Brain-Based Learning: The New Science of Teaching & Training

Brain Based Learning The New Science of Teaching Training The author presents research on how the brain processes information and offers practical methods to infuse your teaching and training with a renewed sense of purpose

  • Title: Brain-Based Learning: The New Science of Teaching & Training
  • Author: Eric Jensen
  • ISBN: 9781890460051
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author presents research on how the brain processes information and offers practical methods to infuse your teaching and training with a renewed sense of purpose.

    One thought on “Brain-Based Learning: The New Science of Teaching & Training”

    1. I read this for a class on brain-based learning. Neuroscience, which is what brain-based learning stems from isn't as complicated as it might initially sound. The best part about good ideas and best practices is how well it crosses over multiple disciplines and reinforce things we already consider good teaching. The contents of this book isn't astoundingly novel, however it uses growing research in neuroscience to help us better understand the brain and the shifts educators can make to enhance t [...]

    2. There were some really interesting concepts in this book that I think will be great additions to my research base at work, as well as give me food for thought in raising my son. As long as I can get over the guilt of a messy house and all the other parenting sins I've committed and hope that none of this has permanently damaged the brain growth of my one and only, things will be fine.

    3. This has been my favorite assigned book in my degree program. I love educational research and the ideas for application of it. This book is geared to teaching in the classroom, but one can see how an individualized education fits the research so much better by turning to the studies cited.

    4. Interesting look into how changes in teaching practices, engaging the entire body, the most subtle changes in the environment (i.e. Temperature, smells, the presence of plants) and the taste of peppermint work together to increase attention therefore affect learning in positive ways. It works!!

    5. I really wanted to give this a 4 star rating since the presentation (and horrible use of background images!) was relatively poor. But you know what? The content was just so out of this world awesome I couldn't bring myself to do it.This is 5 stars all the way. From how the brain works, to how to make it work better, to how to help fix the folks who don't know any better. Yes, it's long, covers a lot of topics in-depth, and would bore anyone that doesn't care about learning, brains, and teaching. [...]

    6. Brain-based Learning was an assigned text for an educational class I took. It provides a foundation of how the brain functions, followed by ways to help the brain learn in the school environment. Lots of research went into the thought process, so it doesn't simply stem from one author's ideas. It was well written and provides a variety of helpful solutions for our (USA) current educational system. It is written from a positive viewpoint detailing the potential ways we can help students learn bet [...]

    7. Some of it is common sense, like how plants help you learn, or that just because you don't learn visually doesn't mean you are not smart, or that plants help a learning environment. Not easy to read straight through. More of a reference book, I think.

    8. This was a super book- a lot of info on how the brain works with multiple applications besides to teaching.

    9. Great book with great ideas for learning. I like the pictures they used. Great example of a book that is brain-friendly that teaches on the same subject.

    10. I read this book for a class at NAU and kept it for a reference. This book is written for teachers, but I have found it very useful as a home educator.

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