange moments of deja vu that lead to full-blown prophecies. There's someone out there, though, that desperately wants Winter and her gift out of the picture. Well-paced and truly suspenseful, Winter has a rich setting and strong characters. The dual story line is woven together quite well, revealing bits of Winter's past along with present action. Highly recommended! My WebsiteFind me on [...]

    11. This book was such a great book that when I was finished I went onto Keven Newsome's website to see when or if there was another book in progress! The best thing about this book is that it has a "Christian" base with strong theology presented in an unusually fun way. I highly recommend this book!

    12. Amazing, awesome and awe inspiringI think the title sums up how I feel about the book. It is amazing, and powerful and a really good read.

    13. This was a different book, because it's a Christian novel but it's written similarly to a lot of YA paranormal/fantasy books. I didn't like how often Winter did the same foolish things, but I did like her tenacity. I might read the sequel, but I'm not sure about that just yet.

    14. This is an unusual book, to say the least. There's an interesting subtext in it that begs for exploration, but it can be uneven. Winter is a young goth girl attending her first year at Tishbe College. She has a dark history that she seems to have made some manner of peace with, and expects little more than to be a normal student. However she soon finds herself enveloped in a deadly plot surrounding the college. What's more, she finds that she is having visions that refuse to let her escape her r [...]

    15. The words drew me in. Phrases like, “They oozed lifeless blood that pooled at their base and coagulated into white scabs. She broke a candle free and continued her ascent, tilting it so it bled on the planks.” Immediately, the story caught my interest. A girl named Winter—dressed in goth, saved, and trying to figure out why God gave her this special sight. She roommates at college with a girl named Summer. Both are dropped in the middle of a chess game between good and evil. “I’m sure [...]

    16. "Winter Maessen didn't ask for the gift of prophecy. She's happy being a freak - but now everyone thinks she's crazy. Or evil. Goths aren't all the same, you know. Some are Christians. Christians to whom God sends visions." Keven hooks you right from the start with wit and sympathy for a girl who's gone through a ton and is really taking a chance moving to college. She isn't a Goth you brush off as weird and wallowed in self-pity; she's one who you quickly root for as you watch her grow from a s [...]

    17. Plot: 5 starsWinter is an exciting, thought-provoking, anxiety-ridden thrill ride. In addition to the jam-packed suspense and “coming of age” drama, this story addresses many issues facing our world and the Christian philosophy today. From Spiritual Gifts to alternative lifestyles to the struggles of faith, Keven brings these issues to the forefront at a small Christian university. Characters: 4Although the plot was phenomenal, it was Winter’s character that kept me captivated. She is such [...]

    18. To say this was a great book would be a tragic understatement considering how much this book goes through in its storytelling process. It's not simply about a young woman getting persecuted for being a Christian who goes against all conventions, it's about so much more.It starts off with a nightmare and ends in mystery with hope, but not before things happen that get me to do what scarcely few books can get me to do- cry. Shocking things that happen that show the author's willing to go break rul [...]

    19. I think what made this book stand out so much was that I can identify with ther heroine in many ways. The pacing was well done, and I'm curious to read the next book in the series.What I liked about this book was that the author potrayed the Gothic subculture in a positive light--being a Christian Goth myself, I'm rather sensitive to how the subculture is potrayed, especially in "insprational" fiction, where it's often branded as "evil" because people don't look beyond the black clothes. This bo [...]

    20. From the first page, I didn't want to put this book down. The opening scene is so incredibly creepy, you are immediately captivated and wonder, "What in the world is this girl doing??" I was totally drawn into Winter's life. If you know anyone (especially a teen girl) who is being sucked into the "loner" world, give this book a look. It is a wonderful testimony of how God can use anyone, no matter their past. It also touches on how we as Christians can be overly judgmental of people based solely [...]

    21. Paranormal Y/A Fiction at its best: Witchcraft, Demons, Psychic Visions, Prophecy, Piercings, and Murder. All the things that mainstream fiction tries to exploit, but with the added edge of God's grace making it that much more realistic. When you pick up this book, be prepared for a page-turner that's hard to put down.

    22. Seriously, this sounds as if it could be an utter train-wreck or a fabulously entertaining read, no matter what your feelings about Christianity!

    23. 1) Errors, but not excessive2) Reading age should be teen to young adult. Just too young.3) Premonitions are not the Spiritual gift of prophesy.Spoilers below, so proceed only if you don't care if I give away the story.Logic problems in this book were too glaring. Winter (The main character) knows a demonic man is dangerous, is killing co-eds, and affecting the Christian values at the Christian College, but she still puts herself in his path. Okay that's bad enough. But this demonic person, who [...]

    24. If you have read Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness and enjoyed it, or Lis Wiehl’s Waking Hours, then you ought to read Winter by Keven Newsome.Winter is off to her first year of college which can be a challenging transition. However, for Winter it is more difficult since her mother has died and she is fairly new to being a Christian. One would think being a new Christian at a Christian college would be encouraging, yet Winter does not look like a traditional Christian. She looks more Got [...]

    25. In this powerful story, a young woman thinks her dark past makes it impossible for God to use her to combat evil. She's wrong.Winter is an extraordinary novel about an extraordinary person. The title character is a goth Christian. Winter seems to resent being shunned by those who think that's a contradiction. But she would rather be thought a freak than a conformist.The unusual structure Keven Newsome employs allows him to tell two stories in parallel. We see Winter's freshman year of college, i [...]

    26. Winter Maessen finds her goth lifestyle is a challenge to maintain at a Christian college, but nowhere near as challenging as being called by God to be Tishbe University’s personal prophet. No matter how hard she fights against this calling, Winter finds herself pulled deeper and deeper into the mysterious changes that are pulling Christ out of Tishbe. When she discovers the evil that lurks behind the changes, Winter must choose—deny her gift and lose her friend or fight a battle she feels i [...]

    27. DNF. (I got close though.) Admittedly, this is not my genre, so maybe it's not surprising that I didn't enjoy it much. I probably won't bother with other supernatural suspense if this is what it is like.What I liked: The cover is PRETTY. Look at it. It rocks. The pairing of Winter, a melancholic introvert, with Summer, a sanguine extrovert, was interesting.What I didn't like: Almost everything else. :P Worst though was the obvious fact that the characters existed solely for the sake of acting ou [...]

    28. I think the protagonist relied to heavily on her God sent vision to spur the plot and it's resolve. If that hadn't frustrated me so much, I would have enjoyed the plot more. Also religious undertones did become a little hysterical at times - but since I was listening to an audiobook that could have been more the interpretation of the reader then the authors intention.

    29. WowThis was the best book I have read in a very long time. It was wonderful and it will make you think about God. And that is a great thing because everyone needs to think about God. I have been saved for 4 years and I am so thankful. Everyone should read this book.

    30. I really, really wanted to like this book but I just couldn't finish. I thought it had a strong start, then it dragged for a really long time. I finally had to give it up at 500 pages. Sorry, I always feel bad because if someone did this to me I would go weep in a corner.

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