In the Mirror

In the Mirror A disillusioned author haunted by the disappearance of his father inherits a mirror and discovers that his own story can have an alternate ending

  • Title: In the Mirror
  • Author: Robin Lythgoe
  • ISBN: 2940011420894
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Nook
  • A disillusioned author haunted by the disappearance of his father inherits a mirror and discovers that his own story can have an alternate ending.

    One thought on “In the Mirror”

    1. I was so nervous to read this story. It's 10 pages long! I was like, "How do you write a story in 10 pages?" And as a reader, how do you properly review a 10 page story! But I crossed my fingers and dove in. This is definitely worth reading. It's free, it's short. What's there to lose? Try it!The story has this storyteller feel as we watch Ethan grow up up with this mysterious mirror. Since it is a super short story, I don't want to give anything away, which makes this hard to review. But I will [...]

    2. I felt like I got a glimpse into what would be a really exciting and enthralling story, and then had it yanked away. The style of writing is lovely, but this felt like it should have been a first chapter in a much longer story. The real meat of the adventure would have started after he entered the mirror, and we didn't get to see any of it, which was disappointing. I keep hoping I'm going to find a novel written by this author, but so far I'm only seeing short stories.

    3. 10 pages. This short story is only 10 pages long. This is probably the worst thing about the whole story. It provides the reader a tiny morsel of what could be an epic fantasy novel. One that could very easily be a story of immensely exciting adventure and intrigue for all readers. The language used was simple, yet fitting of the story. And, while we don't get much in the way of characterisation, the story still captured my imagination and thrust it into the realm of the fantastical with ease. I [...]

    4. Short, but sweet. Mirrors are usually unfriendly objects in fantasy, so this story was a nice change from that plot device. I would have liked to read about the world beyond the mirror, but it didn't seem to be the point of the story. This is more about two people taking a risk for a second chance at life. I enjoyed it.

    5. A very good read of magic and hope. I can almost feel the mirror, hear the clacking of the old typewriter. It brings to mind being a child and indulging in flights of imagination. A well crafted tale that could easily be the setting for more stories.

    6. This was a fast easy read. I really like the idea of this book and I would like to see it go further. It could make a really good novel by going further into the stories that he writes from the mirror. I would like to see more.

    7. Robin tells a great tale. Gives enough descriptions in her story to awaken and keep the interest of her readers without padding things out. This piece has a wide age appeal. And who doesn't like a little mystery to tease the mind?

    8. A charming, whistful short. My personal preference would be to start the story upon entering the mirror, but that is not the story that is presented. What was presented was good. Heartwarming with a tinge of underlying sadness.

    9. I typically prefer to read novels as opposed to short stories but the cover art (and wonderful reviews) drew me in. This short story took about 5 minutes to read but it was a charming tale with some mystery thrown in. Although short, it was a good read. It's like they say, quality not quantity.

    10. I normally avoid short stories because I like a good long read with details and character development. Most of them read like little more than outlines. This is a good, satisfying story about where authors get some of their inspiration and has a bit of a fantasy twist to it. I really enjoyed it.

    11. A very quick read, but enjoyable! I think this is a good story about writing and magic in our mundane world. It's quick and easy to read, but it really speaks to me as a writer. I can see myself in the main character, right down to the point of losing the dream, and that is a sad thing. Thankfully, though, this story has a happy ending!

    12. Great BookI found this to be a great story and I loved it. If your looking for a nice shirt story try reading this one.

    13. This is the greatest little short story. I loved the characters, very well developed story line that just reaches out and grabs you. I wish I had that mirror. Take a few minutes and enjoy a cute tale about a magical mirror. Highly recommended.

    14. I received this free via kindle and it was very good. I just wished it woud've been a full length novel!!! ;o(

    15. Nicely written short story with good descriptions. Plot-driven rather than character-driven, and I wanted to connect with the characters more.

    16. Podría haber estado mejor. Muy corto, pero con muy buena trama e ideas. El final fue predecible al 100% pero la forma en que se llegó a él fue muy curiosa y original.

    17. fantasticThis is a great quick read that draws you in and leaves you wanting more! Recommend to all, no doubt.

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