Alligators All Around

Alligators All Around An alligator jamboree with all the letters A through Z

  • Title: Alligators All Around
  • Author: Maurice Sendak
  • ISBN: 9780064432542
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • An alligator jamboree, with all the letters A through Z.

    One thought on “Alligators All Around”

    1. “Alligators All Around” is apart of the popular Nutshell Library by Maurice Sendak and it details a family of alligators showing the audience about learning the alphabet through various humorous phrases. “Alligators All Around” is a brilliant book about teaching the alphabet in a creative way that children will love for many years.Maurice Sendak had out done himself in this clever book about learning the alphabet through creative phrases. Maurice Sendak comes up with some creative and hi [...]

    2. Lovely book, but for the letter I- "Imitating Indians". Just not quite what I want to be modeling for this impressionable little babe.

    3. This version of the ABCs using Alligators as the main characters was perfect for 2-4 year olds. The pictures often depict little alligators being pretty naughty, the colors are more muted than typical children's stories but clearly illustrated by Sendak's unique style. The naughty little Alligators present themselves as good talking points to illustrate what not to do. Illustrator Project Book

    4. I adore this book. I used to listen to a record (yes, record) of Carole King's musical adaptations of this and other Maurice Sendak books and I love, love, love them. Naturally this book takes me back to the days of records and not to mention Wonder Woman pajamas.

    5. Love this book! If you enjoy a good ABC story and the art of Maurice Sendek how can you go wrong with this one! The alligators in the title are talso the actors bringing the alphabet to life.

    6. Am I the only person in the world who finds Maurice Sendak books to be a bit creepy? I remember reading this book when I was a kid and thinking What is the deal with these alligators? This family dynamic is all messed up! Well maybe my three-year-old self didn't articulate it quite that way, but deep down I was put off by the instability, the sheer anarchy I believed these alligators represented. Did I delight in the freedom they express with their yackety-yacking and their wig wearing? No. I wa [...]

    7. This story is an informational alphabet book that teaches kids each letter in a fun and engaging way. The alligators are teaching the alphabet in a song form so each page is meant to be sung as a song. The book is written with the alligators almost performing in a circus and with each new letter they use different props to illustrate and show it. They use a paper bag within their show to pull props out with each new page. The way this book is written and created is extremely engaging for student [...]

    8. Summary: In the book two parent alligators are trying to teach their baby alligator about the alphabet. The author would take a verb and noun starting with the letter they were talking about and make a statement. Each page only consisted of the verb first followed by the noun with a picture of the alligators doing that activity. The illustrations in the book really help the children visualized what the alligators are doing during that time so they can connect that letter with that activity.Theme [...]

    9. This story is a family of alligators that teach their audience the alphabet in clever and funny ways. The story is supposed to be done is a song manor so the audience learns the alphabet in song form. They teach the alphabet in a clever way because they act almost as a circus performing how each letter looks with different props. They pull props out of their paper bag with each new letter that comes. I would definitely keep this in class library and use it as a read aloud book. This is an awesom [...]

    10. My son received this book as a gift from a friend of mine, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it is one of the first Maurice Sendak books I can accurately remember reading. My son seemed to think the pictures were entertaining, and that's the important thing as he's a little young at this point to be learning the alphabet - three months is probably too young at any rate. The illustrations aren't in the style I usually prefer, bold colors and preferably some watercolor. But they are class [...]

    11. I found this book on , and decided to look it up because I had not seen it before. I found a video on Youtube with a song that went along with this book. I thought it was very good. It would be good for younger kids learning the alphabet or those students who need a review on it. It has good rhymes and has words that students can understand for the most part. It would be very beneficial to have this book in the classroom library.

    12. Playful pictures showing alligator antics beginning with each letter of the alphabet (two words for each). Kids could guess some on their own; would need to look more closely with guidance for others, but may remember them the next time through.

    13. Fun illustrations present fun way for kids to learn or reinforce sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Although classic, two-tone illustrations the fun poses and ideas will keep kids' interest.

    14. Title: Alligators All Around Author: Maurice SendakGenre: ABC BookTheme(s): alphabet, animals, alliterationOpening line/sentence: (“Alligators all around, Bursting balloons, Catching colds…”)Brief Book Summary: (Alligators All Around takes readers on a journey through a day in the life of an alligator, using the ABCs to describe things that an alligator might do. The alligators do lots of silly activities, such as juggle jellybeans, order oatmeal, and wear wigs. Much like Sendak’s other [...]

    15. Sendak, Maurice. Alligators All Around. New York: Harper Collins, 1962.Take a bite into the life of an alligator, while learning your ABC’s along the way! Sendak’s classic alphabet book uses fun alliterative descriptions of the alligators engaging in daily activities. From bursting balloons to wearing wigs, the consistent pattern of a verb followed by a noun creates an easy to follow flow for readers. Moreover, Sendak’s unique illustrations enhance comprehension by demonstrating what’s o [...]

