The President's Stuck in the Bathtub: Poems About the Presidents

The President s Stuck in the Bathtub Poems About the Presidents Playful political poems about the penchants and peccadilloes of the presidents Sure William Taft got stuck in his tub but did you know that John Quincy Adams used to skinny dip in the Potomac Herber

  • Title: The President's Stuck in the Bathtub: Poems About the Presidents
  • Author: Susan Katz Robert Neubecker
  • ISBN: 9780547182216
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Playful political poems about the penchants and peccadilloes of the presidents Sure, William Taft got stuck in his tub, but did you know that John Quincy Adams used to skinny dip in the Potomac Herbert Hoover spoke Chinese with his wife, and Gerald Ford had his name changed from Leslie Lynch King It s true In The President s Stuck in the Bathtub, the lives of the presidPlayful political poems about the penchants and peccadilloes of the presidents Sure, William Taft got stuck in his tub, but did you know that John Quincy Adams used to skinny dip in the Potomac Herbert Hoover spoke Chinese with his wife, and Gerald Ford had his name changed from Leslie Lynch King It s true In The President s Stuck in the Bathtub, the lives of the presidents are served up as fact filled and fanciful poems that will make you laugh, cringe, and gasp with amazement at the colorful cast of men and women who have lived in the White House With footnotes relating the facts behind the inspiration for each poem, and a section called Presidential Notes and Quotes in the back, this is one hilarious history lesson that kids will elect to read over and over again

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    1. I love the concept of this book--a poem about each of the Presidents. However, the quality of the poems was uneven, and it would have been very helpful if a note had been given on each page or at the back of the book as to what poetic form was being used. Some poems rhymed, some didn't. I think this might confuse some young readers. I do like the way the poems reveal little-known facts about each President or his presidency, which made it interesting. I especially liked the poem about Thomas Jef [...]

    2. This was definitely a WOW book for me because I am fascinated with Presidential History. When I think back on learning History in school, I had a hard time with it, not because it was not interesting, but because I was overwhelmed by the amount of facts that I needed to memorize for tests. Disliking History and Social studies was a trend for me in school until my 9th grade History teacher presented information to me in a completely new way. On the first day of class, she told us that, “History [...]

    3. Did you know that Bill Clinton once almost put an audience to sleep because his speech was so boring? The President's Stuck in the Bathtub is a wonderfully humorous collection poems, each about one of the Presidents of the United States. From these poems audiences learn a wide range of facts about American presidents. There are a wide range of facts from the informative to the lighthearted. This book would be a great addition to an upper elementary classroom read aloud. Each poem could be read b [...]

    4. I LOVED this book! It is a poetic anthology of all of our presidents. Susan Katz playfully provides tidbits of political and/or personal information about all of the men of the White House. I enjoy this book because it is an excellent way to expose students to the presidents in a light-hearted manner. As a social studies teacher, I feel that we focus so much on the formal accomplishments of presidents that we tend to forget that they were real people. By jokingly bringing up the backgrounds and [...]

    5. The President's Stuck in the Bathtub: Poems About the Presidents by Susan Katz (2012)Genre: PoetryFormat: BookPlot summary:A poetic celebration of lesser-known presidential events and eccentricities.Considerations or precautions for readers advisory (strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc.): No special considerationsReview citation (if available): Betty Carter. The Horn Book Guide Fall 2012 v23 i2 p171(1) Section source used to find the material: Horn Book guideRecommend [...]

    6. Playfully illustrated entertaining poems about each president reveal amusing facts and each verse is accompanied by a brief informative note.

    7. This book is super cute. It's a fun look at each president that focuses on lesser known facts and humorous stories.

    8. 43 poems reveal interesting tidbits about every President. Informative footnotes provide historical background for each poem. A fun way to liven up American History.

    9. I enjoyed reading this children's book filled with Presidential factoids. I even learned a few new things about the Presidents!

