Discontents: The Disappearance of a Young Radical

Discontents The Disappearance of a Young Radical Emory is a jobless Millennial who refuses to conform Fletcher is an aging millionaire longing for the idealism of his youth Alone they re dreamers Together they ve got plans for revolution Emory is

  • Title: Discontents: The Disappearance of a Young Radical
  • Author: James Wallace Birch
  • ISBN: 9781466185166
  • Page: 380
  • Format: ebook
  • Emory is a jobless Millennial who refuses to conform Fletcher is an aging millionaire longing for the idealism of his youth Alone, they re dreamers Together, they ve got plans for revolution.Emory is thrust into the spotlight as the figurehead of a social movement while Fletcher hides in the shadows While Emory s newfound notoriety comes with some perks, it draws the wEmory is a jobless Millennial who refuses to conform Fletcher is an aging millionaire longing for the idealism of his youth Alone, they re dreamers Together, they ve got plans for revolution.Emory is thrust into the spotlight as the figurehead of a social movement while Fletcher hides in the shadows While Emory s newfound notoriety comes with some perks, it draws the wrong kind of attention Forced to take on an assumed identity to protect himself, he finds himself trapped by the plans he s helped set into motion and the person he s become He wants nothing than to be with the emotionally damaged, beautiful girl he loves But, she has no idea who he really is.With every step towards revolution, danger grows, relationships strain, and Emory falls further into isolation.Paranoia sets in The movement is on the verge of collapse He thinks someone is trying to get between him, Fletcher, and their plans for mayhem He s not sure who He can think of a million reasons why.With his world collapsing around him, Emory is alone, afraid, and suspicious of the people who know him best He has good reason to be Having burned just about every bridge back to the life he once lived, he must find the strength to face the mistakes of his past if he has any chance at a future.AboutPart captivating tale of love, loss, and self discovery in an age of social upheaval, part intriguing psychological mystery, part engrossing political drama, Discontents The Disappearance of a Young Radical, reads like a literary knife slicing across the seams of a tattered America.In this cult classic, author James Wallace Birch masterfully exposes the hopes and flaws of people and ideologies, cementing his place as a new and exciting voice The writing is dark and witty, but smart, poignant and insightful Characters are as dynamic as they are emotionally scarred, and the portrait of the back alleys and rooftops of the nation s capital is visceral and disturbing.BackstoryJanuary 2011 was the last time anyone has seen Emory Walden, one of the most notorious political dissidents and graffiti artists hunted by authorities throughout the District of Columbia Why That s the question Emory Walden set out to answer for the public when he contacted a former friend, James Wallace Birch, with a big request publish my memoir.This book is Emory s version of events It puts to rest the speculation surrounding his disappearance In it, we see a rare account of a man struggling against amnesia to uncover the nebulous forces that sought to bring him down.

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    1. Discontents is the second independently published ebook I have read, and I am impressed. There is a lot to like in this story. Birch demonstrates his own social awareness and a little of his politics. He’s sympathetic to the same ideals that I am, but also skeptical and a little cynical—like me. And he’s realistic.This is a political thriller from a different perspective. The main character is not a super-spy, a cop, a politician or a reporter. He really is an outsider, an overeducated, un [...]

    2. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)As I've said here before, although in general I'm proud of CCLaP's policy to review any book that any person takes the trouble to actually send, it sometimes leads to me having to do some pretty harsh critiques of titles that clearly don't deserve that harshness, titles that in fact are clearly not even ready [...]

    3. I really liked Discontents. The writing is excellent, and it satisfied from the start. But about 30 pages in, magic happened. You've read books that introduce interesting characters, an interesting world, but then the story begins to flounder and go nowhere through the middle, but instead of bogging down Discontents hit the golden gear at this point--all of a sudden, the characters were real for me, and I wanted to turn the pages and spend more time with them. Then on top of that, a plot kicked [...]

    4. Hold on tight, James Wallace Birch is about to take you for a wild ride. With more twists and turns than a world-class roller coaster, Discontents plays out like the "Blair Witch Project" of Political Thrillers. Is Birch's 'relationship' with Emory Walden real or a stroke of marketing Genius? The question will linger long after the train returns to the station. Kudos Mr. Birch!

    5. It has been quite a while since I read any form of political thriller so I was looking forward to reading "Discontents" by James Wallace Birch. What I discovered was a slow burner of a novel that explores the various ideologies that our societies are currently based around. It really did make me think about things such as the roles of governments and corporations in our lives, which I suspect are the main purpose of a novel such as this.The story itself follows the life of Emory Walden, an infam [...]

