Two for One

Two for One Your favorite marvelous companions are back Meet them at the fair in this delightfully droll sequel to the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winning Bink and Gollie The state fair is in town and now Bink an

  • Title: Two for One
  • Author: Kate DiCamillo Alison McGhee Tony Fucile
  • ISBN: 9780763633615
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Your favorite marvelous companions are back Meet them at the fair in this delightfully droll sequel to the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winning Bink and Gollie.The state fair is in town, and now Bink and Gollie utter opposites and best friends extraordinaire must use teamwork and their gray matter while navigating its many wonders Will the energetic Bink win the world Your favorite marvelous companions are back Meet them at the fair in this delightfully droll sequel to the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winning Bink and Gollie.The state fair is in town, and now Bink and Gollie utter opposites and best friends extraordinaire must use teamwork and their gray matter while navigating its many wonders Will the energetic Bink win the world s largest donut in the Whack a Duck game Will the artistic Gollie wow the crowd in the talent show As the undaunted duo steps into the mysterious tent of fortune teller Madame Prunely, one prediction is crystal clear this unlikely pair will always be the closest of pals Get ready for laughs in this wry, warmhearted sequel to the New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Book Bink and Gollie, written by the award winning, best selling Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee and featuring the exuberant visual humor of illustrator Tony Fucile.

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    1. These two make such good friends. They have 3 adventures at the state fair together that are fresh and funny. The art is light and these are wonderful books.Bink cannot throw and Gollie cannot recite to people and they both are pleased with their destiny. I loved the fortune telling ending and Bink's answer. It was amazing.This is such a great beginners reading book. Kate DiCamillo is so talented.I will read the last one.

    2. I am still chuckling over Whack-a-duck. I love Bink & Gollie. I have waited so long for this one and now I'll have to keep reading it again and again until the next one comes outease tell me that there will be a next one?!

    3. We really enjoyed this one. Great detailed imaginative pictures, it captivated my 5 yr old as well as my 3 yr old twins. Took us a bit to figure out they both were girls but in the end it was obvious. All three of my boys enjoyed this book even though its main characters were girls. The stories were something they each could relate to and yet not easy to guess the ending, which made it more fun. Although it was a chapter book, there weren't really enough words to make it a stand alone reader, ma [...]

    4. I cannot adequately express my love for Bink & Gollie. They are, I am pretty sure, my all-time favorite book-related best-friends duo. I love them more than Frog & Toad. I love them more than--dare I say it?--more than Elephant & Piggie. That's a lot of love.Two for One is the second book in what will be, I hope, a gazillion-book series. However, Kate & Allison probably don't have that kind of time, so I'll settle for a dozen, bare minimum. Bink & Gollie go to the State Fair [...]

    5. LOVE this follow-up to BINK AND GOLLIE. This time, the two friends find themselves at the fair where games await promising super prizes, a talent show beckons one to stage, and a fortune teller provides the friends with a message they had been carrying with them the whole time.This one begs for One Book Four Hands sharing. Three separate stories coming out the fair would work nicely spread out over the course of a couple days during shared reading time, but I have the feeling that most younger r [...]

    6. This is the second Bink and Gollie book, the two complete opposite girls who are friends in spite of their many differences. In this installment, Bink and Gollie go to the State Fair. It is quite an adventure! Bink tries her hand at knocking down ducks in hopes of winning a giant donut. Then Gollie signs up for the talent show. Finally they have a sit down with the fair's fortune teller, and learn all they need to know. This book is quite funny. It will make you giggle out loud. The characters a [...]

    7. Bink and Gollie are back and on their way to the state fair.One of their first stops is at the Whack-A-Duck booth where Bink's aim is no match for her enthusiasm. While she doesn't win the world's largest donut in one toss, Bink's pitching technique is bound to make young readers laugh.It's Gollie's turn to put herself forward when the girls discover the Amateur Talent Show. Gollie joins the long wait to perform while Bink settles in next to the purple-suited judge to watch the other contestants [...]

    8. For those parents who are despairing the vapid worthlessness of modern children's literature, I offer you Kate DiCamillo. Of course, this is not a new name, but her picture books and easy readers are absolutely pitch perfect. We read through all of the Mercy Watson books (they're great) and just started on this Bink and Gollie series, which is just wonderful. It's reminiscent of Suess and Sendak, which is a nice alternative to the horrid Pinkalicious books. Bink and Gollie center around a friend [...]

    9. No two friends could be more different than Bink with her messy hairdo and daredevil attitude and Gollie with her prim and proper ways and neatly combed hair. But they're friends, and really, that's all that matters. In this follow up title to the inaugural Bink and Gollie that won a Theodore Seuss Geisel Award, the two friends head to the fair. There Bink tries to win a prize by throwing a baseball at ducks, Gollie tries and fails to participate in the talent show, and the two have their fortun [...]

    10. I loved it even more than the first one. I laughed so hard while reading "Whack a Duck" that my abs hurt. And then I teared up a little during the talent show bit in the barn. I just adore Bink and Gollie - probably because I like to imagine my sister and I in those scenarios. (Alanna would be Bink. I would be Gollie.)Full review forthcoming on slatebreakers

    11. "Destiny? Is it a ride?" - Bink"In a manner of speaking" - GollieI LOVE BINK! The second installment of Bink and Gollie is even better than the first, in my opinion. The illustrations are amazing and the tongue-in-cheek humor captured me from page 1. I cannot WAIT to share this with students.

