Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth

Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth An intrepid explorer climbs down down down the page as he voyages through the center of the earth in this unusually inventive comic adventure Intrepid explorer Leo Geo is heading off on a mission in

  • Title: Leo Geo and His Miraculous Journey Through the Center of the Earth
  • Author: Jon Chad
  • ISBN: 9781596436619
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An intrepid explorer climbs down, down, down the page as he voyages through the center of the earth in this unusually inventive comic adventure.Intrepid explorer Leo Geo is heading off on a mission into the unknown With science as his sidekick, he intends to tunnel his way to the center of the earth Of course, things never turn out quite the way you expect when you re buAn intrepid explorer climbs down, down, down the page as he voyages through the center of the earth in this unusually inventive comic adventure.Intrepid explorer Leo Geo is heading off on a mission into the unknown With science as his sidekick, he intends to tunnel his way to the center of the earth Of course, things never turn out quite the way you expect when you re burrowing your way through the earth s layers Before long, Leo is forced to leave his tunneling machine behind, and he climbs, crawls, and falls to his destination while dodging giant centipedes, man eating quadclops, and an evil army of subterranean malvisors bent on invading the surface Kids will be drawn in by the unusual format of this inventive comic, following Leo as he climbs deeper and deeper into a very long and skinny book and they may just learn a few things about geology as they go.

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    1. Totally disappointing. First off, does Leo really have to stand and point below him in such a way that it looks like his penis is hanging out? Second, most of the book is untrue which makes the rest of it suspect, especially if you don't have a little background in geology. Monsters and monster kings and cities in the mantle and outer core? Those are obvious untruths. Fossils in the mantle, pottery in the mantle, mining in the mantle, please! Three, why vacillate between using Fahrenheit and Cel [...]

    2. An unconventional and gorgeously illustrated descent into the core of the world. Leo Geo drills, climbs, falls, is carried, deeper into the crust, all the while popping out instructive nuggets of information pertaining to his current environment. We meet creatures large and small, universally strange, and combat an underground race as we, passing through the core, change our descent to an ascension to the surface.The book itself is about four inches tall and a foot long. Leo geo instructs us to [...]

    3. One of the coolest books I've read lately! Jon is a genius. The layout of the book is not only extremely interesting, but it actually adds to the story of the book as you crawl through one side of the earth to the next. As a librarian I had trouble cataloging this book for my library collection. I kept being tempted to put it in with non fiction since it had so many great facts interspersed with the fun story. What a joy!

    4. This book is amazing! I love that Jon Chad is able to take a topic that a lot of kids (and adults) find challenging to both comprehend and appreciate, and make it incredibly fascinating. This is a wonderful example of how science and art can co-exist. I am a science person, but what really struck me was not the science, but the creativity of the Chad. Leo is simple- just an outlined figure. Some reviewers perceive this is a limitation, I however think it is a strength. Leo stands in contrast to [...]

    5. Leo Geo invites us to come along on a miraculous journey to the center of the Earth, but first we need to turn the book sideways, creating a vertical read four inches wide and more than two feet long. There is plenty to devour as Leo climbs, skids, drops and drills through the lithosphere, mantle and outer-core. Leo’s small figure, which resembles a plumped out stick figure, conveys his personality, and a lot of geologic info, through a steady patter of speech-bubbled chat. At the halfway poin [...]

    6. Smart kids! Geology wizards! Lovers of comics! YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS BOOK. The title pretty much says it all: this graphic novel is the uniquely illustrated miraculous journey through the center of the earth by the intrepid Leo Geo. And, while that in and of itself is rather fun, the artwork is so detailed and intricate that you could pour over the book for hours and still not see all there is to see.Leo Geo, the explorer, goes through great peril for his most worthy cause: science! As he ques [...]

    7. Weird, very strange book. At first this seemed like a no brainer to booktalk to upper elementary for summer reading this year (2013's theme is "Dig into Reading"). But after a reading a pile more books for this age group, I wasn't inspired with something to say about it that would hook a classroom of kids.It's an odd book. Super long and skinny, it illustrates a humanoid figure crawling through the imagined center of the earth, encountering contraptions and creatures along the way. There isn't r [...]

