Culpeper's Complete Herbal & English Physician, Enlarged

Culpeper s Complete Herbal English Physician Enlarged For than years has been the standard in the field of herbal remedies It contains a comprehensive description of nearly all herbs along with descriptions of their medicinal properties and instructi

  • Title: Culpeper's Complete Herbal & English Physician, Enlarged
  • Author: Nicholas Culpeper
  • ISBN: 9780916638382
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For than 300 years has been the standard in the field of herbal remedies It contains a comprehensive description of nearly all herbs along with descriptions of their medicinal properties and instructions on preparing and using them to treat many different illnesses Includes precise botanical illustrations to aid in identification.

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    1. Due to the nature of Nicholas Culpepper's language/the era it was written, sometimes the information may seem sketchy to the untrained eye, but I own two copies of this book & my mother has owned a copy since I was very young (if not before I was born) and I swear by it or any information about healing attributes of herbs, vegetables and other things grown in uk hedgerows that have been long forgotten. Brilliant stuff :)

    2. While this is an abridged version of Culpeper's original, it's very helpful to have large illustrations and updated information on each plant. However, for the full effect of the herbal lore, you'd probably want to go to the original source (many free versions available online). There is also not much information in here for practical use, though there are lists at the end that could be a good starting point for research. I am glad to see that Potterton recommends that the reader seek help from [...]

    3. A truly remarkable book I have a PDF copy of 'Culpeper's Complete Herbal' from 1800 with its old fashioned English. No illustrations but a fascinating book none the less. One which encouraged me to seek out a modern day version and I was lucky enough to find this hardback copy from 1983 with it's beautiful illustrations.It contains some of the original text of Nicholas Culpeper along with his ideas of astrology being of great influence in herbal medicine. The illustrations by Michael Stringer ar [...]

    4. Very much a specialty item, which makes it hard to review. Culpeper discusses the virtues of various plants, and their names (Christ's Eye, Clown's Woodword, Dead Nettle, the Melancholy Thistle and Piss-a-Bed among them) and healing properties, while emphasizing that he's researching this stuff, not just regurgitating the classics (of course his idea of research includes looking at the astrological ties of each plant).

    5. Good starting off point for the budding herbalist interested in historical reference- archaic language and misguided direction such as" a French physician called Hilarius once told that an acquaintance of his had smelled basil and as a result a scorpion grew in his brain" and “Mizaldus affirms, that being laid to rot in horse dung, it will breed venomous beasts.”Covers most useful common plants, has a some recipes.

    6. A good read for anyone who wants to understand the history of the medical field in England & Europe. While many uses of herbs are no longer supported, it does help to understand where we have the ideas of what herbs do in a written form. Culpepper is one of the better known authors of medicinal tomes of his era and quite worth reading.

    7. The original and best reference book for anyone interested in herbal remedies was written in the mid-C17th by Nicholas Culpeper. He also wrote several other books for medical practitioners, and together they give a good insight into treatments of the time.

    8. A lot of info is not trustworthy, names were based on looks, nothing more, and there was also mixing of what the herbs actually did according to certain 'authorities', i.e. apothecaries, natives, etc. it's unreliable and ill informed.

    9. A thorough and detailed reference book containing information on a wide variety of herbs including medicinal properties and how to prepare and use them. The botanical information is useful and precise and can be used by anybody to identify each herb

    10. Some very useful and interesting info used when writing historicals and potentially for fantasy/paranormal. as well as for treating minor things naturally

    11. The information about herbs may or may not be helpful, but it also lists astrological 'information' about them, which I think is nonsense.

    12. A seventeenth century book with lots of charm - much folklore and superstition, along with the observations of a Stuart age gardener. A milestone of pharmacological history.

    13. Beautiful herbal that includes color illustrations of each plant as it grows wild and known medicinal values and uses.

    14. An excellent reference book for all things herbal. It includes a complete description and the medicinal properties of countless herbs.

    15. I like this book. I have 2 copies. This one, bought at a book fair (Got to have a hardback of this book) and a paperback to flip through and mark when needed.

    16. like this book as a history reference for herbs as I like to see what people used to do with what plant but as a modern herb reference book probably not, is a very nice book though

    17. Useful to those serious about learning about the wide-world of herbs. Love the colorful drawings. Tells where /when they can be found & past /present uses.

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