Shadow Blizzard

Shadow Blizzard Shadow Blizzard is the third book by the international bestselling fantasy author Alexey Pehov Like Shadow Prowler and Shadow Chaser Shadow Blizzard is epic fantasy at its best this is the third book

  • Title: Shadow Blizzard
  • Author: Alexey Pehov
  • ISBN: 9780765324054
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shadow Blizzard is the third book by the international bestselling fantasy author Alexey Pehov Like Shadow Prowler and Shadow Chaser, Shadow Blizzard is epic fantasy at its best this is the third book in a trilogy that follows Shadow Harold, Siala s master thief, on his quest for the magic Horn that will restore peace to his world After the loss of friends and comradesShadow Blizzard is the third book by the international bestselling fantasy author Alexey Pehov Like Shadow Prowler and Shadow Chaser, Shadow Blizzard is epic fantasy at its best this is the third book in a trilogy that follows Shadow Harold, Siala s master thief, on his quest for the magic Horn that will restore peace to his world After the loss of friends and comrades, after betrayal and battle, after capture by fearsome orcs, Harold finally reaches the dreaded Hrad Spein But before he can complete his quest by stealing the magic horn, he will have to brave the most fearsome obstacles yet obstacles that have destroyed everyone before himd Harold must do so alone.

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    1. This is the last book of the trilogy; try as I might spoilers are unavoidable. Below are my attempts to minimize them. Take the biggest dungeon you can imagine; multiply its size by hundred. This is where Shadow Harold spent almost half of the book. It would seem wanderings of a lone guy among the giant burial place of humans, elves, orcs, and ogres would be too long and boring (I am sure some people might find it such), but in the reality this part was great. From starters each location was uni [...]

    2. Αυτή την τριλογία την ξεκίνησα έχοντας δύο βεβαιότητες για το περιεχόμενό της: ότι όντας κάτι έξω από την αγγλόφωνη παράδοση στο χώρο της επικής φαντασίας θα ήταν κάτι υποδεέστερο κι ότι ήταν θα ουσιαστικά αντιγραφή αυτής. Τελικά μπορώ να πω ότι το αποτέλεσμα διέψευσε σε μ [...]

    3. While there is no doubt that our lowly thief hero ended up with quite a few more arrows than he could have possibly have carried through all their adventures, and the time spent in Hrad Spein seemed endless, it was still quite fun.I liked that there were some standard tropes but everything seemed to be twisted around so that the story was fresh and interesting.I liked how the author wasn't afraid of killing off those in the group either. Often I wonder how so many people get through so many dang [...]

    4. Where to begin? The journey started in previous books has come to an end, well ok not really. It's just getting started.Harold (I do love thieves) and his gang are approaching Hrad Spein. Kli-Kli, it's always good with a comic relief, the dark elves, and human warriors are with him. And they have lost a lot of friends already. Pehov does have a way of killing off people. But then not all should make it, people must fall during the way cos it's a dangerous road so I liked that he is not afraid to [...]

    5. Meesterdief Harold de Schaduw is eindelijk op zijn bestemming aangekomen: de ingang van het eeuwenoude Hrad Spein. In dit ondergrondse bouwwerk, dat ook wel het Bottenpaleis wordt genoemd, ligt in het graf van de ooit machtige generaal Grok de Regenbooghoorn op hem te wachten. Als Harold die kan meenemen naar de Orde van de Magiërs, heeft hij zijn opdracht voltooid en zijn eigen lot weer in zijn handen. Na een inspannende reis die niet zonder kleerscheuren werd afgelegd in de afgelopen twee boe [...]

    6. Of the three books in the Chronicles of Siala series, this is my favourite. As a series, it got better as it went on, I think. And this book in particular has a really very well done section when Harold is in Hrad Spein searching for the Rainbow Horn - it was eerie and creepy and really fascinating to read.That being said, most of the characters continue as cardboard cut-outs, and the appearance of the Dryads is something of a deus ex machina, where they conveniently pop out of nowhere to save t [...]

    7. Simplistic and generic in an almost ironic way. The ending book of "Chronicles of Siala" was still enjoyable (as well as the trilogy in general). There is something to it, the quest feels grand, the action is a bit over the top for me (the fighting sequences does not want to stop), the book(s) is imaginative enough, but just barely and the characters should have been more developed (in my taste). Maybe yet more takes on the classical (Fantasy)themes never gets old. For me it feels a bit like an [...]

    8. This is my favorite book in the "Chronicles Of Siala" trilogyЭто - моя любимая книга в "Хрониках Сиалы"

    9. I loved the Chronicles of Siala. Shadow Harold was a fantastic character to follow along with and all the other characters in the book. I mourned when characters died - Alexey Pehov is like George R.R. Martin and other authors who aren't afraid to kill characters off-so be prepared for that.Looking forward when other Pehov books are translated to English.

