Spin Out

Spin Out Right guy Wrong time Deputy Joe Peterson understood the risks when he got involved with ex con Kabe Varghese He didn t however see fit to warn Kabe Now in the middle of searching for the killer of

  • Title: Spin Out
  • Author: James Buchanan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Right guy.Wrong time.Deputy Joe Peterson understood the risks when he got involved with ex con Kabe Varghese He didn t, however, see fit to warn Kabe Now, in the middle of searching for the killer of a local boy, he has to contend with his career and his relationship spinning out of control Solving the case may be easier than repairing broken trust.

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    1. Written December 12, 20144.2 Stars - Once again a sense of something new and slightly different. A perfect mix of love and crime. Book #2Spin Out is the second book about the Mormon Sheriff's Deputy, Joe Peterson who is living in a small Utah town near the big mountains. A series (Deputy Joe) all my friends in the the crime-MM-romance girls gang, talked about last spring and summer. I relly liked the first book #1 - Hard Fall (4 stars) (You were all right ladies!) and was glad to start this one [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThis is, so far, my favorite title from James Buchanan. What I like most about James's books is how his characters are always (forgive me, if this make me sound condescending) guys' guys, you know? Sure, I like my m/m romance to be romantic and lovely. But most of the times, I prefer strong voice of the narrators, where the love is real and intense but not bordering to sickly saccharine. That is what I get when I read James's books.This story is taken timeline about few months after Har [...]

    3. Nice follow on to Joe and Kabe's story. Whole new crime to solve and the problems seem to rack up as soon as they're cleared for Joe. Of course, blindsiding Kabe is never a good idea and the guys find a bit of review is necessary. But, hot diggity are they smoking--wicked hot. No one's quite like Joe, and both he and Kabe want to make this thing they've found work. Work, work, work. Interesting solution to the mystery, swap out one problem for the next, push Kabe and Joe emotionally forward and [...]

    4. I LIKE JOE. And I like Kabe. And I like almost everything about the series. It has a very high risk of addiction. And I willingly go FOR IT. FOR HIM. I LOVE YOU, JOE. But I loved Joe in the book 1 more. Don't get me wrong-it is not a critic. It is my declaration of love.BUT.Why I liked the first book a bit more:* I'm a BEGINNER junkie, I love the begin of every relationship, all this sexual tension, the first touch, the first kiss, the first fuck- if you want. At the beginning there is something [...]

    5. Spin Out starts off a few months after the events of Hard Fall. Joe and Kabe are in a relationship which has several consequences for Joe. He has been excommunicated from the Mormon church, he's lost the respect of some of his community and he suffered some disciplinary action on his job for having sex with Kabe when he was a "person of interest" in Joe's case. All of which Joe has accepted because he's with a guy he can see a future with.The conflict in this book comes from the fact that Kabe i [...]

    6. Deputy Joe Peterson has to be one of my favorite characters in M/M romance. I love his narrative voice. Some people have found his colloquial country-boy tone annoying (one reader on complained about all the 'typos') but I like it; it sounds right in my head. About his relationship with Kabe, Joe says, "My heart decided to go and I didn't have much choice but to follow." It's that simple, but not that easy. This installment is just as good as the first one, and Kabe becomes a little more fleshe [...]

    7. Woohoo, just saying. One hell of a ride. I really loved this second part of the story. Being with Joe as he goes through the jumbled up mess, his life has become. Watching him make mistakes, owning up to them and doing something about them, that endorses him more to me.After the first book, I knew this story was going into hurt territory and it did. Being part of a community as Joe was and then suddenly that ‘being part of’ is questioned and you look at those who stand up to be counted and a [...]

    8. No time for a proper review because I want to start the third book :) I enjoyed this one even more than the first. I'm not sure if I said this in my review of book 1, but what I love about this series is that the characters are so down to earth and real. Even though there is more angst in this book, it didn't feel out of place or thrown in for effect. (view spoiler)[ The accident was a little too convenient considering what the POST review decided, but I'm letting that slide(hide spoiler)]. Joe [...]

    9. I just love the way Buchanan writes BDSM. It's nothing fancy, there are no floggers or ball gags or pretty toys,no big scenes or clubs, "yes, sir", etc etc, instead the characters use common items, such as bungie cords and carabeeners and the bed frame. It feels less like a Lifestyle Choice, and more just a way of life for these characters.

