The Summons

The Summons Every fairy tale has to have some basis in fact right That s what Eliza thought as she made a desperate plea to the legendary Goblin King If he could grant her wish she d finally be safe He would pr

  • Title: The Summons
  • Author: Shona Husk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every fairy tale has to have some basis in fact, right That s what Eliza thought as she made a desperate plea to the legendary Goblin King If he could grant her wish, she d finally be safe He would protect her But what would he ask in return Enjoy this short free prequel and a sneak peek of The Goblin King, the first of a highly imaginative new paranormal series byEvery fairy tale has to have some basis in fact, right That s what Eliza thought as she made a desperate plea to the legendary Goblin King If he could grant her wish, she d finally be safe He would protect her But what would he ask in return Enjoy this short free prequel and a sneak peek of The Goblin King, the first of a highly imaginative new paranormal series by Shona Husk.

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    1. I have had this short story on my kindle for too long. The title and cover, yip I admit it are what caught my attention. I haven't read anything that involved Goblins so I decided to finally give this ago. And overall it was enjoyable. It is set nine year before book 1, which I think I should have read first. It follows Eliza who at a party summons the goblin king to help her get away. When the Goblin King arrives he helps her but doesn't fully grant her wish. He instead start to fell human agai [...]

    2. It's starting to become a seriously annoying trend in the PNR genre to have a little “short story” to introduce a new series. Anya Bast's Dark Magick series comes to mind, where you're reading along and you realize that there has to be a short story before. Because while the story is fine, you realize that you're out of the loop and have missed something. Or Kim Harrison's Madison Avery Trilogy. You honestly can not enjoy that series without reading the short story that came out first. So in [...]

    3. Two things you should know right off the bat- 1) this is a teaser introduction to a new series that's coming out, not a separate entity, and 2) it's free, so you certainly can't argue with the price!Anyway, this story tells about Roan, the Goblin King, whose crappy decision making in the past makes him the sufferer of a curse that seems to be neverending. When he's summoned by Eliza as she tries to escape a loser's drunken advances, he figure he'll grant her stupid wish and that'll be the end of [...]

    4. I downloaded it this morning assuming it will be a short read. Well that and the cover, seriously, did you see the cover? It was a short read! What I did not bargain on is what a delightful read it would turn out to be.The story of a sixteen year old girl, finding herself in danger from a friend of her brother during a drunken party is one most of us can relate to. Her cry for help, heard by the Goblin King is one we cannot. I fell in love with the story in only a few pages. This is a series I c [...]

    5. Now this is how a prequel should be. Enough of a story and intriguing characters that make me want to read the full length novel. I adored Roan in this brief glimpse. Eliza, too, was interesting. Plus, how many books are there right now with a goblin as the main character?Currently free.

    6. This short story is a very intriguing prequel to Shona Husk's Shadowlands series. If The Goblin King wasn't already on my to-read list, I would definitely add it now after reading The Summons. While I noticed a few awkwardly-constructed sentences, in general I liked this sample of Shona Husk's writing. I also liked what I saw of both main characters, Eliza and Roan, and I'm very curious about Husk's paranormal setting. I look forward to reading The Goblin King.

    7. This taster into the world of the Shadowlands series may not have been jaw-droppingly fantastic; however, I really enjoyed this quick introduction to the world. I had been interested in reading the series before now. Now? I’m keenly knocking my currently reading books out of the way to make room for this! I look forward to… hope for…Sexy supernaturalsIntriguing alternate dimensions… and steamy romance!I hope the following books don’t disappoint. Either way, I’m excited to see how thi [...]

    8. What an interesting avenue in the world of Paranormals: Goblins!No, they are not pretty in any way, but this PREQUEL NOVELLA gives us a glimpse into a story which combines beautiful man with hideous monster. And I must say that it piqued my interest and curiosity well enough to want to read the series.

    9. This is a free prequel. As a mostly MM reader I wasn't sure what to expect but I really enjoyed this short intro and will probably buy the first book soon. I of course hope there is a cute gay couple in the background

    10. I'm beginning to think that paranormal stories are not for me. I read it to see if I liked these type of books and I haven't so far. The story: Goblin comes and saves a teenager when she calls for him to save her. Of course they can't be together, at least for now. Hence, why this is a prequel.

    11. This was really just a prequel to the book, The Goblin King. It is too short to really write a review but I enjoyed it enough to want to read the book.

    12. Well, color me intrigued! This was a great teaser. I'm looking forward to spending more time with the mysterious Goblin King ;)

    13. A free read of less than 20 pages that got me hooked! The intro to THE GOBLIN KING tells of the initial meeting between Roan and Eliza. It sets the tone of what is to come.

    14. A quick free read to introduce a person to the Shadowlands series. Picked it up for the "free" and the cover. Yeah (sigh). Sometimes Kindle -books are a little boring since you don't see the cover every time you pick up the book.I found the story emotionally involving. A teenage girl gets in trouble at a party and decides to do the one thing her mother told her never to do. Call the Goblin King. He shows up.Because it is so short I don't want to give anything else away, but it is a nice opening [...]

    15. This really made me want to go ahead and read the first book in this series. Concept sounds great, writing was great and I liked the characters. Ive had the first book on my TBR for a while now but I’ll definitely be putting it on my must reads of 2018.

    16. This short story was a very nice treat and a great set up for 2 great full length novels to come. As I said in my review of Kiss of the Goblin Prince (Shadowlands #2), each installment of this highly imaginative paranormal romance series by talented author Shona Husk can be read as a stand-alone novel, but it can be fully appreciated if read in order. In this prequel we get to know how Roan and Eliza, the main characters of The Goblin King ( Shadowlands #1) meet for the first time. Roan is a Cel [...]

