To Command and Collar

To Command and Collar Determined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands submissives Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction Once informed the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices

  • Title: To Command and Collar
  • Author: Cherise Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9781611186673
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • Determined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands submissives, Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction Once informed, the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices so the slavers will invite him to the big auction To Raoul s shock, one of the slaves is the kidnapped friend of a Shadowlands sub She has a scarred body and an unbroken sDetermined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands submissives, Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction Once informed, the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices so the slavers will invite him to the big auction To Raoul s shock, one of the slaves is the kidnapped friend of a Shadowlands sub She has a scarred body and an unbroken spirit He can t leave her behind Ruining the FBI s carefully laid plans, he buys her.Kimberly s freedom has come at a devastating price the other women are still slaves An FBI raid is their only hope for rescue Desperate to help the Feds locate the big auction, she agrees to pose as Master Raoul s slave Wearing a collar again is terrifying, but under the powerful dominant s care, Kim starts to heal and then to blossom This is what she s been drawn to and fled from her entire life.She escaped the slavers who captured her body can she escape the master who s captured her heart

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    1. Cherise Sinclair is the author who introduced me to the exciting world of BDSM through her Masters of the Shadowlands series. Every story has been sweet, funny, and very sexy, and the Masters and their subs are always wonderful, loving, and sometimes emotionally and physically scarred people who I can’t help but care about. I can’t explain it, but there’s just something in the way Ms. Sinclair tells a story, the way she pulls us into the minds and hearts of these people that makes everythi [...]

    2. Mine. Mine to possess, to protect, to push, to cherish. To loveIS BOOK WAS HEART-BREAKINGD HARSH!To Command and Collar by Cherise Sinclair, the sixth book in the Masters of The Shadowlands series, is the most intense and emotionally trying book of the series thus far. It was most definitely a book that pushed my boundaries and had be cringing, but it also had me cheering for a broken heroine and a very caring Master. The book was dark and at times very hard to take. But in the end, in all the da [...]

    3. Warning: This was a DNFOh my goodness, what happened to my Shadowlands? I was SO excited about this book and it lived up to its promise for a short, short while. And then, suddenly, the impossible plot points are just stacking up and KILLING me.So, this girl has been kidnapped and used as a sex slave and is finally free. But to help the FBI, she needs to be able to perform in a scene with this Dom she's terrified of. The FBI's solution: Make her live as a 24/7 slave to a dom she's terrified of. [...]

    4. ***4.25 Stars***"I like when you hold me.""I like when I hold you too."Hands down my favorite in the series so far! It was dark, intense and emotional, as I expected it to be since the plot revolves around human trafficking and sex slaves, but it was also full of hope and healing. The story dealt with issues of self-worth, societal gender roles, self-doubt, trust, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Master Raoul was the absolute perfect blend of patient and caring and possessive and protective. He [...]

    5. I've seen several reviews say both "not my favorite" and "this is a brave book" and I have to agree that it is a very brave book. I also think it showcases the author's craft growth. Some of my previous reviews noted that some of her books started to take on a sameness feel. But this book really departs from some of her previous books in the series and takes on an incredibly difficult subject matter, and does it with surprising delicacy. I think that even those who like BDSM stories won't necess [...]

    6. I am a big fan of Cherise Sinclair, but this book just wasn't for me!The master /slave thing is so not erotic to me. I find it both gross and creepy. (view spoiler)[ The idea that this poor girl who has been through so much violence (kidnapped, raped, tortured, stabbed etc) has to be publicly whipped, in the end, in order to prove she is worthy of her Master?? What?Gross! And doing this whole whipping sex scene at a baby party Is that really appropriate?(hide spoiler)]I couldn't relate to the he [...]

    7. Wow! I jumped in so fast after book 5 that I didn't even have time to update my status. Book 6 - To Command and Collar - is the story of Raoul and Kimberly. She is a victim of "real" non-consensual sexual slavery and trafficking. I don't like giving stories away, but if you like a good, hot BDSM story with a great plot and suspense, THIS is it. I could not put it down. Halfway through the book, I had to stop and remember to breathe because it was so nerve racking.You rarely get to read an entire [...]