    10. Spin Out continues not long after Hard Fall leaves off. Joe is out, though I don't see him hitting the pride parades any time soon. Kabe is working on getting his EMT certs and things seem pretty good between them.But, Joe is still dealing with the aftermath of his relationship with Kabe becoming public. Or rather he isn't dealing with it at all, figuring it will all just go away. And to make matters worse, Joe keeps the possible consequences of their relationship from Kabe and when the feces hi [...]

    11. This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. Reviewing a sequel usually means you're carrying some baggage left over from the previous book. You either loved it and expect the same or more from the next one, or you disliked something and are fretting about what exactly did the next book in the series keep and what did it discard.I was one of those who expected a lot. I needed all of the elements I liked in the first book to still be in this one and I ne [...]

    12. 3.8 starsSpin Out was the opposite of Hard Fall, in my opinion.Some things better, some worse, but it felt different in almost every way.In this instalment, Joe annoyed me more often than not, but I got to love Kabe more. Despite being ten years younger, he appeared to be more reasonable than Joe.The mystery part was much better thought out, and I enjoyed puzzling over who's done what. In fact, I was so focused on that, the MC's relationship became almost secondary. For the first half of the boo [...]

    13. Likes:1. Joe's narrative. It's hicky, it flows, and it's him personified. What more can you ask of a narrative?2. Kabe. Because attitude. Because addiction to social website. Because one second he'll be like ATTITUDE, FUCK YOU, and then the next he'll be updating his Facebook to 'In a Relationship' with Joe and the mental image of that is just too cute.3. I don't think they ever said 'I love you' even once, but it radiates from the pages. 4.EMOTIONS! When their relationship hit a rough patch I f [...]

    14. This was a good follow up to Hard Fall and continues the story of Joe and Kabe approximately 3 months after the end of the first book.Their relationship continues to intensify, as do the consequences of Deputy Joe becoming involved with Kabe, who is currently on probation. Joe is looking at further disciplinary proceedings which could wind up costing him his job and Kabe is settling in to his life in Utah. They know that being together is not going to be easy and Joe, who has never been in a rel [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsWell, that was AWESOME! In book two, Deputy Joe managed to well, majorly f*ck up while being an incredibly stand-up guy. He f*cked up vis-a-vis Kabe. (Ruh roh.) But he was an incredibly stand-up guy because well, Joe is just plain honest and true. He's one to "take his medicine." I can't tell you how refreshing that is! I have been reading m/m for the better part of the past 1.5 years and, m/f for years before that. I LOATHE characters (and it's all too common) who perceive the admis [...]

    16. Sequel to and set several months after Hard Fall, Spin Out tells the continuing story of Deputy Joe as he faces the repercussions of his actions from the summer, finds a new murder case on the mountain, and works through the kinks (sexual and otherwise) in his ongoing relationship with ex-con Kabe.Like in Hard Fall, I really enjoyed reading Joe’s very distinctive narrative voice, and I give props to Buchanan for doing such good job with it and making it read so consistently “Joe” throughou [...]

    17. I love Joe.I'd like this to be my review.But if I don't bore myself and everybody else with my thoughts, I don't feel like I've really done the book justice. Or maybe I should shut the hell up. Anyway:Joe's voice is enthralling, even if it's a bit hard to pick it up for a foreigner like me, but then it just keeps you glued to the screen. It seems all that's good and genuine in Joe comes out in his way of telling events. Genuine, real, concrete, I don't know, it seems as though I could end up in [...]

    18. Read the Hard Fall first. I love how James Buchanan stays with the way Joe speaks. That says much for his writing skills. I enjoy his prose. There is something about this series that reminds me of Hansen"s Brandstetter series gone modern. No it is not the poetic prose of Joseph Hansen, but it is real and quiet with a hero who has honor and no pretense like his books. Joe is still experiencing the ostracism of his being gay in Utah and being excommunicated from the Mormon (LDS) church for it. Joe [...]

    19. 4.5, rounded up. Started this book with some apprehension, follow ups aren't always as good. You're missing that whole tingle-your-toes first-time-for-everything tension, so often what you get is fabricated misunderstandings or MCs that suddenly get lobotomized and become TSTL. Or at least too stupid to be in a relationship. The latter bit may seem like it is the case for Joe here, but it is so absolutely in character, that he even had me convinced he was doing the right thing for a long time. T [...]