    8. This is actually a rating from both me and my 7yo son. He asked if he could give the book 100 stars since it was "that good". I loved that it sparked an interest in science while making it fun. He loved the illustrations and figuring out the more difficult vocabulary. We checked it out from the library 5 times and finally ordered it. He kept finding new things to look at or ask about.

    9. I am so not sure how to classify this bookrt graphic novel, part nonfiction, part creative fiction, part fantasy. Leo head to the center of the earth and back out again. This book works in several directions. A fun read.

    10. Cute idea, excellent execution, somewhat lacking on the story side. Well, completely lacking, but it's short enough that it doesn't matter that much.There's science everywhere in the dialogue and none at all in the book. It's a bit confusing. The character *talks* a good science game, to the point of reciting physics equations when leaping from one boulder to another, but the book itself is a hodgepodge of Victorian wackiness. Lost civilizations, giant humanoid monsters, cute fossil skeletons a [...]

    11. What first strikes and appeals to you about Jon Chad's book is the shape. It's long and thin and asks to be read portrait-style as a lengthy narrative. As you hold the book open on its double-page spreads, you follow Leo on his descent through to the centre of the Earth and then back out the other side - the gutter acting as a wonderful break in descent. On his way, Chad greets us with a range of interesting and informative facts about the Earth's geology whilst spinning a fantastical Verneesque [...]

    12. The story of Leo Geo is written in a comic book format, Leo is a non-descript featureless human form that imparts a few facts, some true, some not, as he journeys to the earth’s core. Chad’s use of scientific terms may be a little hard for some to comprehend, yet this is a book that could also be “read”, without reading as the images take you step by step on his journey. Even the twisting and turning of the book, in its unusual format, lend to the text, guiding the reader on. As Leo Geo [...]

    13. I absolutely love the innovative format of Leo Geo. You start with the book in landscape format, and then it guides you to turn it so that you're reading from the top down and then you turn it again in the center of the book and read your way up to the end of the book as Leo climbs up out of the center of the earth to the other side. I maybe would have liked color, maybe even one color, to add some pop to the pages since each contains a large number of chronological scenes that are portrayed sim [...]

    14. I love the look of this book, and the format. Leo Geo is a scientist, an explorer who is journeying to the center of the earth and taking readers along for the journey. The book is long and narrow, and while reading it must be held vertically so that the reader can see Leo Geo burrowing down, down, down into the earth. The journey is fun, Leo is an entertaining and engaging narrator who throws out factual information in a fun way. Leo gives the reader quite a few geological terms, a little bit o [...]

    15. This book just looks intriguing at first glance. It is a different size and format than your normal book. I really loved that you start reading the book like normal and then turn it on end and then in the middle you turn it again. I like the fact that the text mimics the journey through the earth. At the beginning this seems like a very nice scientific little book. There are lots of facts about the earth as Leo starts his journey. Then all of the sudden there are monsters and magic daggers and t [...]

    16. "Luck? Magic? No, thanks! All I need is good, sound science!"I won this book in a giveaway.The art direction of the book is nice and clean, yet detailed. The way you have to hold the book differently at certain parts is fun, although at first very awkward.Story is basic, but has some cool science facts throughout the book. I like how the main character relies on and utilizes science rather than magic or other things of the like. Some of my nit-picks:I realize this book was probably made for a y [...]

    17. I would like to like this book more. It's unconventional; it has an unusual shape, an unusual layout, the reader must flip through the pages reading from top to bottom instead of left to right and turn the whole thing around half way through -- these things are fun!Where Leo Geo falls short is in the actual story. The bizarre marriage of real science and wacky science-fiction is inharmonious. It seems that the author wishes to present science as a tool as strong and as wonderful as magic or luck [...]

