The Girls from Planet Five

The Girls from Planet Five Richard Wilson The Girls From Planet New York Ballantine First edition first printing Twelvemo pages

  • Title: The Girls from Planet Five
  • Author: Richard Wilson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • Richard Wilson The Girls From Planet 5 New York Ballantine, 1955 First edition, first printing Twelvemo 184 pages.

    One thought on “The Girls from Planet Five”

    1. This is a marvelous little time capsule of 1955 "war of the sexes" politics which is probably utterly inaccessible to someone who has absorbed the ethos of today. The premise is this: the increasing feminization of males (starting in the '50s, presumably) lead to a female President being elected in 1988. Madam President (a phrase which struck me as amusing to read in a 60 year old book) is so good and competent at her job, balancing the books and keeping things running smooth, that all the other [...]

    2. After reading a couple of large, dense books lately I fancied a guilty pleasure, so what better than a silly sounding story from the naive days of 1950s sci-fi? As part of a large Science Fiction Book Club collection I have had this promising sounding title hanging around for some time, conjuring images of camp, day-glow drive-in grindhouse trash from a more innocent age. In the year 1999 gender roles have been reversed in America, with women assuming leadership in business and government, while [...]

    3. Wilson’s novel is set in 1999, when women run the US, except for Texas, where men remain men and the women either like it that way or have left the state. When visitors from Planet 5, System 7 arrive in Washington DC in the form of beautiful, scantily clad young women, it is only the men of Texas who are suspicious of their motives.From the title and vintage of this novel, I was expecting a dated piece of sexism possibly enjoyable in a campy Cat Women of the Moon way, but the novel, while a li [...]

    4. Me decidí a meter este libro en el lector cuando leí las primeras líneas y me dí una idea del mismo.Más que ciencia ficción lo relacioné rápidamente como un Pulp Fiction, éste del tipo en el que mezcla el feminismo de una forma casi cómica con un machismo inocentón.La historia es bastante rara igualmente. Los primeros capítulos te dan un marco en donde la población de los Estados Unidos se ha convertido a un feminismo radical, en donde los jefes de estado todos son mujeres y los hom [...]

    5. Large spaceships from the Planet 5 have arrived on Earth. There are some who would welcome them, and others who are suspicious. America is split between a female-lead, pacifist Washington DC and a male-chauvinist, tobacco-chewing, crotch-scratching Free America (ie Texas). Each side thinks it's doing the right thing. Tempers flare and hijinx ensue when a journalist captures one of the super-strong beauties "manning" the ships.An awesome classic sci-fi novel that will tickle the funny bone and gi [...]

    6. La battaglia dei sessi in chiave fantascientifica, con gli Stati Uniti d'America che sono, al momento dell'invasione aliena, governati dalle donne, nei modi in cui interpreta un potere femminile un ego maschile cresciuto in Texas. E non a caso dallo stato del Texas vengono gli uomini che sconfiggeranno l'invasione, riportando il maschio al potere e le donne dietro ai fornelli.Guarda caso dal Texas viene anche George W. BushIl librino si legge in modo scorrevole, ma oltre che sessista è piuttost [...]

    7. It's really a kind of humor/satire story. I read it when I was a kid, probably in hopes it would have sex in it. The cover had a scantily clad woman on it. But I don't actually remember anything about it much. I'll say it was OK but it obviously didn't make much of an impression on me.

    8. The idea was far more interesting than the execution. It wasn't a bad book but it for sure is not one that I will be reading again.

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