    10. This book felt like two separate stories. The first half of the book (view spoiler)[the time spent in Hrad Spein (hide spoiler)] was really good. That was the highlight of the series. The second half of the book seemed anti-climactic. (view spoiler)[ For reading about the Nameless One for three books, I expected to get more than a few spells before he runs away. You never even see him. (hide spoiler)] The second half was still interesting, but it wasn't as intriguing. One of my complaints with t [...]

    11. readfantasybooks.wordpressAfter reading the previous two books and anticipating Harold's adventure into Hrad Spein (Palace of Bones) it is finally here! I was hoping that it would live up to its expectations since it's all that was really talked about in the series, and it definitely does! It is awesome and creepy! A good portion of the book is spent on the adventure through Hrad Spein and it is incredibly fascinating. I like how much detail there is to the point where you really feel like you'r [...]

    12. Ich bin mir noch nicht ganz sicher, was ich insgesamt von diesem letzten Band der Trilogie halten soll Was mir durchgehend gut gefallen hat, war Garretts Humor und der abwechslungsreiche, spannende Schreibstil. Die Erzählung hat kaum an Tempo verloren und es war immer was los. Schade fand ich, dass sich das Ende ein bisschen verlaufen hat, der Showdown war vergleichsweise unspektakulär und hat mich leider nicht ganz zufrieden gestellt.(Achtung Spoiler!)Nachdem Band 1 die Reisevorbereitungen un [...]

    13. Shadow Blizzard by Alexey PehovShadow Prowler was the first book in the Chronicles of Siala. Shadow Chaser was the second. Pehov may be well known in his native Russia but I had never heard of him until I read these books. I think the quality of that book will insure that Pehov will be known far and wide as well as in Russia. Shadow Harold, a master thief, finds himself enmeshed with the establishment to save the world as they know it. This book finishes the story and gets the band of misfit com [...]

    14. C2003: This was the 3rd of the Chronicles of Siala and I was leftwanting. **sob sob**. It read like a description of a game so, for me, there was no character development and only a modicum of back history or plot. I liked the new character of Glo-Glo but think that the author should seriously have rethought the name of “Fluffy Cloud” – such a discordant name but perhaps this sounded better in the original Russian. Strange that I should read this straight after the Chronicles of Sirkara wr [...]

    15. 4.5 starsLarge part of the book is about Harold and his quest through Hrad Spein. It’s also called as Palaces of Bones and it’s very describing name Creepy place! I like Harold as the hero because he’s not your typical hero. Thieves are rarely called heroes but Harold is very likeable. And then there’s Kli-Kli, who wouldn’t like the jester? And speaking of jester, I totally didn’t see that coming! Even though I liked Harold my fav people were the elves. I wish there would have been m [...]

    16. Nakoniec 4 hviezdičky. Cesta k strašidelnému hradu, blúdenie jeho chodbami (ako pamätník Baldurs Gate II som tú jednu hviezdičku pridala z čisto nostalgických dôvodov) bolo zaujímavé a z mojej strany aj čitateľné. Kým stredná časť nedávala priestor na atmosféru, tajomný strašidelný hrad je priestorom, kde sa nápadité riešenia určite uplatnia. Počet hrdinov sa znížil, dobrodružstvá si vybrali svoju daň. Zopár obratov a zvratov v deji (zásahy zhora, zásahy obe [...]

    17. I wish that there was more to be excited about with this book, but sadly, there is not. Pehov's first two books were fun and interesting spins on a grand tradition, but his third book of the Siala Chronicles falls short of the already middling mark left by its predecessors. The endearing novelty is lost with this book, probably somewhere deep in the Palaces of Bone. I love to read - I often lose sleep because of it. However, that wasn't the case here. Shadow Blizzard grew dull enough at times - [...]

    18. Actual rating 3.5 stars.For the first three quarters of the book (or even more) I was quite prepared to give Shadow Blizzard a 4 star rating, but then the ending kind of ruined it for me. While most of the book was from Garrett's POV, then there were about 50 pages or so that were not and while this might be considered spoilerish, I'll say that it those pages were from several other characters' POVs that we had not even met before and therefore I had no connection to them. And while making a con [...]

    19. Our cynical thief and his band of doughty warriors arrives in the orcs' forest, where they hope to enter the dungeon that contains the artefact that can save their kingdom from the sorcerer king. This one wasn't as good as the first two. It is clear that Pehov has lovingly created a world and its peoples (some of whom are obvious rip offs, some of which are new twists - love the flinnys).However, there are deep flaws in this volume. There is a very extended journey through a dungeon where the th [...]

