Vegetable Glue (Books For Life)

Vegetable Glue Books For Life If things start falling off your body its time to reach for the Vegetable Glue Water and tear resistant picture book Ages

  • Title: Vegetable Glue (Books For Life)
  • Author: Susan Chandler
  • ISBN: 9781904511335
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • If things start falling off your body, its time to reach for the Vegetable Glue Water and tear resistant picture book Ages 3

    One thought on “Vegetable Glue (Books For Life)”

    1. Bwahaha! This little book takes a slightly creepy/funny look at what happens when a little girl shuns healthy foods and mistakenly thinks she can survive on cake. This book will especially appeal to kids who like a little bit of the weird in their stories, and are old enough to understand the girl's falling apart is meant to be funny.

    2. I would not read this to my nieces not until they were old enough to understand that their body parts aren't actually going to fall off. She still thinks when I read the 5 little monkey book, that they are jumping on her bed. She gets upset with that. I could not imagine telling her this story and she would just simply move on. She would probably fear her body parts would definitely fall off. Great for a silly book for older children probably or at least a kid who understands that these stories [...]

    3. This is the story of a young girl who is learning about the side effects of not eating her vegetables. Her body parts are falling off and she requires vegetable 'glue' to stick them back on! After getting some inspiration from her granny she soon changes her ways. It's a humorous tale and rhymes very well making it an easy read. It is a good motivational tool to get the kids eating their greens.

    4. A comical story,with funny rhyming text,quirky illustrations and a non-preachy message about healthy eating. This is a laugh-out-loud read, with Tim Burton-ish illustrations. See a child video review and read more from my blog page here : missusbspicturebookreviews.blo

    5. As someone who used to hate all but three vegetables as a kid but now likes all of them (except parsnips), I thought this book was great. It appealed to me as an adult and appealed to my nostalgia, and it was funny and had great illustrations on top of it. Several of my coworkers (I work at a library circulation desk) found it less terrific and more disturbing than I did, though.

    6. A rhyming book about a cake obsessed child who's limbs and facial features fall off if she doesn't eat her greens. Beautifully illustrated and a lovely way of promoting healthy eating in young children suitable for KS1 and EYFS children.

    7. Een enigszins luguber verhaaltje dat kindjes moet aanzetten om hun groentjes op te eten.Ik vind het wel een leuk gedichtje maar ik zou het zelfs als kleutertje maar een beetje vies vinden.De illustraties zijn mooi, subtiel en op een naïeve manier uitgewerkt!

    8. This is a board book for kids that is disturbing and funny and a great short read. I like books that rhyme and I like books that make kids laugh and this book does both.

    9. funny book to scare your kids into eating vegetables. It is fun to try and pull my son's parts off and ask if he has had his greens :)

    10. HahahahahahaLOVED IT! LOVED IT! This book gets everybody laughing out loud!!!And it will encourage you to eat your greens!!!!!!This book is a KEEPER!!!!

    11. Funny, beautiful and irresistable to small children. The illustration style reminded me a little of Oliver Jeffers (The incredible book eating boy).

    12. I have been reading this picture book on and off for ten years to my class visits and during preschool storytime. I love the little girl in the story. Reminds me of my niece.

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