    10. Funny what kids pick up. When I was a tot of four I had a little electronic game that came with its own book. You'd turn the pages and press the button that corresponded to the correct trivia question. In this way I learned that Mozart wrote his first piece of music when he was five (I figured I had some leeway because of this), that Marie Antoinette had her head cut off, and that President Taft got stuck in his bathtub because he was so fat. That's the kind of presidential wisdom a kid's gonna [...]

    11. The book I read is called The President's Stuck in the Bathtub, Poems About the Presidents by Susan Katz. This book is mostly about all the president including president Barack Obama. This book will be really interesting for everyone because it tells you true stuff in a story like poem. So, book lovers read this great poetry book that you will all love. Read it with your families, friends, pets or babies! If you love the presidents read this book The Presidents stuck in the Bathtub!At first I th [...]

    12. The President's Stuck in the Bathtub, written by Susan Katz and illustrated by Robert Neubecker, is nominated for the 2013-14 South Carolina Children's Book Award.Although I'm not a fan of poetry, I did enjoy this book. I found the poems about each president to be very informative and, in several cases, funny. The poems themselves were a bit uneven, and it was hard to discern exactly what meter they were supposed to be read in, but the content was interesting. The notes explaining each poem's co [...]

    13. PoetryI absolutely loved this book of poems! It is a very fun way for students to connect historical content into poetry. This book consists of a short poem that relates to every president, from George Washington all the way to Barak Obama, so it is a current book. Each poem is about something specific to each president, such as Andrew Jackson's lack of ability to spell well, William Henry Harrison dying of pneumonia from his long inaugural address, Grover Cleveland being president twice, Willia [...]

    14. Intriguing and informational! This book of poetry sends the reader back in time to George Washington's first presidency, then launches them forward all way to President Obama's election. With rhyme schemes and funny facts, Susan Katz keeps the reader's attention as they learn about the presidents of the United States. This book would be appropriate for read aloud in grades 2-4. The poems are playful and fitting for young audiences and provide a great basis for introduction into poetry. At the sa [...]

    15. 1. This book of poems has one for each president, well known and not well known. The poems are facts about the presidents that most people wouldn't know. To go along with this there is also a short paragraph on the bottom of the page that elaborates on this fact.2. This book of poems is very funny and well written. Kids would enjoy reading these because they are facts that aren't necessarily in the textbooks and it shows a different side of them that might get them to want to research and learn [...]

    16. What a great idea for a collection of poetry integrating social studies and language arts! The 43 poems are short, informative, often humorous and focus on each of the men who has led our country. The poems are accompanied by some little-known fact or quirk with which kids will love regaling others, such as Abe Lincoln's proclivity for storing notes in his stovepipe hat or Ulysses S. Grant's distaste for hunting or in the title poem, William H. Taft's need for a much larger bathtub than the Whit [...]

    17. The president's stuck the bathtub, this is is really difficult for children to understand because in this book it is full of political elements, like what is the responsibility to president, and some reality of fife that make president use their life to protect the country and also it includes irony, like some people are lake of bravery.In this book, it divides many different parts for children to read, but in this book it is really difficult for children to understand because some vocabularies, [...]

    18. A great collection of poetry about our nation's presidents. Each poem teaches the reader a little known fact about that president. My personal favorites were "Hatbox," a concrete poem about Abraham Lincoln's habit of keeping important documents in his hat"The long and the short of it" about William Henry Harrison's shortest presidential term in history along with the longest inaugural address in history."Spelling Be" about how Andrew Jackson was a horrible speller (lots of spelling errors in thi [...]

    19. This book offers a different and refreshing perspective on the U.S. presidents. Each president has a poem that highlights some small piece of their life. Often the focus is on a little-known fact -- Warren Harding often gave speeches using alliteration; Jimmy Carter was once attacked by a rabbit and the Secret Service had no idea how to react; Abraham Lincoln carried important papers and notes in his stovepipe hat! The Presidential Notes and Quotes at the end of the book are also very interestin [...]

    20. Clarion BooksSusan KatzRobert Neubecker201264 pagesPoetryI learned much from this collection of poems about all the presidents we ever had (Washington through Obama). Not only is there one poem from each president, but the content of the poem mirrors a true fact about that specific president which is written at the bottom of each page. I learned fun and interesting details about the presidents that I could visualize as the poem was being read. Washington never slept in the White House; John Quin [...]

