One thought on “Rich Mullins: Home”

  1. I have this book right now sitting next to me ~ This book contains personal writings and quotes. A definite must read for anyone searching to live an authentic simple Christian life.

  2. anyone who is a fan of rich mullins' music will love this book. it's actually a collection of articles he wrote for a small christian magazine. rich mullins always had a poetic sense, and an ability to convey feelings and ideas in such a unique and touching way. there's a gem in everything he writes.

  3. Rich Mullins goes beyond the expected and the politically correct to challenge the very presuppositions that most Christians take for granted as their faith, only to realize that they had made God insultingly small in their own mind and heart. If the Christian world knew God like Rich Mullins did, the rest of the world would look a whole lot different!

  4. I discovered this book online, and am excited to get it and read some of Rich's own thoughts. A collection of articles he wrote and also photographs, this will be a better way to appreciate and understand the heart of this amazing person.

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