    20. I loved this book as much as the first one and it's definitely one I'll reread. The sex scenes are fresh, hot and the way the characters communicate on one level so they always feel integral not gratuitous. The mystery was interesting too and definitely part of the book rather than grafted on. This pairing is romantic in a very real way, with believable issues and interaction.My only issue is not with the author but the editing, specifically the typos and grammatical errors and no, I don't mean [...]

    21. 4.5 starsContinuing immediately after Hard Fall, Joe and Kabe work through some real issues in their relationship here. I liked Joe's slowly unfolding realization of Kabe's part in their relationship - Joe learns a lot about himself and his issues with opening up to his partner. This really rang true to me and I loved the story-telling here. Kabe feeds a real need in Joe and that is beautifully expressed in this story. Please, please can we have some more?

    22. Really liked this book and so glad I read it after finding the first book in the series only so-so. This story really focuses on the characters and has excitement as well as hot sex. There are complications regarding old friends, work related disciplinary action, misunderstandings, accidents and a murder to be solved. Definitely better than book 1 Hard Fall.

    23. In the second book in this series the mystery is extraneous in my opinion. The relationship between Deputy Joe and Kabe is the real heart of this story. It was a real treat to see them working out the dynamics of their lives together. There was a little less of Joe's Mormon upbringing which was fine with me.

    24. 4.1 StarsJoe's folksy dialogue and wonky grammar started grating on me in this installment, probably because it's the third one in three days to read/sound that way and it got annoying. Other than that, I liked the story a lot. Good case, but nothing too extravagant; no red-herrings or wild goose chases. Just good old fashioned police work and a little bit of luck. You know, like in real life.Speaking of: HALLELUJAH! I can't tell you how many books I've read that have a LEO involved with a perso [...]

    25. Another super enjoyable book from James Buchanan. Spin Out has all the elements I really enjoyed from the first Deputy Joe book: good characters, good conflict, good sex & romance, good sense of place and time, and I feel like she even managed to tell a better integrated story than the previous outing (not that Hard Fall was at all bad). Ironically enough, I read both books while on a plane, but with Spin Out, I hadn't quite reached story's end by the time the plane landed and, though on a v [...]

    26. *** 3,5 Joe and Kabe stars ***This was a good follow up from the excellent #1 Hard Fall. The story picks up about three months after #1. Deputy Sheriff, Joe Peterson (32) and Kabe Varghese (24) are still new to this "relationship stuff", but are finding their way together. Or together might be too strong a word. Joe has problem sharing his thoughts and feelings, especially concerning the upcoming disciplinary hearing concerning his job, and relationship with Kabe. He totally (view spoiler)[bl [...]

    27. James Buchanan always delivers. ALWAYS. The writing is fresh and there is a reasonable conflict within the story. Buchanan works to portray the men in her story as guys, realistic (within the confines of the story, of course) but just normal guys who could possibly exist in the world Buchanan has created.I like a wide range of story types but my best reading my favourite reading comes from a storyteller who takes the time to flesh out characters and provide an in-depth plot with a true-to-life s [...]

    28. It's hard for me to say much about the book because I like it so much, but I can say this Joe is now seriously competing with Nicky (from Taking the Odds series) for the title of my favorite Buchanan's character and that is saying something, because Nicky was a tough act to follow. There aren't many characters in m/m romance who are as well drawn, as complex, as alive as Joe. I feel these characters still have more to say and, if I'm not mistaken, there are some hints in Spin Out that there migh [...]

    29. This series keeps on getting better. Mr. Buchanan has rolled a mystery, police procedural, romance, contrary religion, hot sex and real flawed characters all into one excellent story. Some of the backwoods language may put some people off but the story takes place in small town Utah. I have to admire Joe for adhering to his religious convictions even after being excommunicated. The personal tension between Kabe and Joe was well played out throughout the story. The mystery also wasn't a quick fix [...]

    30. Still enjoying this series about the Mormon Deputy Sheriff. More background of Joe's life in this second book in the series. Much conflict regarding the consequences from the first book for Joe's job. Kabe still seems a bit of a cipher, but maybe we'll find out more in the third book.

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