    21. This collection concentrated on the US Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. It is organized chronologically and has a table of contents that lists the title of the poem as well as the president that it is about, so it is easy to find the page a specific president is on. In the glossary in the back is an additional list of the presidents, again listed chronologically, with terms of office, a quote, a nickname, and a bit of trivia. There are illustrations, and they help children imag [...]

    22. This book is filled with different poems about each president of the United States. The poems all rhyme, and they are filled with different fun facts about the presidents. Some of the poems are even shaped in a way that reflects what the poem is about, like Abraham Lincoln's is shaped like a stovepipe hat. This is a poetry book that I would definitely love to buy and keep in my classroom. The poems are funny, but they are also informative. Each page also includes a fun illustration that reflects [...]

    23. A fun and fast book to read about interesting facts of our Presidents! Each President is given a page, filled with a poem about their tidbit fact, illustrations of the scenario, and a short paragraph explaining the scenario. I liked this one: (Pg.40)A Penny for Your Thoughts"President Coolidge was quiet. Conversation with him was a solo,never a duet. And then one evening at dinner, the lady beside him said,"You have to talk to me." Coolidge chewed his bread. Leaning closer, the lady insisted, "I [...]

    24. This was a neat informational book on the presidents that masks itself through poetry. Each president has their own limerick, as well as a little blurb at the bottom that explains the poem with a little more detail. I would read this during an upper elementary unit on civics and government; the lexile level puts this book into upper middle school, but I think I could read this out loud to a class as young as second grade. This would be something that I read daily, go chronologically and follow u [...]

    25. Title: The President 19s Stuck in the Bathtub: Poems About the Presidents.Grade Level: First-Fifth GradeSummary: This is a book full of different poems about the Presidents. It goes through the poems in order of presidency, and gives the reader a little bit of background information about each president all the way up to Obama.Review: This was a very fun book to read. It teaches the reader about each president, but not in a boring way. The illustrations are funny, and make the poems more enterta [...]

    26. A collection of generally amusing and fun presidential poetry. Each president has a page with a poem, illustration, a short fact. Most of the poems are fairly decent, though there is no note about the various poetry forms used. Students in grades 4 and 5 may be amused browsing through the books. A reasonable, though not highly recommended, addition to elementary school library collections looking to beef up presidential materials for this year's election. This book is shelved in the poetry secti [...]

    27. Here we have a collection of poems of unusual facts about the presidents of the United States of America. Told chronologically, with information about each president from George Washington to Barack Obama, each poem contained some little tidbit of information that was fun to learn about. Some of the poems were great and easy to catch the rhythm (or meter), others were more difficult and not as catchy. I think adults/teachers will like it more than children/students, so it will make a great read- [...]

    28. RICBA nominee. Marking it a "pass" for the committee. Not the most intelligent book; the poetry is not very well-written. I forgive its lack of literary merit due to the fact that it makes a "boring" subject very funny and appealing for kids. It also spans a vast age group; grades from 3 to 8 would enjoy this book of fun, bizarre, and zany facts about each president. The humorous illustrations matched the text well. What a great title! It would definitely intrigue even the least historically inc [...]

    29. A fun way to learn a few interesting facts about the U.S. Presidents. Some of the poems were fun or clever in their composition/style. Some I didn't get, which isn't surprising since I'm usually so disjointed with poetry. But I liked to read the poems all the same, and then see the factual part at the bottom of the pages. I also enjoyed the brief facts at the end of the book. The illustrations were fine. Some I liked but overall not my favorite. However, I think kids will enjoy them.This would b [...]

    30. Age: Upper Elementary Genre: Poetry I really liked this book and it's content. It gives a silly poem about a fun fact on a president and then it gives the fact in sentence form that students can read as well. When I read this book I learned a lot about the presidents that I had no idea. I still don't know every president, but I think this is a fun way to learn about them, to get it to "stick" with you. I think this would be a fun way to start a history class in upper elementary. Read about one p [...]

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