    18. This book gets most of its stars for the innovative format and the great artwork. The titular character travels through the center of the earth and continues on to the other side to emerge in Taipei. On the way he encounters underground cities, strange creatures and monsters. The problem I have with this book is that it needs to make up it's mind as to what it's about. Leo Geo claims more than once that he's going on this quest "For science!" and he sprinkles in a few scientific facts and define [...]

    19. This is a super quick read, and it's cute for kids 7-11 (or so). The format is really unique (long & narrow, read from top to bottom), and I think kids would really like it, but I mostly thought it was awkward. There's a lot of great information here, and I would definitely use this in a 4th or 5th grade unit on the layers of the earth, and it could be a good exercise in fact vs fiction. However, as an adult reading this, there is no real plot or sense of urgency or desperation; it kind of r [...]

    20. Very unusual. Graphic novel style illustrations and text. Direction of page orientation shifts multiple times as Leo travels through the layers of the earth. Creative and interesting science elements integrated throughout, however the use of fictional creatures and minimal reflection on Leo's ability to survive in the environment makes me hesitant to recommend this book as anything other than fiction - which is too bad, because there is quite a bit of solid science content throughout that is pre [...]

    21. 4th, 5th, 6th Holding the book vertically, we travel with Leo Geo down into the center of the Earth, flip the book and travel back up. The drawings are busy, yet simple. True facts are mixed in with sci-fi, which could take away from readers expecting the truths to be true. You could do some fun things with this book: sorting fact from fiction, alliteration (pouncing pavlovs, energizing Edisons, Hopscotching Hubbles, etc), researching all the referencesHowever, as an independent read it didn't s [...]

    22. This book is about An intrepid explorer climbs down, down, down the page as he voyages through the center of the earth in this unusually inventive comic adventure.Intrepid explorer Leo Geo is heading off on a mission into the unknown. With science as his sidekick, he intends to tunnel his way to the center of the earth. Of course, things never turn out quite the way you expect when you're burrowing your way through the earth's layers. Before long, Leo is forced to leave hisI recomound this book [...]

    23. I don't feel like I was the right audience for this book. While the idea of the book being turned and turned again, was cool, I felt the main story of the book was lacking anything beyond a quick lesson on the different layers of Earth. I would recommend it to parents however as it has some really neat information. Just not neat in a way for an adult to gain anything new out of it.

    24. Despite the odd shape this book is an engaging tale of Leo Geo who takes on the task of traveling to the center of the earth. Plenty of sci-fi fantasy sprinkles the facts with interesting creatures and adventure that kids will barely notice they have read words like geothermal, magma, and metamorphic. Good clever fun

    25. The unusual shape of this graphic novel will appeal to some readers, however, it makes it difficult to shelve. In addition, the story of Leo's trip to the center of the universe is a mixture of fact and fantasy which will likely confuse less savvy readers. It could also benefit from some color as it looks like blank coloring book pages otherwise.

    26. Narrow graphic novel for tweens, teens, and geologists of all ages. Leo Geo heads down the narrow size of this book, battling monsters with scientific know-how, and a couple lucky breaks. Show this to anybody doing a science project about the layers of the earth, and to any jaded geologists who need some magic to accompany them on their scientific adventures.

    27. I thought the mix of science and fantasy was a bit confusing, in that one moment the main character is rattling off mathematical equations and scientific facts, and the next he is battling subterranean monsters. Also, I'm pretty sure the author meant "reek," not "reak," when describing the odor of the quadclops monster. I really liked the format of the book, though.

    28. Leo Geo takes a journey through the center of the earth. This is a really creative part fantasy, part nonfiction graphic novel. The layout was great. It is a narrow book that is read from top to bottom as Leo Geo descends into the earth and then the reader flips the book after he reaches the center of the Earth and begins to ascend to the surface.

    29. This odd shaped graphic novel really captivated my sons, with the under ground adventures of tunnels, rocks, lava, monsters, alien kings, and the Quadraclops! But it's never creeps into the realm of horror. And the way actual facts about geology and biology are integrated into the story makes this story a fun science fiction adventure.

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