One thought on “The Crystal Warriors”

  1. The Crystal Warriors, and its sequel, Crystal Sorcerers, were bargain bin specials that I picked up strictly on the strength of their cover art. I was not disappointed. While the story is rather predictable (opposing sides pulled through to a new dimension and must work together or die) there are enough differences from the formula to make it interesting to read. The characters and the new world of Haven are both fleshed out in ways that introduces the readers to everything at the same time the [...]

  2. What the hell was this book? I remember it coming in a big lot of other fantasy books I was given at the time and this one just demanding my attention. Out of that vast lot, 8 or 9 boxes worth (jackpot!) something drew me into the bookobably the ridiculous cover art. Just look at ittake your time. Let it sink in.OK. So I had to figure out what was going on, and what the book turned out to be was a pretty tame tale of a group of Japanese and American soldiers who get pulled into this world called [...]

  3. This one gets four stars mostly on the merit of having completely captivated me as a teenager. Drawn through a portal into a world where you can do anything simply by thinking about? Yes, please! In reality, the plot is completely predictable, the characters are pretty much all men, and it's cheesy as all hell. But for some reason I loved it. I even went so far as to start highlighting things in the book (for what reason, I can't remember) and making notes in the margin. In any case - hokey, sem [...]

  4. A perfectly adequate book in terms of writing. Very interesting setting, decently developed characters. I read it largely for the premise and setting, and was not disappointed.Dialogue and plot are admittedly a bit meh, but in my opinion, the strength of the setting made up for it. Wish Forstchen had made a third one.

  5. A group of American soldiers are being chased by some Japanese soldiers somewhere in China during World War Two. They stumble across an ancient temple, and both the Americans and the Japanese are pulled through to another world.This is one of my favorite books where the protagonists are transported from our world to a world of gods and magic.

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