The God Killers

The God Killers Imagine an alternate reality that appears on the surface just like our own However in this reality the white light famously reported at the end of our lives is not an escape or deliverance it is a

  • Title: The God Killers
  • Author: DavidSimpson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: ebook
  • Imagine an alternate reality that appears, on the surface, just like our own However, in this reality, the white light famously reported at the end of our lives is not an escape or deliverance it is a trap A creature calling itself God in a parallel dimension consumes the souls of humans, devouring their energy to sustain itself This is the reality that Cipher, Han,Imagine an alternate reality that appears, on the surface, just like our own However, in this reality, the white light famously reported at the end of our lives is not an escape or deliverance it is a trap A creature calling itself God in a parallel dimension consumes the souls of humans, devouring their energy to sustain itself This is the reality that Cipher, Han, Natalie and Father Hurley inhabit in The God Killers Each has had near death experiences NDE s and each was resuscitated before their souls were consumed, coming back to Earth horrified by the truth There is no exit Now they must attempt the only course of action available to them they must kill God With the help of satanic messages decoded from the nonsensical ramblings of the possessed, the group must evade ghosts and demons on their mission to not only save their lives, but, importantly, their afterlives as well.

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    1. OK Here's the thing. I was asked to review this book, and I agreed, thinking that it was an interesting premise. And it DOES have an interesting premise, one that I was very curious about, but anything interesting about it was buried under the writing. This book is in desperate need of an editor. I think that with a good editor, this book could be quite good, but as it is, it was just not. I tried, but I just could not finish this book. I could barely make it the 30% I read. And that was a strug [...]

    2. I was looking through the list of giveaway books at when this one caught my eye. I read the description and thought it might be good. I was wrong. It's not good. It's Fantastic. I've never read a book like it. A very original idea which the author David Simpson handled excellently. Satan, God, Angels, ghosts, fighting, guns. Enough action throughout to keep you glued to the book to the very end. Oh! Did I forget to mention the thermonuclear bomb. This is a book I will gladly pick up occasionall [...]

    3. A very easy to read book, whilst it didn't leap out at me for the prose I found myself having read half the book in one sitting! The story is thought provoking and a new (to me anyway) take on the whole religious/paranormal aspects of life and death. Just enough was given of the characters to hold my interest but not so much that it distracted from the story and its action.Not one I would have normally picked up but thank you for sending me a copy, I really enjoyed it.

    4. I won this as part of the giveaways. Reading the back of the book, I probably should have known I wouldn't like it. I am a Christian and had a tough time reading all the blasphemy against God. However, I still read the book and tried to be objective in my rating and review, I still didn't like it. Other than the fact that God was the bad guy, I believe that the story could of had some promise as a great book. It did need some major editing help. The story was choppy and didn't flow. His story a [...]

    5. Wow. A super premise poorly executed. I really like David Simpson's writing, but this book felt like it was written in high school. Apparently little editing (whole for hole, etc.). Sneaking onto an aircraft carrier and stealing a thermonuclear deviceriously? There is little to no character development as the characters are constantly fighting ghosts. I see this is being developed into a graphic novel. A graphic novel may be better media than this novel, and I hope Mr. Simpson takes God Killers [...]

    6. This book was a bit different than i had expected it to be. i don't want to write a spoiler but it has me thinking about many different things you learn about as you grow with religion and god. This is not a religious book it is syfy and very interesting. I recommend it gives a new twist to life and death. IN THIS BOOK IS TITLES EXITLESS!

    7. I wanted to like this book, I really did. I loved the premise and the first chapter does an excellent job of being an attention grabber but the premise was absolutely wasted. The first couple chapters were decent and it had a more gritty "ghost busters" style of vibe to it but by time I got halfway through the book I had to force myself to finish it. The author seemed to be trying to write the equivalent of an "action movie" in novel format. There was even an incredibly stupid scene ripped strai [...]

    8. Despite the 3-star rating, I actually really enjoyed this book. It lost some stars, not for the story, but for how little of it there was. I feel like this book just needs more. More backstory, more character development, more build to the climax. I'm really hoping that there is a plan for more books in this series (prequels would be the only option, I think). It just wraps up so quickly and conveniently, something that doesn't happen in the author's other books.

    9. Interesting concept but average execution. What if God was a parasite from another dimension that ate our souls when we died? The God Killers sets out to answer that question but stumbles and sprains its ankle about half way through. However with that being said it's still an enjoyable read. The characters and concepts introduced are enough to make you at least see where the story wants to take you.

    10. Easy read Good story. Felt like the author was writing this to sell for movie rights. Woven into the story as dialogue between characters. Different storyline. Could’ve been a bigger book with more build up and background.

    11. "People with limited vocabulary may find this book amazing." Wow, how sad a comment that one reviewer left.I absolutely loved this book, and I have not said that about a book for a long time. I normally have three to five books on the go at any one time, fiction and non-fiction, and flip between them to save getting bored; I read this book solid at any chance I was given.I think I initially got this book free from , after I had seen it on weberbooks I almost didn't get it due to some poor review [...]

    12. I really loved all of the Post-Human books that David Simpson has written and for that reason I stumbled upon this interesting title while looking at his other works. It was a available through Kindle Unlimited so I thought why not give it a browse. It turned out to be a quick and interesting read. At first when I began the book I wasn't sure what I thought of this type of story since you can't really compare the subject to his Post-Human series; though it didn't take long for me to get fully im [...]