    12. I love Bink. I relate to Bink. But I am probably more like Gollie. Tony Fucile's illustrations, especially the page in which Bink is winding up to throw the ball, are a big part of what make this series so enjoyable. Now - where can I get some donuts?

    13. I like that the chapters are short and I love that Bink is so funny and I really like the way they are all ways friends!

    14. Parents need to know that the graphic novel Bink & Gollie: Two for One, the sequel to Bink and Gollie, extends the girls' friendship through a series of misadventures at the state fair. Though it can be enjoyed without having read the first book, its message deepens if readers can see how the tested friendship has grown since Book 1. Created in a graphic novel format for younger kids, the story is touching and original, and the animated illustrations are fantastic!Educational valueMore enter [...]

    15. Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee make a nice writing team, probably similar in personality to Bink and Gollie (and I have a strong hunch which one is Bink). In the tradition of Arnold Lobel's award-winning Frog and Toad series, we see a day unfold with Bink and Gollie at the fair, a relatively routine sort of excursion for these two friends one could hardly imagine seeing apart. As the day moves along and Bink and Gollie spend their time rescuing one other when help is needed, and celebrating th [...]

    16. Great series for early readers. Excellent and unique vocabulary. Good stories about friendship. Lighthearted and fun.

    17. For a book of few words, Bink & Gollie inspired a lofty wordcount from me. Read my review of Book 1 by clicking here; it sums up much of how I feel about the characters, art, and plots of the series as a whole.Particular to the stories contained in Two for One thoughWHACK A DUCK is slapstick fun. Bink tries her luck at a carnival game, hurling baseballs at rows of rubber duckies in hopes of winning a giant doughnut. While there’s a lot of force behind Bink’s throw (I love the wordless tw [...]

    18. Bink and Gollie are back in their second set of adventures, all of which take place at the state fair. The first story, "Whack a Duck," introduces the girls to the perils of carnival games when Bink decides she absolutely must win a large donut in exchange for whacking a duck. In the second story, "You're Special, Aren't You?" Gollie enters a talent show without actually preparing a talent. Finally, in "Without Question" Bink and Gollie have their fortunes told by Madame Prunely, who has message [...]

    19. I wasn't a huge fan of Bink & Gollie, the first book in this series. I just didn't get it, and the characters seemed so young, but unsupervised, in a weird Winnie-the-Pooh or, rather, an Ernie and Bert kind of way. (I normally say Bert and Ernie, but Bink is the Ernie for sure in this pairing.) So while I wasn't expecting to love this book, our appreciation for Kate DiCamillo work pushed me to check it out from our local library. I figured this one was worth a gander.This story takes the two [...]

    20. Reason for Reading: Next in the seriesAn entertaining and easy-to-read picture book which one could call the author's answer to the "Mercy" books which she has now finished. For approx. the 6-9 age group, though olders with enjoy the humour as did this oldster reviewer. As in the first volume the book centres around three short stories which occur during a day's outing between the two friends. This time they decide to go to the state fair. The first story involves Bink playing a carnival game tr [...]

    21. I picked up Bink & Gollie's Two for One at a half-price book store simply because it was written by Kate DiCamillo. I read it and thought I could use it for a lesson on figurative language. Then I stuck it in my bookshelf. It never seemed to fit into my lesson plans. One day toward the end of the school year, I was desperate for a short book to read aloud to my class and pulled it out. I was struck again by the interaction of illustrations and the words; if the students aren't looking at the [...]

    22. Bink and Gollie - Two for One:ElementaryThis darling installment in the Bink and Gollie series will delight young readers as they dip their toe into the graphic novel pool. A hybrid of sorts, the large panels, and intermittent speech balloons, coupled with traditional story pages “warms up” the reader and equips him/her to understand the elements of a graphic novel, while being cognizant of their beginning reader status. The book is broken up into three “chapters,” each addressing differ [...]

    23. This is the second Bink & Gollie book , written by the amazing Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee. It's also illustrated by Tony Fucile, whose style is perfect for these stories. They are an unlikely looking pair of friends, but their differences are what makes their friendship so interesting. With her crazy yellow hair and her wonderful expressions, Bink is a character you will just love.The Spring Fair is in town, and Bink and Gollie are going. These three stories are all about what happens [...]

    24. I also had the pleasure of being introduced to the duo Bink and Gollie through the newly released book- Bink and Gollie Two for One. Written by the incredible authors Kate DICamillo and Alison McGhee with whimsical old-school cartoon illustrations by Tony Fucile the stories are the perfect blend of fresh and familiar. Bink and Gollie are visual and personality opposites but they are best friends to the end. In this book they go to the state fair and we experience three events with them there. Wi [...]

    25. Gollie and Bink go to the state fair. Bink tries her shot at Whack-a-Duck to win a free donut, but winds up throwing every ball in the Duck Man’s face. Bink loses the game, and her and Gollie go to the fair’s talent show. Gollie wants be part of it, so she goes up on stage to show off her several talents! Gollie gets scared on stage and leaves the building. Bink and Gollie visit the livestock, and Gollie recites “Old Macdonald had a farm” for them. Next, they go to see Madame Prunely, a [...]

    26. Best friends Bink and Gollie return in this wonderful, creative and gorgeously illustrated sequel. The state fair has arrived in town and our best buddies decide to go. In the first story, Bink is sure that she is going to "Whack a Duck and Win the World's Largest Donut" which Gollie isn't so sure of. What ensues are some very cute illustrations of Bink winding up and attempting to whack the duck. The second story has Gollie longing to be in the talent show. When stage fright takes over Bink enc [...]

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