How Little Lori Visited Times Square

How Little Lori Visited Times Square A Sendak treasure long out of print available for the first time in decades

  • Title: How Little Lori Visited Times Square
  • Author: Amos Vogel Maurice Sendak Morris Karol
  • ISBN: 9780060284626
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Sendak treasure long out of print available for the first time in decades.

    One thought on “How Little Lori Visited Times Square”

    1. A good friend of mine brought little Lori's adventure to my attention a year ago, and I've now had the chance to obtain a copy and re-read it.This book is I mean You just have to read it. Really. It's that simple.And make sure someone is filming your reaction when you reach the last two pages, because it is a doozy.

    2. Sendak's illustrations are intriguingbut I found the story unsettling.I didn't spill my orange juice from amusement, and if the story was written for the author's children, I can only wonder what message Vogel was trying to impart.

    3. I didn't like the end. When I finished reading it to my son, he said "does he get back home?" Not a good book for young kids.

    4. What a brilliant and quirky little picture book, illustrated by Maurice Sendak. I think it was dormant for years and recently re-issued (?). Though dated (pre-JFK, e.g "Idyllwild Airport"), it remains a gripping tale of a boy trying (unsuccessfully) to navigate the transportation of NYC to get to Times Square. It's unrealistic that a boy of that age (6?) would be traveling around alone in the city and, hence, I would disagree with the reviewer who thinks the story would traumatize the little one [...]

    5. What a strange little picture book. It was published the same year as WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and despite the popularity of that book, this one illustrated by Sendak never really caught on. It's a shame though because it is a quirky little picture book that has a lot of fun hidden text in the illustrations that adds to the humor. I found out about this book from attending an event at Literati Bookstore where Philip and Erin Stead talked about their favorite odd and obscure picture books. This [...]

    6. I found this at our library and it looks like it's been out of print until very recently. The illustrations are by Maurice Sendak and the whole book is absolutely delightful. A must read for anyone who loves Sendak or NYC (is there anyone on the planet that doesn't fall into one of those camps?)The whole point of this book is silliness. Here's a parenthetical warning from the title page: "(This is a very funny book and should not be read while drinking orange juice, or you will spill it!)"

    7. The end was not ruined by Mr. Vogel at all. It's children's literature at its best. The way the turtle speaks, occupying many and many pages, is naively genius. And that was Mr. Sendak. A treasure rediscovered for all Sendak fans and children of all times.

    8. This is a delightfully weird and wonderful children's book. I've checked it out of the library over and over again, more for my own enjoyment than for the wee ones. It isn't sweet, it isn't depressing, it falls just this side of odd and I rather enjoy that.

    9. Emerson found this little gem at the nypl store. We sat down on the floor and read it. He liked it a lot! We didn't buy it bc we had a lot to carry but we may order it.

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