    8. Raoul and KimberlyFull review at Fiction Vixen Book Reviews “The rest of the time, you submit completely to me, ” Master R said. He leaned forward, holding her eyes. “For sex, for clothing, for food and exercise. As we lived before. You are mine.”I am always on the lookout for a realistic BDSM writer so I was thrilled when I discovered Cherise Sinclair about one year ago. After reading one of her Masters of Shadowlands books I went out and bought all 5 of them.In book 5, Make Me, Sir, FB [...]

    9. Since this book was actually my favorite in the series so far I will try to make this a decent review.The book begins were the previous one left off with Raoul invited at a "mini" slave auction were there are only three "damaged" women, at a lower price and three buyers. Raoul goes to this auction with instructions from the FBI not to buy any woman so he will be invited to the larger auction later. But when Raoul spots Kim, Gabi's friend among the women he can't resist buying her. After that Kim [...]

    10. And so this was the last. Huge sigh here.Let me begin with what I didn't like. I didn't like some "scenes", with flogger and whips (not my tastes), I didn't like the violence in some parts - even if I can understand it. They were some sick people.I liked everything else. I like him, a very dom, but sweet and caring and responsible. And I liked very much her, a woman who endured some of the worst and capapble to be brave, so brave!I think I got the best of BDSM fiction with Cherise Sinclair! Yest [...]

    11. I am not really sure how to begin this review, I have thought on it for two days and I'm just gonna give it the old college try. I have to first start by saying this is the most emotionally draining book that I have read from CS. I have loved every one of the Shadowlands books and this one was no exception, but getting into Kimberly's head as she went through the terror of being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery and then reliving those fears with her throughout the book actually had me pu [...]

    12. TO COMMAND AND COLLAR is a sexy, emotionally packed masterpiece.Master Raoul has commanded Club Shadowlands' fans attention since we first met him. I mean who can resist a dark haired, dark eyed DOM with all that smoldering Latino sensuality? The emotions he feels and displays while rescuing Kimberly are intense. The patience he shows while dealing with her PTSD and the ability he has to push her without damaging her psyche is amazing. The way he puts her needs and satisfaction above his is hear [...]

    13. Dark, gritty and suspenseful, I really liked this book - BDSM with a plot and dealing with a relevant subject. I'm sure shit like this actually goes on. So the story serves as a device for both entertainment and self-education.Raoul, the protagonist, definitely has his endearing moments, another element that kept me turning the pages. Best of all, it's a story of healing.

    14. Well I waited eagerly for the next book in the Masters of the Shadowlands series, checking the LooseID website waiting “not patiently” for news of it’s release. Funnily enough about 20 minutes after I checked to find no new info, Cherise Sinclair tweeted out the book was finally available. HOLLA! Now this is a good news/bad news situation. A few clicks later and finally another Master in my hot little handsd news it was already after 1200 midnight. I sensed a late night in my future - how [...]

    15. DNF. Stopped halfway through. The biggest problem for me is the stockholm syndrome factor. I'm already hesitant about 24/7 slaves. It takes a lot to convince me that the relationship is "equal" when it's so vastly disproportionate. It bugs me that someone can't make up her (yes, her, because I've yet to read a book with a male slave) mind enough to figure out what to make for dinner, let alone what to do with her time.With this book, the situation is so much worse because she comes into the rela [...]

    16. Another amazing book in the Shadowlands series, Cherise Sinclair is the master of this genre. Her books are engaging and emotional, and her characters are fantastic. I’ve had a difficult time deciding which Shadowlands master was my favorite, I thought after the last book it was Marcus but now I’m certain it’s Master Raoul—hands down. He is the most dominant, frightening master with the biggest heart. He is patient and caring and yet balances that beautifully with a supremely dominant na [...]

    17. I really liked this book. It was a darker than previous book because of the slave ring and abuse. I did love how Raul treated Kim, but I think I was a little put off with Kim's wishy washy-ness about being a slave. I know I should have more understanding because of all that she has gone through, but I'm just not sure I really care for her as much. And as much as I really like Raul, I felt that he was one of the more weaker doms I've read in this series. He seemed a bit too sensitive given the fa [...]