    6. Coincidently, I read Discontents just before and during the latest surge of protests in the U.S. The back drop of current events lends this book an even more powerful aura than it easily establishes on its own.This book delivers a well-balanced approach to ideas, emotions and story. It develops an intrigue of its own while weaving real events into its fabric. While the main character is self-righteous and pretentious (in his own subversive sort of way), he is also powerful and unassuming. James [...]

    7. Discontents grabbed my attention from the start-- not in a jarring or abrupt fashion-- in a carefully crafted look into the main character's persona that was just so spot on and clever it left me instantly intrigued as to who this character (Emory) was and what he'd be getting into. The style is so fresh and unique and the commentary is witty and timely has political or social commentary but it is also very realistic and down to earth. It was believable and riveting. It made me hope there were m [...]

    8. Love everything about this book. I love the concept, the writing, the subject matter, the anti-genre, the author's a super-nice guy too! If you liked The Blair Witch Project or House of Leaves, then you'll love this book. He has a great buy-in - my friend gave me this manuscript to self-publish so expect some errors (there are only a handful) but it makes the premise of the 'real' story of Emory Walden come to life. You just have to swallow the 'red pill' and read this story. Listen/read my revi [...]

    9. The novel begins on the premise that the author (Birch) received a letter from a former high school friend/underground political activist (Emory Walden) who disappeared in early 2011. In the letter, Walden asks the Birch to publish the details of his story outside traditional publishing circles to ensure the integrity of the story.Back in the US after a stint in Europe, Walden learns about the impact his political blog is having among a contingent of angry citizens in the wake of the 2008 financ [...]

    10. During the Labor Day Book Blowout, sponsored by Independent Book Collective (IBC), I discovered and purchased DISCONTENTS, written by author James Wallace Birch. The “Legal Stuff” posted at the front of the book mystified me: Were the great many notices presented on this page issued out of fear . . . or did they mirror the paranoia of the story’s protagonist? With some trepidation, I finally proceeded to read the published version of Emory Walden’s ordeal.The eras covered in Emory’s st [...]

    11. This is not the type of book I normally read. Usually I stick to non-fiction, classics, and what my friend calls "potato chip books" - books full of empty calories meant just for fun and escape. Discontents is not one of those books! So reading my review, keep in mind that I am not a literary critic. I have not read many "protest" books to compare it to. But I think I would call Discontents a "protest" book. Although it was published in July of 2011, it seems to echo many of the ideas that we se [...]

    12. An intriguing tale of a protest movement and Emory Walden, a blogger and graffiti artist who is approached by a tycoon who wants to underwrite his efforts to further the cause. What ensues is not exactly what Emory envisioned when he agreed to the deal. The story is presented by the author, after receiving the ‘rest of the story’ from Walden several years after Walden’s disappearance.Mr. Birch has a very poetic style of writing, and the story itself is very well constructed, with twists an [...]

    13. I’ve received many emails asking to get this work into print now that can do it on demand. I’m excited to say that this is now available in paperback.I decided to add a new, more descriptive subtitle. The life and disappearance of Emory Walden is a fascinating story that has affected my life. It is a story that I come back to again and again. I still wonder, where Emory is and how he’s doing. It has been 7 years since Emory disappeared and I have not heard from him since the summer of 201 [...]

    14. When I see documentaries or read books about the 1960s, I occasionally can't help but ponder whether the radicals of the period, such as Abbie Hoffman or Bernadine Dohrn, ever wondered what America would be like today had the change they advocated come to pass. They face the problem all of us do -- no one knows what might have been had fate or choice led us down a different path. But what would you do if you believed that conditions were similar enough that it's possible to take another stab at [...]

    15. Honestly, this book wasn't for me. I wanted to love it, since I love a good crime-solver, action-packed, mystery type of book - but this book didn't pull me in, and I had a hard time finishing it.The language was difficult, and the author was very wordy. There were several spelling errors present in the text. However, the concept was interesting and it was very ideological. The reader follows a blogger who inadvertently ends up becoming a figurehead for a massive political movement. When he gets [...]

    16. Overall, I think that Discontents by James Wallace Birch is a truly intriguing book. It has plenty of twists and turns in it to keep you pondering on what is really happeningor is this really happening? The pace is good. like a roller coasterowly you get to the top and then you find all the twist, turns and loop-the-loops. The book is mainly first person and has a good balance between dialogue and inner thoughts. The main character's perceptions of the world around him is an essential key to the [...]

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