Black Widow: Kiss or Kill

Black Widow Kiss or Kill A senator is seduced and assassinated and his journalist son follows the trail to a fatally sexy Soviet agent This deadly woman in black moonlights as a high class escort to lure powerful men into he

  • Title: Black Widow: Kiss or Kill
  • Author: Duane Swierczynski Manuel García Joe Ahearne Brian Ching
  • ISBN: 9780785147015
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • A senator is seduced and assassinated, and his journalist son follows the trail to a fatally sexy Soviet agent This deadly woman in black moonlights as a high class escort to lure powerful men into her web of blackmail and death But Nick Crane believes he s finally found his father s murderer, and he s about to exposee Black Widow Plus Tony Stark gets his spy onA senator is seduced and assassinated, and his journalist son follows the trail to a fatally sexy Soviet agent This deadly woman in black moonlights as a high class escort to lure powerful men into her web of blackmail and death But Nick Crane believes he s finally found his father s murderer, and he s about to exposee Black Widow Plus Tony Stark gets his spy on, and the Black Widow proves she s an Iron Man s best friend, when the Ard Avenger goes undercover to take down a foe using his own decommissioned tech Collecting Black Widow 6 8 material from Iron Man Kiss and Kill

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    1. Black Widow’s been working a US Senator and now he’s dead. His journalist son goes hunting for answers – except Natasha’s been framed! Black Widow goes after “Black Widow” in Kiss or Kill!I wonder why it’s taken Marvel so long to make a Black Widow movie given the popularity of Bond and Mission: Impossible. This story has political intrigue, espionage, assassination, conspiracies, fast-moving action set in exotic locations, sexy ladies, ‘splosions, even characters wearing elabora [...]

    2. This volume is fun because it's Black Widow and she kicks a lot of ass, but there's also entirely too much of her tits and ass. And I say that as someone who can appreciate that kind of fan service as much as any hormonal teenage guy could. But while The Name of the Rose showed Natasha's feelings and relationships with other characters while she went around kicking ass, this one felt more like ass kicking with an eye to the best way to present a series of bubble butt poses. There's no feeling he [...]

    3. So Marvel just gave up and then pushed this crap out as a collected edition, huh?This book comprises the last issues of the 2010-11 Black Widow series, issues 6-8, plus some unrelated, also terrible, material from a related title.The main storyline here, holding together the three issues of the series, is write-by-numbers espionage, with no character development--other than the typical: BW is very beautiful and enjoys sexual innuendo--that never should have been used in a regular series, much le [...]

    4. 'Black Widow: Kiss or Kill' collects Black Widow #6 through #8 and includes the Iron Man collaboration 'Iron Widow'. 'Kiss or Kill' got off to a great start with issues #6 and #7 really hitting the spot (excluding the ending of #7 where super villains Fantasma and uber robot Crimson Dynamo make an appearance - it served only to derail the Bond-like plot and feel of Swierczynki's 'Black Widow' and make it more kid super hero and bad guy). The story was full of espionage, intrigue, mystery and two [...]

    5. I believe this book follows The Name of the Rose by Marjorie Liu (which I liked quite a bit more than this one), but I'm not sure because Marvel isn't very good at all explaining the chronology of their graphic volumes. (They should take a look at how DC does it.) There are three sections that are quite enjoyable with good dialog by Duane Swierczynski and art by Manuel Garcia that tell a cohesive story, but then that ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger and a final story that's neither drawn nor wr [...]

    6. I really want to like the Marvel comics, because I like the films so much. But there are so many storylines and reboots and no one ever stays dead, and I haven't been able to find a comprehensive guide to who/what/where/when. So I checked out a few random ones from the library, including this. It's a collection of a few Widow comics and an Iron Man issue that features Widow. Fun to flip through, but not a complete story, which is kind of annoying, and features the ridiculously stereotypical comi [...]

    7. This is kind of like Black Widow's Mission Impossible movie--frothy, entertaining, best enjoyed at face value.

    8. Now I realise it's naive, but being a girl who occasionally reads comic books, I can't quite shake the pesky hope that female superheroes can be well-rounded, interesting characters who are more than a walking pair of tits and a pout. And when I saw the film version of The Avengers earlier this year, I was gifted with Black Widow, a character I had initially dismissed as a bland misplaced Bond girl with no depth whatsoever (tsk tsk Iron Man 2!). So when I saw this graphic novel in my local libra [...]

    9. 2.5 stars. First things first - I didn't realise until I got home from the library that this is issues 6-8 of the story arc so I went in with not idea what happened in issues 1-5. So that was slightly problematic, but I was still pretty excited to read a Black Widow comic, because she's easily my favourite character in the MCU and I couldn't wait to see if that corresponded on the page. There were a few moments of fabulousness, but for the most part this wasn't great. While Nat did have occasion [...]

    10. I know this is part 2 but I didn't know it when I picked the book up and I didn't mind it too much. I couldn't really tell what I was missing and I still think I got the story even if the ending felt a bit rushed.I mostly liked the artwork, even it Black Widow's boobs were ridiculously big and IDK, this was such a male gaze thing. The cover is my favourite piece of art of the entire novel though.This was my first Black Widow graphic novel and it was okay, it wasn't earth shattering but I like he [...]

    11. And this very much is a book of two halves. The first half is the next 3 issues of the Black widow series (issues 1-5 being in the book 'The Name of the Rose'). The writing has changed from Majorie Liu to Duane Swierczynski. This story isn't as good as 'The Name of the Rose' but is entertaining and Manuel Garcia's art (despite a couple of wobbles) is to me easier on the eye than Daniel Acuna's. It ends abruptly to set up the Widowmaker crossover with Hawkeye & Mockingbird.So how do they fill [...]