    18. Fine beginning, poor ending. All this slavery related things made me nauseous and to think she ends almost where she startedt what I was expecting and hoping for

    19. Full review posted here: seducedbythebook/?p=1944This is a hard review to write. Not because it was a bad book, far from that. It is just a hard subject to write about. This book deals with rape, gang rape, slave trafficking and a Master/slave relationship that a lot of people may find hard. The review will contain spoilers, but I will let you know ahead of time and use my handy dandy spoiler tool to warn you.This is book 6 in the series Masters of the Shadowlands. While you don’t need to read [...]

    20. Determined to break apart the slave-ring that has been preying on the Shadowlands submissives, Master Raoul snags himself an invite into a viewing of some “bargain-basement” slaves. His mission from the FBI is to reject all the slaves with the hopes of being invited into the auction which would allow them to finally arrest the leaders of the evil Harvest Association. Unfortunately, Raoul finds it hard not to “buy” one of the cheaper slaves when she turns out to be the best friend of Gabi [...]

    21. Check out my review on:readourlipsblog/2My ReviewThis was an incredible book! Emotional, powerful, sexual, thought provoking and more. I’m a huge fan of the Shadowlands Series and Cherise Sinclair in general. I can always tell that she cares a lot about the characters she writes. To Command and Collar was no exception.Kimberly has been abducted by human traffickers selling sex slaves. To say she was mistreated is the understatement of the year. She is being sold as “damaged merchandise” be [...]

    22. Posted onUnder the CoversI haven’t felt this way about a book since Sherrilyn Kenyon’s ACHERON. TO COMMAND AND COLLAR follows the same premise – a character suffers the cruel, soul-stripping torture of being a sex slave.First off, I have to warn readers that this book is much more darker than any of the others in the series combined. Most of you would recognize the heroine in this book. Kimberly Moore is Gabi’s best friend, the heroine from MAKE ME, SIR. As you know, Kim was kidnapped an [...]

    23. WOW! AMAZING! Cherise Sinclair is awesome. She created a relationship like no other. First off let me state that I treat BDSM like I do vampire books. It's a realm I will never ever live in, but I enjoy reading because it is sooooo out-there, with that in mind here is the rest of my review.Who would have guessed that a BDSM relationship would be therapeutic? As a nurse I've seen trauma, emotional and physical and while the physical is terrible it usually never compares to the emotional. To help [...]

    24. Masterfully done! Cherise Sinclair's insightful and compelling look into D/s relationships was emotional and compelling. Kim and Raoul were compelling and dynamic. The journey of Raoul transforming Kim's emotions from those of fear and self-loathing to trust and love was beautiful.This book was not just about BDSM or D/s relationships but the ugliness of abuse that could potentially surround those relationships. Sinclair expertly wove those facets into the story with Kim abduction and multiple r [...]

    25. Alrighty, I'm writing this review from the POV of someone who almost never reads anything BDSM related, and learned everything she knows thanks to those few books she read (and a couple of conversations). I'm also not a huge fan of the genre, because it often feels repetitive to me, and while a couple of the kinks definitely push my buttons, a lot of others don't.So when I am tempted to read a BDSM story, it's often because the story-line intrigues me. This has lead to mixed results, because mos [...]

    26. Another winner and must buy from the talented Ms. Sinclair. I adore Ms. Sinclair's BDSM books. I call them gateway to BDSM books. In TO COMMAND AND COLLAR, we delve deeper into the BDSM subculture -- the grittier side of it. Kimberly has been kidnapped off the streets and sold as a sex slave. What she previously enjoyed for fun, she's now traumatized by the sadistic and cruelty of sexual slavery. At wits' end, Kimberly only longs for death. Luckily, intervention via Master Raoul saves her sanity [...]

    27. Okay I said the book before this one was my favorite this one is too. I love this series and it seems that the books are getting better and better. Master R and Kimberly story was so emotional I was teary eyed to find love after being enslaved and beaten and learn to trust. Kimberly faced her fears with a master who saved her it was beautiful. To Command and Collar continues where Make Me, Sir leaves off. The ongoing investigation into the white slavery ring and putting a stop to these sick anim [...]

    28. As reviewed on kinkybookreviews:Ok, I just want to dance around singing, “The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town!” However, I don’t want the Masters to think I’m calling them boys or anything so, we’ll leave that song in my head and just say, “The Masters are BACK and better than ever!”When I finished reading Marcus and Gabi’s story, I immediately tracked down Ms Sinclair and begged her to tell me that we’d find Kim. I believe her response was a chuckle and a “w [...]

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