    20. Hoewel ik erg genoten heb van de vorige twee delen en ook dit boek erg vlot las, was ik best teleurgesteld in het verhaal. Twee boeken lang was Harold met zijn gezelschap op weg naar het befaamde Hrad Spein. Twee boeken lang werd zowel Harold als de lezer bang gemaakt voor de verschrikkingen in deze Bottenpaleizen. Uiteindelijk loopt Harold nog geen half boek rond in dit beroemde, angstaanjagende labyrint. Bovendien waren de beloofde gruwelen helemaal niet zo schrikbarend als voorspeld. Ik was e [...]

    21. Book 1 and 2 got 3 stars, but this one I cannot give the same rating I'm afraid.This book do with 200 pages less, maybe even 300.The journey to get the horn in the bone palace Hrad Spein was very lengthy.At the end of the book the war finally starts. The book is told by Harold in the first person. Harold is not present in the war, he's behind the battlefield. But to be able to still tell about the war, he gets a dream for 50 pages, and the focus changes to several other persons. To me this sound [...]

    22. Perhaps the finest series of classic fantasy I have ever read, LOR and The Hobbit being excluded. Explore the mystical world of a thief (Harold), who ends up on a journey to defeat an enemy so evil, so powerful that it looks like his world will be totally destroyed. While he initially does it for a King's ransom, his character's evolution from book-to-book is actually very moving. I stumbled across this while looking at a Bookburb email (which I highly recommend anyone signing up for). One of th [...]

    23. Excellent series, excellent author. This is the best fantasy book/series I have read in a VERY long time. The characters are well drawn out, there is good development in many of them, and my favorite part is that Pehov changes some things around in his world that "mix-it up" a little regarding elves, orcs, dwarves, goblins, gnomes and ogres (I don't think I have forgotten anyone else.). Eminently readable and very satisfying. And the lead character, Shadow Harold, is fabulous. I can't recommend [...]

    24. All in all an enjoyable read only made possible by the strength of characters like Harold and kli kli, in this book pehov hits his stride especially while Harold is traipsing through hrad spein. I believe that the earlier books where all a bit rushed, the same can be said after Harold finally retrieves the rainbow horn. It's as if the author can't wait to put this story to bed, yet leaves it open for a possible return. If the author does return to Siala I hope that we find Harold in his element [...]

    25. And here we are at the end of all things. Harold finally reaches Hrad Spein, the legendary megadungeon that houses the magical macguffin. Complications, ensue, of course, and the scale opens up considerably at the end with a full-on war. (Although since this is a first-person narrative by someone who's nowhere near the battle lines, we have to get the battle scenes in the form of a dream or vision or something.)An enjoyable conclusion to an enjoyable series -- probably closer to a 3.5 than to a [...]

    26. I have to say that this book was one of the most disappointing books I have read in a long time. It was a filler book which I have never, ever come across in a third book in a trilogy. I skimmed, I turned pages without reading a word and it has one of the most anticlimactic endings that I have ever come across. I normally, in a review write about what the book was actually about but this time I will simply say, don't bother. You will never get those wasted hours back. It gets two stars because t [...]

    27. The story of Harold keeps being thrilling and exciting, but the pace of the story is considerably lower than the previous two books. THe ending is also quite disappointing, because the story really ends in one or two sentences. The epilogue, however, is very touching and I'd say it rivals Tolkien's epilogue of Lord of the Rings. In short: not a bad book, but the storyline ends really, really abrubtly.

    28. Finishes off a nice and subtle story about Harold the master thief. In this book he finally makes it to Hrad Spein and the journey there is enough to put the book down and never return. It needed some serious edits to get rid of monotony. If you push through that section the book gets a lot lot better. My favorite chapter is #15 titled "Sing Flute Sing". Very compelling and well written. I reread the sections from which it gets that title four times.

    29. La descripción de las catacumbas del Palacio de los Huesos ha calado hondo en mi corazón de rolero de la vieja escuela. Desde luego si alguien quiere dirigir y/o jugar una partida en un Dungeon de esos inmensos que no dude en leer este libro que logra captar perfectamente el ambiente de opresión, tensión y peligro al girar cualquier esquina que han de tener esos escenarios. (Si hasta hay setas enormes e insectos gigantes).

    30. For the creation of an entirely fantasy world, I think this author did a good job. Th one thing that I did not like about this series, is that it took too long to reveal the secrets that the author had been hiding. I felt like I was blindly stumbling along for two and a half books because the author gave no hint of what was going on.

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