D.W.'s Guide to Preschool

D W s Guide to Preschool Arthur s sister D W offers friendly no nonsense advice to help preschoolers get through their first day of school in this New York Times bestseller now in paperback Full color

  • Title: D.W.'s Guide to Preschool
  • Author: Marc Brown
  • ISBN: 9780316013154
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arthur s sister D.W offers friendly, no nonsense advice to help preschoolers get through their first day of school in this New York Times bestseller, now in paperback Full color.

    One thought on “D.W.'s Guide to Preschool”

    1. A nice introduction to preschool lead by DW. The only complaint I have is the inclusion of all of the misbehaving by the twins, which captivated my three-year-old's attention more than the more useful information about what she would be doing and learning at school.

    2. Personal Reaction: This book was so fun to read because I loved Arthur growing up and because the text uses language and sentences that you could imagine D.W. or another preschooler sayingThis would be a good book to read at the beginning of preschool or for parents to read to children getting ready to enter preschool. It is upbeat and fun and realistic about what preschool is like. D.W. takes the reader through a typical daily routine that most preschools follow and she has a great attitude abo [...]

    3. We've read a lot of the "Arthur" books and just started reading ones about his little sister, D.W. My child is in preschool and even though they don't do everything that was mentioned in the book, it was still relatable and easy to talk about. "The first thing we do is say good-bye to our parents. Some kids are sad, but I'm not. I love preschool! Besides, the parents come back when we're finished. It's no big deal." I thought that was the perfect way to start the book! Very positive but still ac [...]

    4. DW is Arthur's little sister, and one of my faorite kids' characters. She's a little spit-fire! She tells it to you straight, and covers all of the basics, from saying good-bye (it's no big deal!) to not taking the bus until kindergarten, to eating and playing. Perfect for anyone entering preschool! Would also make agreat "daycare graduation" gift, as ooposed to "Oh, the places you'll go!" which 3 year olds don't really seem to get.

    5. a Real book about entering school. so many of them say everything Is great and wonderful. this says it is okay to be afraid and nervous. even lets you know there will be enough bathroom breaks during the day. Marc Brown must have talked to kids to write this, i've reccommended to a couple people already.

    6. PB 28: This is a great book to read to kids that are about to start preschool or just started. I think it will help ease some of their worries, and even mentions some important life lessons like trying to learn manners! The pictures in this book are a lot of fun too!

    7. This one was a good one for my almost preschooler. It talks about all the different things they do in preschool and I'll probably revisit it as it gets closer to the first day. Besides, he's familiar with D.W. from other books we've read and the TV show, so she's as good a guide as any.

    8. Very cute story that introduces young children to the routine of going to school, what to expect and the fun things you will get to do. Our girls really enjoyed this story and it sparked a lot of conversation about their favorite things about school.

    9. Cooper just loved this story - I think we read it about 100 times in 3 weeks. Great info about what happens at preschool and how much fun it is.

    10. My son has really enjoyed this book since he has started preschool. He loves looking at all the pictures and there is a lot to talk about besides the story itself. Great for kids starting school.

    11. Very cutea good introductory book for kids starting preschool! Maybe a little wordy (some of the jokes are for the parents, not the kids), but still an appreciated read by my toddler.

    12. I grew up with Arthur so I am already a fan of the series. D.W. finally gets to be her own. A nice way to introduce preschool to young readers.

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