    12. This was a relatively short story in which the Black Widow has been impersonated and implicated in an assassination. It is a fairly unremarkable espionage story that at least features a number of spy technologies to make things a bit more interesting. Despite the presence of those technologies, we also get to see that the Black Widow is effective because of how she uses whatever is at hand to deal with difficult situations. Despite that, this just isn't a terribly memorable story, and comes pack [...]

    13. This wasn't a bad story, but it lacked something that the first volume did have. First, I thought they might be connected and I guess technically they are, but they don't feel that way. Second, this story is does not flow as well as the first. I had to keep going back to figure out if I'd missed something. There's still one page that I do not understand as it seems totally unconnected to any of the pages close to it. It probably related to another part, but this one seemed to jumped around throu [...]

    14. Nick Crane, journalist, thinks that Natasha killed his father, a vice presidential candidate, and is out for revenge, but Widow is on the hunt for whoever is impersonating her and did the crime. The art wasn't as great as Liu's run (or as respectful), but I really loved the spy story and the absolutely fantastic snark between Nat and Nick. Again, loved her characterization and kickassness. It was great, resolved Nick's storyline, sent Nat off to keep investigating and then all of a sudden, Bam, [...]

    15. Pretty good, although I wish they had stretched this out over a couple more issues. Like others have reviewed, the ending feels rushed.The two Iron man stories were also pretty good. I liked seeing Iron Man and Black Widow working together, and it was amusing to seeing (view spoiler)[weeks of spy training for Tony Stark get exposed in minutes by technology. Also, there's a panel where a red headed Tony Stark is sitting around with Black Widow and Pepper and now I want a standalone with the three [...]

    16. Twisty espionage story, but you know who's the good guy because, hey, it's the Black Widow. Swierczynski is on familiar ground with this story, and his skill for penning strong female protagonists shows. I really enjoyed the second story the most, in which we ricochet between the fast paced banter and frantic action. It seems writing Iron Man inspires the innovator inside the writer, and each of them brings something interesting to the table.

    17. For Nick, evidence about the death of his father (and more people) points to Black Widow. Liked: Black Widow's "Kiss"/"Bite", backstory about CIA Blacksite in Poland, escaping/gunshot (then explosives later on) actually making Nick lose hearing while in enclosed space/ Fantasma and her "illusions" / sexual humorNot so much: Widow's enemies always seems to find her/vice-versa (I guess it would make Comics boring if it wasn't ALL action)

    18. I like Black Widow, but this was just too short for me to enjoy. I'm not a fan of books that are so short that hardly anything happens. To make things worse, the last issue is totally unrelated to the other issues - it's like it was added because Marvel knew that the page count was too low.Reading this book made me hope that Marvel doesn't cancel the current Marvel NOW series, which I am enjoying

    19. This one escaped the one star rating by very little. The story is interesting in a who is doing this and why but it ends with ???? and no solution or resolve in sight since there won't be next episode. The drawings are for the intended target (of which I am not) so that didn't help but the storyline was interesting until it ended abruptly. This is a frustrating and a waste of reading time. I just convinced myself to go back to one star.

    20. This comic has great art, good story but ending seems a little bit abrupt would be the word I guess. Because of that it seems unfinished and hurried.Iron Widow story has no connection what-so-ever to the main story line so I can only guess this issue is prelude to a series of events to follow (gotta figure out what TPB comes next though :) )

    21. I'm a sucker for Black Widow. Or at least incarnations of her like this one. The disguises, the secret plans, the special weapons, the never say die attitude. I kind of liked the story and the art. It would have been nice if the story had a beginning and an end, but at least it had a pretty good middle.

    22. The storyline was good, but I'd liked it to be a bit longer since it felt a bit rushed. It was nice to read about Black Widow, though I don't feel like this is the best work about her, and here she was portrayed mostly as fighting tits and ass, and that's not what I like to see. Otherwise it was enjoyable, but I think it's definitely possible to find something better about Natalia.

    23. So, a feisty redhead with big tits. What could possibly be wrong with that? Well, basically, she's boring. This book passed the time, but it didn't know whether it was trying to be a spy story or a superhero story. When they finally brought in another super heroine with big tits and a giant robots I guess they figured it out. Yawn. Still, I guess it was what I was expecting.

    24. A short, sweet and satisfying addition to the mythology of Marvel's super spy. I find the stand alone stories more satisfying than the multi-episode crossover epics, and Black Widow is allowed to exist on her own merits in this book. There are obvious nods to other elements of the Marvel Universe, but they always play a supporting role in a story that is more spy than super hero.

    25. This one was pretty good. Art was decent, writing was alright. Three stars because it's slow and progresses the story very little. The Iron Widow one-shot was good, but the art irked me for some reason that I can't put my finger on.Now I need to get the first Black Widow trade, as reading issues 6-8 was like trying a half-eaten cookie: good, but dissatisfying when you want the whole thing.

    26. Nothing really exciting or new here, just another 'femme fatales are hot, let's add more!' story. Disappointing after the excellent first arc (Black Widow: The Name of the Rose) by Marjorie Liu.

    27. i liked the art, but i have to be honest- i didn't really get the first story. i'm not sure if i missed something or if the ending didn't make sense? the second story was good, but basically just filler.

    28. Nowhere near as satisfying as Marjorie Liu's The Name of the Rose, but I can't fault Swierczynski for that; I've been reading comics long enough to spot editorial meddling when I read it. It was enjoyable, though, and served its purpose, I guess.

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