The Christian World of C.S. Lewis,

The Christian World of C S Lewis This study provides a perceptive and illuminating guide to C S Lewis s writings Kilby examines Lewis s Christian works one by one compares them with each other and with books by other authors and el

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  • Title: The Christian World of C.S. Lewis,
  • Author: Clyde S. Kilby
  • ISBN: 9780802808714
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • This study provides a perceptive and illuminating guide to C.S Lewis s writings Kilby examines Lewis s Christian works one by one, compares them with each other and with books by other authors, and elucidates the themes that recur throughout the main body of Lewis s writings.

    One thought on “The Christian World of C.S. Lewis,”

    1. Very good book. Some parts are just really jaw-dropping. It consists of sections of his other books so you get a preview of other things he wrote. Enjoyed it.

    2. The short biography section is valuable part of the book as I was mostly unfamiliar with Lewis. The rest of the book is literary criticism of his writings. It soon becomes apparent that it behooves to read the originals before delving into these commentaries. That is why I left this aside and started reading Lewis.

    3. I really enjoy C.S. Lewis. Narnia is a benchmark of quality childrens fantasy literature. I've gotten partway through the space trilogy, with every intention of finishing it. "The Problem of Pain" is by far one of the best attempts by anyone to explain the whole notion of 'If there really was a God, why does he allow so much pain and suffering in the world?'. Not everyone will get what I got out of that book, but he does a great job nonetheless. Back to this bookI skipped through parts of it, as [...]

    4. If you're new to Lewis's world and thoughts, this is a solid introduction/overview. Kilby's earlier chapters (the one on Pilgrim's Regress in particular) were quite good. Later chapters, especially the one on Narnia, fell short. Overall, the book does a fine job of arranging many of Lewis's thoughts and big ideas in an accessible manner. The reader should beware, however, that Kilby is writing right after Lewis's death, and we've learned a great deal more about Lewis and his writing since then. [...]

    5. Written shortly after Lewis' death, this is a good beginning to Lewis' major themes, and a set of good capsule summaries to his fiction and nonfiction.

    6. One, if not the, first of the many books about Lewis's work but still one of the best from a sympathetic standpoint.

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