Cardsharp: A Vincent Ward Adventure (The Vincent Ward Adventures)

Cardsharp A Vincent Ward Adventure The Vincent Ward Adventures None

  • Title: Cardsharp: A Vincent Ward Adventure (The Vincent Ward Adventures)
  • Author: Paul Westmoreland POW
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • None

    One thought on “Cardsharp: A Vincent Ward Adventure (The Vincent Ward Adventures)”

    1. This marked a real departure for me away from the military and fantasy books I usually read. To be totally honest, I never really expected to enjoy it. But I did !The action and adventure begin immediately. The fast flowing storyline has you engrossed and constantly guessing at what is coming next. I admit to knowing very little about art/artists but the author explains the important details in such an interesting and succinct way that it is woven effortlessly into the compelling plot. Written i [...]

    2. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Cardsharp but when I started it I got pulled into an exciting story that got more exciting and more interesting as it went along.Cardsharp reminded me a lot of The Adventures of TinTin. Vincent Ward sets off on an adventure and he ends up getting caught up in this world of intrigue and the bad guys have guns and there’s a little bit of violence from them as Vincent tries to get back his precious painting.I thought that Cardsharp was a fun read but I h [...]

    3. Guns, car races, criminal masterminds, daring escapes, ruthless pirates, a pretty woman and one man caught up in the middle of it all: Vincent Ward.Paintings, the treasures of the world: Vincent Ward sees the beauty in them, as did his parents. The thieves who stole their paintings, burnt their house down and killed them only saw the money in the artwork. Vincent was six when it happened – too young to do anything to stop them. Now, though, with a priceless painting in danger and a master thie [...]

    4. Cardsharp is an exciting adventure book with a twist. Vincent Ward works as a researcher at the National Museum in London and has a passion for fine art, especially paintings. When he is given the opportunity to travel to Italy to bid on a diary supposedly written by one of his favourite artists, Caravaggio, he jumps on the chance. This leads to a whole adventure full of mystery and intrigue as he is stalked by international criminals who will do anything, and I mean anything, to get the paintin [...]

    5. Vincent Ward knows and loves art. A dramatic opening scene in Paul Oliver Westmoreland’s novel, Cardsharp, describes how Vincent came by his lifelong artistic interest as a small child. But Vincent's now an employee in the National Gallery, and his quiet everyday job turns into a frantic race to rescue Caravaggio’s Cardsharps from a team of daring art thieves. Foolishly brave and cleverly resourceful, Vincent wins the day and the privilege of a trip to Italy, where a simple plan to bid for C [...]

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