    17. This is not a novel or novella story. It's basically an introduction called Summons: The Goblin King for the upcoming novel The Goblin King that will be released October 2011.Book starts nine years earlier. Eliza's brother Matt is having a house party while their father is out of town on business. While at the party, 16 year old Eliza encounters a little problem with her brothers friend. He is trying to come on to her a little too heavy and she tries to ditch him. While locked in a room listenin [...]

    18. As the Goblin King, Roan was forced to answer a summons when he was called, but over the centuries he'd been able to resist them and earning himself a bead for his hair with each time he resisted. When he is called by a young girl one night he was just going to show up and leave like he had with others before her, but something is different.Eliza just wanted to be away from her brother's friend that was wanting more from her then she was willing to give. She remembered an old story her mother ha [...]

    19. Review Taken From The Pewter WolfEliza is sixteen and gets herself into a situation she can't stop (won't go into it now). So, remembering her mother's tales, she calls on the Goblin King to save her I don't really want to say more than that as this is very much a prequel to the real book, The Goblin King. And this was a ok read. It did feel like a warm-up to the main story and it lay down the fountains to the book as this is a prequel (in a sense) to a trilogy (The Goblin King, Kiss of the Gobl [...]

    20. ~~* Originally posted @ReadingDiva's Blog Rating: 3.5 of 5 *~~When I came across The Goblin King Prequel I was quite excited to start. I am so glad I did. I totally got hooked on this story. It is different; it is engaging and totally great. The Goblin King Prequel is the introduction to the story, it gives a background and set the ground for what’s to come next.I enjoyed because it is different from what I have been reading lately. This is the story of Eliza a teenage girl who called/summon o [...]

    21. Given my recent return to reading urban fantasy, I decided to read the free prequel short story of the Shadowlands series by Shona Husk. I was certainly not disappointed either, as the story acquaints the reader with the main characters, the human Eliza and the cursed Goblin King Roan. Shona was careful to offer up just enough info about both their backgrounds for the reader to be drawn into their lives. The action plays out wonderfully, and I find myself now wanting to snag the first installmen [...]

    22. This is a very quick read (I actually enjoyed how quick it was!). It occurs before “The Goblin King” which is the first book in the series. I haven’t read The Goblin King yet, and at first I thought, “I am not sure I want to read a prequel about the Goblin King and some girl right before I read the first book in the series with him and another girl.” Of course, the author thought of that and it is actually the same girl in both books. The prequel is a short story about how The Goblin K [...]

    23. It was an ok read. I loved the fact that it was free and I downloaded on my my nook. The story started off kind of weird. The premise of the story reminded me of the Jim Henson movie Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly & David Bowie. In the movie she summoned the power of the Goblin King to take away her brother. Something similar happened in this short novella. The set-up of this story seemed really fascinating, but the storyline falls really short. I can tell that the story is going to be a l [...]

    24. Evet sıradaki kitabım belli oldu Shadowland serisinin ilk kitabını okuyacağım. Okuduğum bu hikaye gerçekten beni çok sardı ve meraklandırdı. Bir kelt rahibi tarafından altına olan düşkünlüğü yüzünden lanetlenmiş olan Roan Elizayı çok ısrarcı bir çocuktan kurtarır. Onu yanına almak ister ama taşıdığı insanlık kırıntıları buna izin vermez. Tahminimce serinin ilk kitabına açıklık getiren bir bölümdü bu. Goblin Kral'ın maceralarını merakla okuyacağ [...]

    25. For a short story, I thought the pace, plot, and the main character development was very good. It left me desiring to read the rest of the story- which is the hallmark of a good prequel.Begins with teen girl at home while her older brother is hosting a party at the house while their folks are away. The girl gets into a situation that is way over her head and, in an act of desperation, summons the Goblin King. Her mother had fed her stories in childhood of this character whose cold heart was made [...]

    26. This review was originally posted on my Alaskan Bookie Website at:alaskanbookie/review/the-sThis was a brief introduction into the world of the Goblin King. Although I feel you could read the rest of the series without this nice little morsel, I would recommend reading it anyway. In this little preview, you come to learn about the legend of the Goblin King through a wish that Eliza makes for him to take her away. But does she know what she is really asking? Does she really want to be taken by a [...]

    27. I picked this up as a freebie on because of the cover art and I was looking for a paranormal romance novella. I have never read anything about Goblins and have never seen Labrynth (a lot of other reviewers have), so I really had no frame of reference for this adventure. Needless to say, it is a sweet story that sets up the characters in the other novels of the series. I liked the writing style, the characters, and that it wasn't your usual vampire and shifter fare. BUT, I also didn't rush out a [...]

    28. Summons is a prequel to the upcoming novel, The Goblin King by Shona Husk. It's a short story that literally took me less than 30 minutes to read. However it was enough to wet my appetite and left me wanting more. Summons is about a girl named Eliza. She finds herself in a situation that's way over her head. In her ignorance she accidentally summons the goblin king, Roan. Goblins aren't known for their generous nature. They are a tricky bunch who always want something in return. They might grant [...]

    29. I grabbed this when it was cheap, or free, can't quite remember, because I'd bought book #2 in the series. Now that I've finally found book #1, I dove into this prequel short story.I liked the premise, it was interesting. But I wasn't in love with the heroine.My largest issue with this was the amount of repetition. So many ideas were repeated in same chapter and even on the same page! We didn't need to be reminded of so many things.I'll read the other books since I already have them, and because [...]

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