Even More Terrible Tudors

Even More Terrible Tudors Takes you back for another look at the mad Tudor monarchs and their suffering subjects who just could not help losing their heads Read on for information about the good times and the gory from the gr

  • Title: Even More Terrible Tudors
  • Author: Terry Deary MartinBrown
  • ISBN: 9780590112543
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Takes you back for another look at the mad Tudor monarchs and their suffering subjects, who just could not help losing their heads Read on for information about the good times and the gory from the great goose fairs to the painful punishments and trickery of the ruthless royal family.

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    1. As a child history was one of my favourite school subjects thus making Horrible Histories the perfect books for me.Nowadays children have the television series yet I belong to the older group that had the books. Personally, I believe any child who has an interest in history should give these books a go. They’re truly gripping and so many topics are covered. Honestly, Horrible Histories are well worth a read.

    2. I learnt thet in the Tudor times there were many crucial punishments example stertching people and gauging their eyes out

    3. There wasn't much information about Henry 8 or Queen Elizabeth. The book was just a collection of random facts moreso than the other Horrible History books.

    4. Filled full of facts (which I can't remember), which help to provide a good timeline for the period between Henry VII and Elizabeth I. As you would expect from the title very English in nature (don't expect a view of the world at the same time), but an interesting catch-up and reminder of the period.

    5. From a rather humble beginning of relatively unknown (at that time) Henry Tudor, the Tudors presided over the rise of England as one of the world powers, with Henry VIII and his wives and abolishing the Catholic Church, Mary and Mary (both Catholic, one is Queen of Scots) who tried to turn back the clock, and ended with Elizabeth I who ruled over the Golden Ages, with Shakespeare and Drake and Raleigh along with her. The Tudors were a vicious family indeed, intrigues just ran in their blood.

    6. Horrible Histories: Terrifying Tudors by Terry Deary is about Tudors in the historic times. This book tells you real facts while making it funny for kids. It would tell you what each Tudor did, how they died and so on. You would like this book if you like to know more about Tudors and comedic books.

    7. Even More Terrible Tudors is a book my parents got me in 2003 to read when we started studying the Tudors at school and I remember flying through it about seven times in that year before losing interest and never coming back to it. This was a book that really helped me learn a lot at a young age and I really aced history class when we were studying this for the first time. I was totally enamoured, the humour having me turn the pages constantly, devouring every word even when I could almost recit [...]

    8. One word: Amazing. This book to me was classic Horrible Histories. The others I've read over the past few weeks have been great, but no where near as good as this one.I can't remember what the first 'Terrible Tudors' book covered but this one was made up of sections on each Tudor monarch. Deary included information about each monarch and how they were as a ruler, but also snuck other relevant information in such as Tudor pastimes and grizzly medicines.The quizzes were very well thought out and w [...]

    9. I found this book to be rather good - even though it's a book aimed at a far younger audience, the great thing about the Horrible Histories series is that it focuses on cute (read; gory) anecdotes. These are the quirky things that really grab the attention of younger readers that you often don't find in the grand histories focusing on personalities and the great movements of history. Sometimes it's just refreshing to read about how during the Tudor period they cooked a cockatrice by sewing a chi [...]

    10. The sequel of the Horrible History in Tudor time. After reading this, you'll know why Henry VIII loved chopping heads off, and the public's infatuation with attending public executions (it was one of the only few entertainments available then). And you'll understand why people actually died from eating breads, because most of the ingredients were made up of CHALK (and a bit of flour). Eeww! Tudor die-hard fans should definitely read this.

    11. This book was about Tudors. The tudors were vicious people such as Henry the 3rd. Henry the 3rd was incredibly violent. The tudors cared about the religion. The country's religion changed every time a new tudor becomes a new king. This made me interested. It got my attention and started to attract to me to the world of history. There were some creepy parts but those parts are the only parts I hate. Other wise, it is pretty good.

    12. Contrary to popular opinion this wasn't my favourite of the horrible histories, I prefers the Victorian one instead. Still a great tool for leaning and great for children. However I felt that the focus being on many different historical figures in contrast to the Victorian period made it much duller and I didn't enjoy this one as much. But as I said! Horrible histories are still a great tool for children and would highly recommend them for them!

    13. It is extremely interesting! It enables to look deep in history from another brand new side and u just feel surprising like "wow, how cruel was Elizabeth!" And u maybe do not have chance to discover the terrifying side of Elizabeth I in a normal history book. Worth reading no matter whether u like history! But u definitely do not have to remember all the info in this book as i think it could only offer u some topics to chat about

    14. I love the Horrible History series, the idea of making History fun for children who don't really like school. Full of fun facts and gory details. My only problem with this is the fact that it talks about teachers as being the enemy. I understand that it is seen as a tool for the children reading it to relate and to detach the series from actually teaching but I find that there could be better ways. Mentioning teachers as horrible could be a way to reinforce this distance in the school context.

    15. I've always loved the horrible histories books, as I read them at primary school. They make history interesting and the little cartoon bits are cool. There isn't really much to say about this but I would definitely recommend this to kids who want to learn about history, and maybe teens and adults too :P

    16. Since the Tudors ruled for so long, it's no wonder that there is enough material for two editions of this book. This one highlights Queen Elizabeth I. While I knew all the facts that were presented, it was entertaining to read some of the parts of everyday life, recipes, possible punishments for crimes, etc.

    17. Horrible Histories is a series of illustrated books published in the UK by . They are designed to get children interested in history by concentrating on the trivial, unusual, gory, or unpleasant. They are exceptionally well loved by my history loving children

    18. My second Horrible History. These books seem to have a reverse bias -- every historical character was completely awful! Certainly balances out the more usual 'sanitised' versions of history, but maybe goes too far? Surely at least one of the Tudor rulers did something good?

    19. It's a book about blood gore and history what more could you want? I have read this something like 23 times because the horrible history books are one of those types of books that you can pick up and enjoy at any age.Such gore, Much Tudor 11/10

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