    16. This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.This alliterative alphabet book is one of four titles in Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library. A family of expressively drawn alligators introduces us to each letter of the alphabet with simple two-word phrases that describe what one or more of the alligators is doing in the illustrations.Some pages are pretty mundane and serious, such as "M making macaroni," where the little boy alligator watches his mother stirring noodles in a pot, and D doin [...]

    17. Maurice Sendak alphabet book, Alligators All Around, is beautifully illustrated picture book. It was originally published in 1962 and recommended for readers between 4 and 8. Maurice Sendak is a laudable author and illustrator. He was awarded the Hans Christian Anderson award for his body of work but no award for this book specifically. His art style is distinctive using only a few colors to illustrate expressive characters. This cartoon alligator nuclear family is not always on their best behav [...]

    18. Sendak's Alligator's All Around captures the pleasant aloofness of an alligator family. Through the simple rhythm of an alphabet book, the alligators are developed into characters that enjoy the unique side of life. The opening page depicts the alligators with snouts pointed up, eyes closed, and hand claws purposefully bent towards the body. The only landscape cue is offered by the shining sun in the right corner of an otherwise completely white backdrop. It portends a day that will be filled wi [...]

    19. “Alligators all around” by Maurice Sendak is a book that will make you smile and make you feel so good about the world around you. It is a book that makes you see things differently. The book is an alphabet book but all about alligators and their day-to-day life. It is most charming and you cannot help but swoon over the family of alligators and their quirks. “Alligators all around” is an alphabet book that teaches a lot. It is all about what alligators do and they are adorable if I migh [...]

    20. Alligators All Around is an ABC book that follows a family of alligators through the funny and sometimes weird things that they do. While you are learning about this family of alligators you are learning about the letters of the alphabet. I first thought the book would just start with the alligators and the letter A and then use different animals with the other letters, as that is how most ABC books work. However, Sendak manages to create a cohesive story with the alphabet by using the same fami [...]

    21. In Maurice’s final edition to this collection, he wrote an illustrated the alphabet book Alligators All Around. The book personifies alligators and the lives they live. Each letter is on a different page. Each letter is used to describe something that the alligators do just like human. The text is at the bottom of the page. The letter is that correlates with each page is very large and in both upper and lowercase. In this book the colors are minimal again but he chooses to highlights the green [...]

    22. This is an alphabet children’s book about an alligator going through the letters A to Z to help readers learn. This is another great book for a younger classroom. It will help them learn the alphabet and a lot of words that go with it. This Maurice Sendak book is another classic that will brighten any young learners day through the fun and silly alligator going through the alphabet. This would be a really good book for a kindergarten classroom, although it is very simple, some students will ne [...]

    23. Alligators All Around is another ABC book. The alliteration is cute but sometimes rather contrived. What 2-3 year old knows what "quarrelsome" means? Not that I mind teaching my child new vocabulary, it just seems kind of silly to me. The other letters I had an issue with:F "forever fooling" uh what? what does that even mean?M "making macaroni" In the illustration mama alligator is CLEARLY not making macaroni.O "ordering oatmeal" Alligators don't eat oatmeal! Plus who orders oatmeal at a restaur [...]

    24. This is a Circular Story that starts will the letter A: “Alligators all around”, and continues all the way through the alphabet until it ends with “Alligators all around” once more. Each letter has a mnemonic word to connect with the letter. For example: “Bursting Balloons”, “Catching Cold”, and “Doing Dishes”. This book is a fun and catchy way to introduce the alphabet, and help the students have a better phonemic awareness of each letter. Maybe even using hand motions to ac [...]

    25. Alligators All Around is an alphabet children’s book about an alligator going through the letters A to Z to help readers learn. This is another great book for a younger classroom. It will help them learn the alphabet and a lot of words that go with it. This is a fun book to involve the whole classroom and get them excited about reading. I thought this would be a great book for students around the age of 4 to 6 years old because that's the age where they are normally learning to read and learn [...]

    26. I was looking for books with alligators as part of letter A week with Natalie. Maurice Sendak was something I had to check out. I was quite happy with this book. While hoping for an actual story, I really liked that this alphabet featured the alligators throughout and that it consistently used alliteration throughout. I felt that the actions and descriptions, even though so short, actually developed character of the alligators to some degree.

    27. Each letter is represented with a picture corresponding to the two or three word phrase describing what the alligators are doing. I liked the fact that the words need some thinking, a beginning reader cannot read them all by guessing from the picture alone. He must use decoding. I didn't like the "I" page, "imitating indians," though. The alligators are even wearing headdresses, holding a tomohawk and smoking a peacepipe. Stereotypical and not politically correct.

    28. Interesting that so many people get upset about I, which is for "imitating Indians," while no one seems bothered that P is for "pushing people". The appearance of an activity in this book hardly qualifies as an endorsement of the same. Sometimes alligators (and people, too) do things that perhaps they shouldn't. This alphabet seems particularly amusing to me as all of the entries in it are eminently relatable.

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