    13. God is actually an evil entity trying to consume as many souls as possible. After a near death experience a couple of friends discover this and set out to "kill God". They pick up a couple other people along the way to help them out, while God sends his evil henchman and goules down to Earth to stop them.An interesting concept, but falters in execution. Some scenes live up to it's potential. I like the over the top characterizations of the demon tracking the main characters.Unfortunately none of [...]

    14. Wow. Such a fun premise and fast-paced story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this over two days. Dysfunctional characters, with Satan's assistance, lead the charge to defeat God. God, or what it is being called, lives in an alternate dimension and feeds off the souls of the deceased. For those that go into the light, heed Admiral Ackbar's most famous quote, "It's a trap!"Cipher, Han, and Father Hurley have lived with the knowledge of the truth, which haunts them in more ways than expected. Those t [...]

    15. Here's a book I never imagined reading and and growing weary with. It exhausted me to no end- because it was NON-STOP ACTION! The characters were constantly on the run, because who can escape the eyes of God? Okay, the book is about an evil entity who sits at the precipice of death and awaits you. It determines whether your edible enough to consume, thus destroying your soul or chucking you to the fiery keep, where phantoms of all sorts will torment you (Still destroying your soul but ensnaring [...]

    16. I absolutely hate giving a bad review. Advice - a proofreader and some editing assistance.Very interesting concept - God and the angels as beings from an alternate reality who devour the souls of the dead. I really expected this to be a fascinating read. Unfortunately it completely fell apart in it's execution. Loaded with typographical errors and misuse of vocabulary. Inconsistent, sections almost feel like they were written by seperate authors. In some areas the author needs to do research, bu [...]

    17. Well this was certainly a different take on who God really is. I thought it was kind of interesting actually. I won't give away any spoilers, but I will give a synopsis of what the story is about. God is actually an "alien" from a different dimension and he eats the souls of the dead to live. Cipher, Han and Father Hurly know this is the case because they've all died and came back to life so they have seen the real "God" and know what he really is. With the help of "Satan" they try to kill this [...]

    18. I didn't want to read this one for a while, because the theme is so depressing. but I finally got around to it, and wow this book was a lot of fun!If you are a devout devotee of God, you probably won't like this, but the 'god' in this book is not the Real God, but an evil alien. Still, they call this God a lot of bad words. This was a real action-adventure romp, stuff blowing up, death-defying escapes uh, and death-inducing rescues. Plus Einsteinian physics! It was a little light on the reality [...]

    19. I have read some great works by David Simpson. His Post-Human Omnibus series is awesome. However, it was hard to get into this one. The concept started off interesting, but the rest of book was a never-ending action sequence between our protagonists and ghosts. And the ending was just well preposterous. I further found the explicit references to Christian mythology grating. I'm not Christian, but the book felt too anti-Christian.

    20. This could have been great. The writing is the weak point, but the idea was solid, which is why I'd still suggest this book. The characters are also interesting, but prepare yourself for terrible and predictable dialogue, well depending on how old you are. People with limited vocabulary may find this book amazing.

    21. A fantastic readThis book is a real treat to read. A very different take on the afterlife. I do wish the character of Satan could have been more involved. If you enjoy stories of God, ghosts and the thought of dimensions then you will love this book. I'm hoping a sequel is in the plans of this intriguing author. I highly recommend this book.

    22. I liked David Simpson's Post-Human series so when this book happened to be for free, I picked it up on . While not the worst someone could put out, it certainly was nowhere on the same page as Post-Human. I think there could have been more to the novel's concept and the climax was reached far too quickly for my taste. In total, a quick diversion for a rainy day.

    23. Something differentAwesome read. Extremely gripping had me wanting more. I still want more like a sequel would be bada$$. I love the twist they did on this story about how good is a soul suckerkes sense. I don't have a religion. this was a fun read for me. I highly recommend to those who have an imagination and aren't religious.

    24. Deeply intriguing concept, mediocre implementation. Loved the idea and the plot, but the writing was somewhat flat, as were the characters. Another reviewer mentioned that this might have been a more engaging and fun read in graphic novel form, and I think that's a great way of putting it. Fun ride, nothing mindblowing about it, but a good way to spend a couple hours.

    25. Imaginative concept!Very imaginative storytelling and great memorable characters. Definitely a very interesting concept of God and Satan and Heaven. I really enjoyed the book and will definitely be reading more by David Simpson.

    26. I grabbed this book after reading the Post Human series, which is fantastic. This is my thirtieth read of the year and one of my favorites, so far. David Simpson did a great job in this easy and fast paced book. Simply killer, as the tittle suggests.

    27. Interesting concept. The characters were good. I felt the plot was a bit over the top at times, there was LOTS of swearing (which doesn't bother me, but it might other readers) and the end was a little anticlimactic. Overall a decent read.

    28. Only the first chapter is interesting. Sets up what you think will be a good story but falls apart after chapter one. It just is awful so I quit the book halfway into chapter 2. I normally like Davids books but this one quickly turns into a mess that i had no desire to read. Disappointing.

    29. somewhat good premise of a story. writing was a little cheesy especially towards the end. a lot of book I would probably only give two stars but premise of the story caused me to bump it to three.

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